Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Apron--Third Finish 2nd Quarter 2020 FAL

Apron pattern and fabric
I have been staying in and haven't shopped in store or on line in six weeks. I had a plan for our daughter's birthday gift which involved shopping; but, I put off the shopping until it was closer to her birthday. Amanda's birthday is tomorrow. Covid-19 disrupted my shopping plans!

Generally, gifts from her dad and I fall into the useful/practical category. We would rather the item be "used" up instead of taking up space. When her birthday was a few days away, it was clear shopping was out of the question. I had a couple small items socked away. I wanted an item to wrap for her though!

Amanda wears an apron when she cooks. The one she wears has been around a long time so I decided to stitch a newer version as part of our birthday gift for her. 
Reading to begin cutting the pieces

I selected this multi-colored print because it made me feel happy. It is good to share happiness. I hope my daughter will feel happiness when she wears the apron.

I've several apron patterns; but, what I like about the "Lily Apron" is that the straps are wide and the straps fit onto a strip that is the bodice. I like that the ties attach to the bodice. My plan was to finish the apron in a day. To start, I cut the pieces as per the pattern instructions.

Before I cut the pieces, I measured the fabric to ensure that there was enough of the fabric to complete the project! Stitching the project went well and I finished the apron in a day with time to spare.
Finished apron

It is wrapped along with a couple other items. We often have her and her family over for enchiladas to celebrate her birthday. Enchiladas are one of her favorite meals that she doesn't cook because her daughter, J, can't eat dairy. Neither of her daughters like the spiciness of the dish. When Bob delivers her birthday package later today, he will also deliver a pan of enchiladas for her and a package of hot dogs for the kids. 

This is my third finish for the quarter. I used 1 5/8 yards of fabric for the project which brings the total fabric used from my stash this year to 33 5/8 yards. It was goal number 25 on my second quarter FAL list. I have linked this finish Instagram to #2020falq2finish.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Unity--Post 3

Stack of little star blocks
Clue number four started off with more cutting. The pieces were larger this time. I did use the star parts from the previous clue as leaders and enders as I stitched through this clue. At the finish of the clue, I had a nice stack of completed stars. These are flatter and more square than the ones I stitched in the previous clue. Practice must be the reason for the improvement!

For this clue, stitching the HSTs felt like I was stitching a mile. (I wasn't stitching that far! 😉) I stitched a bit, took a break, stitched a bit, stretched and repeated the process. It took me most of the week to finish the clue. There are many Bonnie followers who have the clue completed the following day! I'm impressed; but, I don't sew that fast!

I did turn and stitch some parts incorrectly so I did a little ripping and restitching. I stitched each block and webbed it which meant that I chain stitched the pieces together. Webbing helped me have fewer mistakes.

Webbed and ready for stitching
Once I finished a block, I placed the block around the perimeter of the top. I had cut a variety of fabrics and I mixed the combinations to maximize  the variety. I did try to not have the same fabrics next to each other! I do like working in this way because I can see progress and I can also see how the block works into the entire design. As I stitch, I enjoy seeing the sparkle grow!

Some of my blocks were right on and some were a little shy of the specified size. For the most part, the blocks ended up relatively square.

When stitching the blocks to the sashing, I found that if I pinned where the point of the pinwheel was, I was less likely to sew across the point. I do like the movement that the block creates in the top. I'm not sure that I love the block. I generally like secondary designs; but, I wasn't loving the neutral spaces in the pinwheel blocks. My stash of dark blue is limited so I used some fabrics that had more pattern than I might have used had I other options.

The fabrics are printed with stars so the prints share the same theme. It will all work. Bonnie puts all sorts of bits together in her projects so I need to make room in my "box" to make putting different bits together more comfortable for me! I'm glad I had enough fabric to finish this clue. It even measures what it is supposed to measure! I hope I have enough to get through the next clue!

Regarding the Covid-19 virus, worldwide 2.9 million people have tested positive for it; 823,000 people have recovered and 203,000 people have died. In the United States, 959,000 people have tested positive; 108,000 thousand people have recovered and 54,161 people have died from it. In Oregon, 2,253 people have tested positive, 45,147 people have tested negative for it and 87 people have died.

Some states like Georgia, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Alaska have partially opened. Many other states plan to partially open beginning April 1. This week, the Oregon governor has eased restrictions on medical facilities. Elective surgeries and procedures are now allowed at hospitals and dental offices.
Starting a row

Plans to open other businesses will be in place beginning May 1. Grocery stores are requiring customers to wear masks. Some stores are limiting the number of customers in the store and most have one way aisles to increase social distancing.

Because of a Covid outbreak at a major meat processing plant located in South Dakota that affected many employees, the plant was shut down temporarily. The loss of meat production could create shortages. lathough the public has been told the distribution chain will catch up getting product to the shelves. There are still shortages at the grocery store; but, for the most part, husband, Bob, is able to purchase what we need each week. He goes on "social distancing" walks with his coffee buddies. Weather permitting, he rides his bicycle sometimes solo, sometimes with a friend or two again following social distancing guidelines.

Our son-in-law had a birthday last week. Bob drove by and dropped off a package and waved to the grandkids. The taco dinner and pecan pie that we often make for him will happen when social distancing guidelines end.

Step four complete
With the exception of a daily walk in the neighborhood with our dog, Bailey, I haven't left home since March 19. I haven't made an online purchase because I am doing my part to keep employees safe. I continue to make do with supplies that we have on hand.

I have participated in a number of Zoom conference call meetings for the quilt guilds and aquatics community. The Sisters Quilt show in July has been rescheduled for July 2021. Pool staffs are trying to figure out how to safely accommodate patrons when restrictions are lifted to allow pools to open.

There have been conversations about how to change procedures to keep employees and patrons safe. One facility, on the subject of sanitizing locker rooms may open the facility for lap swimmers for about an hour and 15 minutes then close for 30 minutes to sanitize the areas. Swim lessons could be on hold until fall or winter. Lifeguards/patron social distancing and programming have also been discussed.

The lifeguard instructor class and lifeguard classes scheduled next month may continue to be on hold. Although, the Red Cross has okayed portions of the courses to be held online and through a virtual format so that when we are able to be close to each other again, we can complete the skill sessions. Our new normal is going to look different; but, we will embrace it and move forward.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Unity--Post 2

Kitted star parts waiting to be stitched
The third clue in this project was all about making sawtooth stars. I like sawtooth stars. I stitched a bunch of these for my dad's 80th birthday quilt.  Bonnie's technique is different than the technique I used to stitch the stars in my dad's quilt. Bonnie makes goose units. I cut squares and drew a diagonal line to make my units. I was up to the challenge to use Bonnie's technique to stitch the stars.

It was a lot of cutting. My original plan was to cut half of the units needed and then stitch. Instead, I cut everything at once. Some of the wings were brighter than I may have originally liked; but, that was the fabric that I had on hand. I am determined to sew from my stash during this "stay at home" time!

I kitted the parts on a large square ruler. I wanted to be able to move the "parts" easily if I needed to stitch another project. As soon as I had stitched the first star, I realized that I had I cut too many "wings!"

Leftover parts
After several days of stitching sessions, I finished the stars. For the most part, they measured the unit size that Bonnie said that they would. I had no waste and I would use this method for future stars.

As I finished a star, I placed it around the finished center from the previous week. It was fun to see the border come together with each little finished "twinkle!"

When I completed the last star, I had a chat with myself about the leftover parts. I thought about bagging them. . .knowing I probably wouldn't unbag them or use them anytime soon. I had a fleeting thought of tossing them; but, decided tossing was against my frugal nature. I decided that I would cut more pieces to make more stars. After all, finished blocks would be easier to incorporate into another project. I also decided that I would stitch these as leaders and enders.
A couple "bonus" stars

It took me a couple hours to stitch the stars together for the border. Then I needed to add the sashing on the outer edge and I had finished the clue! As I stitched, I used those "extra" star parts as leaders and enders. When I finished, I also had stitched two additional star blocks.

I did need to piece the sashing on one side because I didn't have enough of that fabric. I could have stitched a different neutral fabric in each side of the border. I decided, if possible, that I would use the same fabric. Using the same fabric makes the border "float" more in my mind. I still have plenty of neutrals and reds. I'm low on the dark and light blue fabrics.

This project outgrew the available open space on my design wall. My design wall is large. I had a lot of "stuff"stored on the wall. Mostly bits of this or that which could potentially become part of a project of my own design. I decided to clear the design wall. It took some time to sort and file the necessary bits. I love having space for more than one project!

Currently, Unity and Miss K's mermaid are hanging out on the design wall.

Step three complete

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Unity--post 1

Unity Fabrics
Parts of step 1
When Bonnie Hunter released the fabric colors for her sew along "Unity," I told myself no. After all, that would be my fourth Bonnie Hunter project in process! Then, I took stock of my stash. I had enough red strips and I could squeeze out most of the neutral from my stash. I didn't have enough dark blue and no aqua; but, I did have a little lighter blue. I thought that I would print the directions for each step because I did like the idea of making a patriotic quilt.

Step 1 complete
As I pulled fabrics, I remembered I had collected some patriotic strips and charms from a guild function a number of years ago. Those strips, depending on Bonnie's cutting directions might work well for this project.

The largest chunk of light blue fabric that seemed to work with the other fabrics is a batik that has a design on one side and is plain on the other side. What a bonus because I could use both sides for more variety!

I decided I would stitch along until my fabrics run out. I know that I could purchase fabrics online; but, I want to support my local quilt shops when it is safer to be out and about.

What I like about sewing along with Bonnie, is that the more fabrics you mix, the more interesting the blocks become. I also enjoy being able to use the small bits of leftovers that are in my "pre cuts!" Seriously, having a strip cut in the right color helps me get to stitching so much faster.

Parts for step two
I also like that Bonnie has more than one way to accomplish a task. I know that I should be more adventuresome; but, generally, I review her options and choose the one that she likes the best!

When Bonnie writes a section should finish to a certain size, for me, it does. I was pleased with how the result of step one looked. Bonnie wrote that we will be adding rounds so this will be a medallion style project.

The first part of step two involved making a number of flying geese. I like Bonnie's method of using her ruler and strips to cut the geese and the wing sections. There is no waste with this method and when I was able to sew accurately, my geese were "spot on" for size.

The second part of the step was to sew some HSTs (half square triangles). I had enough parts left from trimming an "ear" to begin cutting a goose from strips that I needed to cut a few instead of a lot of parts for this step.

Step two complete
The third part of the step was to stitch economy blocks. Again, I used Bonnie's favorite method and liked the results better than what I've achieved using other methods. I thought I would stitch the geese and the economy blocks into the the top in a couple of hours. . .it took longer than that!!!!

I like how the parts are fitting together. I like how the project looks even more now than I did when I finished step one! I'm looking forward to working on step three!

I hope that I'll be able to continue to pull strips and squares from my precuts so that I can stretch the few fabrics that I have through more of the steps!

Regarding Covid-19, worldwide 2,347,875 people have tested positive, 604,311 people have recovered and 161, 402 people have died. In the United States, there are 740,746 cases. People that recovered number 66,676 and 39,158 people have died. In Oregon, 1,844 have tested positive and 72 people have died.

Most countries continue to support social distancing. Sweden is not. People there continue to dine in restaurants and work. The emphasis there is if you are sick, stay home. In the United States, some states, like Florida have opened beaches while the state's death toll is still rising. Other states have begun to make plans to relax the current restrictions. Some people have begun to protest about staying at home as they need to get back to work to support themselves and their families. Some states that are in close proximity are working together regarding relaxing the restrictions.

The 350 billion in small business loans has been used with many more business wanting to apply. Many people received their stimulus checks. So many people are out of work and have applied for unemployment that the reporting systems have crashed. This is true in Oregon.

Flour, dog food, beans and rice continue to be is short supply. More and more people are wearing masks. Some people follow social distancing guidelines when they are out and others do not. Other than a walk around the neighborhood each day with our dog, Bailey, I haven't left home in a month. I am so thankful that I have quilting projects to keep me occupied!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Leaves--post 6 Second Finish 2nd Quarter 2020

Of course, it took more time to quilt the sashings than I had considered. My body rebelled so I was reduced to working on it one or maybe two hours a day. The pulling the fabric to the next sashing along with the body positioning I needed to use to stitch the sashing wasn't the usage that my body accepted!

I left the sashings that touched the outer edge to quilt after I had stitched the binding in place.

The reason I waited to finish the sashing quilting was that I decided I would have more accurate spacing if I stitched the outer edge and center of the sashing after I had applied the binding. For the
most part, this was a good choice!

Regarding the binding, my corners are better on this quilt. I still have some work to do maintaining an even stitch on the front of the binding; but, overall, it is a good binding. I cut the binding strips at 2 1/4 inches. I sewed the binding to the back of the quilt using a quarter inch seam. To finish, I folded the binding to the quilt front and edged stitched the binding to the front of the quilt.
Back of quilt

I had a label in my stash that fit the spirit of the quilt. I added the information and stitched it in place. I actually pinned it in place and then added the binding. Two sides of the label are adhered to the quilt leaving two sides to hand stitch in place.

Adding the hanging sleeve was the last step. Hand stitching it in place took a few evenings; but, it is now finished and ready for use. I have few fabric leftovers; but, I do plan to stitch two pillow case so this quilt has a storage bag as well as cases to be decorative on my daughter's bed. I started with 22 yards of fabric.
Front of quilt

This is my second finish for the second quarter. It was goal number 16 on my 2nd Quarter Finish A Long list.  I used 20 yards of fabric from my stash which brings my total stash use to 32 yards this year. This was the fabric that I had purchased 11 years ago; but, didn't know how to stitch into a quilt! I have linked this finish to #2020faq2finish on Instagram.

If you missed earlier posts, you can click on the links below.
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I wonder if our daughter will notice it is slightly used as it sure looks great on our bed! For sure, our freezing daughter will be cold no more! Now, IF travel restrictions are lifted, she could take her quilt home with her in August. Time will tell!
Ready for service

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Masks--First Finish 2nd Quarter 2020

Mask supplies
Happy Easter! It will be a different holiday as we are still social distancing. I look forward to a FaceTime conversation with our daughters. We plan to cook a ham dinner as is our tradition although we won't have as many sides since it is the two of us!

In Oregon, we were asked to wear a mask while we were in the presence of others. Also, there has been a shortage of masks for healthcare providers as well as grocery clerks, postal employees, delivery drivers, etc. Many sewists have been stitching and donating masks for those people who need one.

In the grocery stores, there is a plexiglass screen between the clerk and the customer to provide a safer environment during the check out process. Stores limit how many people can shop at one time. Toilet paper, dog food, flour, soap and dried beans continue to be in short supply. We've even been allowed to pump our own gas as that provides us with a greater degree of safety.

The governor announced that we are under a stay at home order until the state has had no deaths from Covid-19 for 10-14 days. There has been no projection on how long that will be. This week, the governor also announced that school is closed until fall. Distance learning will continue and those seniors on track to graduate will be able to do so as educators have come up with a plan. Her message continues to be stay at home.

In the world there are 1,783, 941 confirmed cases of Covid-19. 405,972 people have recovered; but, 109,312 people have died. In the United States, there are 533, 378 confirmed cases, 32,026 people have recovered; but, 20,601 people have died. New York, Maryland, Louisiana, Michigan, Florida and Georgia have the most cases. In Oregon, there are 1,447 confirmed cases and 51 people have died. Many states, which have many Covid patients, have set up makeshift hospitals in stadiums/parks/etc. to handle the patients.

My husband, Bob, is the one who takes care of our essential tasks like grocery shopping and mail pick up. He is the one who fills me in on what is going on in the community. He misses his gym and coffee routine. Bob's tried a few online
Packages of bias tape
exercise sessions. He has visited with his buddies via texts and phone calls. It isn't the same.

On sunny days, he rides his bicycle and putters around the yard. It is good he has a large yard to maintain. Still, not being able to go when and where he wants doesn't wear well on him. Yesterday, I trimmed some of his hair as it was tickling his ears which bothered him. I may trim more as time passes!

With the exception of a daily neighborhood walk that I take with our dog, Bailey, I haven't been "out" in more than a month. I do miss the pool and I miss my quilting friends. My body misses the massages and chiropractor sessions. I even miss teaching classes; but, I'm happy to hang out at home. Stitching projects have kept me occupied. I'm not bored nor do I feel the need to go out. I've started lists of supplies that I need to purchase from various local businesses when the social distancing and stay at home order is lifted.

I thought that I would have spent time on my embroidery software lessons and read a bunch of books that I have on hand; but, so far, stitching feels the best way to occupy my time.

Our oldest granddaughter had a fever for a week. This was after she and her family had practiced social distancing for the first twelve days of the governor's oder. She had a cough for two days. Following the protocol, the family went into social isolation for two weeks. No one else in the family experienced her symptoms.
First completed mask

When my daughter was ready to venture outside their front door, she asked me to make their family some masks. I found a pattern on the Craft Passion blog. The reason I chose that pattern was because people who had been wearing masks commented that contoured masks were more comfortable and that the elastic became uncomfortable with longer wearing times so ties were the better option.

I liked that this pattern could be varied to add an additional filter and it included an optional nose wire. I liked that I could use some of my vintage bias tape supplies. I've had the majority of the bias tape packages since I helped my mom clear my grandmother's house about fifteen years ago. Quite a few of the packages were priced between ten cents and $1.65!

My grandmother probably used the bias tape as a way to finish armholes and necklines of clothing as well as aprons that she stitched for herself. She taught sewing to kids through the 4-H program. She could have used the tape to help her students finish their projects.

She also liked a deal or a bargain, so she would buy a few packages when the tape was on sale and put it away for a future project. She gave away most of what she stitched. If she were here, she would have been one of the early producers of masks.

Finished masks
If she had a matching color of tape for her project, she would rejoice in her good fortune. If she didn't, she would reach into her stash and use something. She could have been an original to "coordinate" tape with her fabrics! Her mantra was she would be wearing the garment and no one would know what color the tape was and she didn't care! I used six packages of bias tape from the drawer; however, I still have a good selection remaining!

For the nose wire, I cut a piece of pipe cleaner. I had pipe cleaners on hand. I also added a piece of muslin to add a third layer to the mask. Three layers is now the recommendation for masks. I stitched the masks with thread that was from the days of my garment sewing.
Masks in use

The first mask I made is reversible. It doesn't have a pocket to slide an additional filter through and it doesn't have a nose wire. I added those features to the remaining masks that I made. In a day, I could complete four masks. For my family members, I have made them two masks. One mask to wear and one to be in the wash is what is being recommended at this time. While I won't be making masks in large quantities, if someone requests a mask, I will stitch them one. I have plenty of batik fat quarters still on hand!

After I finished stitching the masks, I washed and dried them as is the recommendation. Also, I wanted to see how the various components held up. The pipe cleaners came out. Perhaps, I should stitch across the ends of the bias tape after I insert it the next time I make these. It might be better to wash these in a lingerie bag to keep the ties from tangling; but, otherwise, the masks held up well.

Last Friday morning, my husband dropped the masks at my daughters' home. The grand daughter's waved from the door so everyone followed the appropriate protocols! She shared a photo of the family "masked" up to go out!

I cut out and completed 12 masks from the 1 1/2 yards of fabric. I have now used 12 yards of fabric from my stash this year. This was goal number 19 on my 2nd Quarter FAL (Finish A Long) list. I have posted my finish to #2020falq2finish on Instagram.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Second Quarter Goals 2020

#1. Bonnie Hunter Mystery--Good Fortune
I plan to continue my journey of finishing projects that I began; but, haven't finished. . . yet! Each month, I will continue using some of Martha's fabrics and "bits" in a project. I also will continue adding a Martha's project to each quarter.
#2. Raw edge applique

#3. Maybe a pillow using this embroidery
I will start new projects and continue to have fun along the way. I anticipate trying a new technique or two.  This year, my "cold" daughter will finally be warmer!

Last quarter, I finished six of the 21 projects that I listed. I worked hard on two other projects; but, I didn't finish them. I plan to finish those two projects and more this quarter!

I've listed 26 goals for the second quarter of the year. I rolled my first quarter goals that I didn't finish forward!
#4. Stitch these materials into a project

I thank Finish-A-Long (FAL) for being an online community where you post your intentions for a quarter and then link up at the end to see how you did. There is no pressure and participating has helped me with finishes. This year, the posts are all through instagram. You can find the goals at  #2020falq2list and the finishes at #2020falq2finish.

#1. Finish Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery which was her mystery last year. It was the first year I participated. I enjoyed the process! I finished piecing the top in the fourth quarter of 2019. I have to decide to finish it as it is or add more borders to make it a little bigger which would make it more bed friendly.
#6. Make a few more Christmas ornaments

#2. Reconnect with the butterfly piece began in September 2018 in a Susan Carlson class.

I have at least three other quilts with a butterfly theme that need to be finished. Perhaps, I can make some progress this quarter on this project!
#5. Help Miss K finish her original design

#3. Maybe make a pillow out of this embroidery. Maybe, it will be a wallhanging. I completed this embroidery in 2014 and slipped it into a box. While it is time to stitch it into a finished item, it hasn't spoken to me as to how it wants to be framed!

#4. Use this leftover corduroy zigzag and this hand painted fabric to create a small wall hanging with a river as my inspiration. I had a brainstorming session and now have a plan of how to proceed! The hand painted fabric was in Martha's stash.

#5. Work with Miss K to finish this original design. She is almost finished with the quilting stage. She has some great ideas for embellishing her piece. Unfortunately, school and other activities get in the way of stitching days! We had plans to stitch during Spring vacation until Covid-19 had us social distancing instead.

#7. Make three potholders
#6. Finish the star Christmas ornaments. I think that there are enough supplies to make three more Christmas stars. I sure thought I would complete this project last month; but, I spent my time on other projects!

#7. Sew three potholders from the shoebox. I cut the fabrics for one pot holder; but, seeing what remains, I might be able to sew two more pot holders. I will have to find a different neutral fabric for the other two potholders; but, that is okay!

My daughter picked the fabrics and the pattern for the potholders long ago. I think she was in middle school. Today, she is in her fifteenth year as a special education teacher. She has been married almost 13 years. She is mom to a six year old and an almost eight year old daughters. That fabric has aged enough! Note: there are two more "packages in the box. Perhaps, another quarter, I'll stitch another ""package."

#8. Six burp cloths
#8. Make six burp cloths. I made six for my daughter. . .now that "baby" is nearing eight years old! I put these away and forgot about them.  I wonder if I can remember how I made them!!
#9. Stitch a summer dress

#9. My mom gave me this fabric two years ago. It isn't a color that excites me; but, the feel of the cotton interlock is nice. I'm thinking it would make up well in this summer dress pattern. I have a granddaughter who would like wearing it. I'll be thinking of ways to embellish the dress.

 #10-#13. Last month, I stitched four projects using the flannel bits left from Martha's potholder project. JoJo contributed a fat quarter too. In Martha's stash were a few cotton prints--also fat quarter size that might work into one of  these projects.

#10-#13. Flannel scraps tops started from Martha's scraps
My goal is to make four 40" x 60" quilts to donate in her name. I will need to purchase some fabric to "grow" what I've stitched so far.

#14. Tie tuffet
#14. I posted once about a project using my grandfather's ties. JoJo made a wonderful tuffet and so I purchased the pattern and form. I don't have quite enough ties. . .some members of one of my stitching groups donated me some and I may have enough. I saw one with a neutral background fabric that looked awesome.

#15. Needle turn appliqué border project
 #15. I started this applique project before I started "Chickens." "Chickens" took me more than 10 years to finish. This is an even older project as I had put it aside to begin "Chickens!"

I've a center of nine patch and hour glass blocks waiting for borders. I plan to make this my take along project for stitching. It is time to make progress.

#16. & 17. Stitch these fabrics into a bed sized quilt
#16. Last quarter, I stitched these fabrics into a top and a back. I even started quilting the project. I was sad I didn't finish it in time for my freezing daughter's  birthday; but, I will get it finished before her birthday next year! It is a huge quilt. . .97 inches x 107 inches which I have affectionately named, "The Beast" because of its size. Quilting it on my domestic machine was a challenge!

I collected the fabrics 11 years ago; but, wasn't able to come up with a plan for what to do with them!  A BQ pattern that a friend gave me became the inspiration. I thought that I would finish this project last month; but, I didn't. Perhaps, this will be my first finish in the second quarter!

#18. Cross stitch project
#19. "Frolic" fabrics
#17. Stitch the leftover fabrics from my daughter's quilt into two pillow cases.

18. Finish this little cross stitch piece that I started last fall.

#19. Make progress on Frolic the 2019 Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I've finished the first four clues.

#20. Fabric for masks
#20. In the world there are 1,442,242 confirmed Covid-19 cases, 308,146 have recovered, 83,424 have died. In the United States, there are 401,636 confirmed cases, 22,746 have recovered, 12,905 have died. In Oregon, there are 1,181 cases and 33 deaths.

The CDC has now encouraged when people are outside their homes to wear masks. I'll be stitching masks for family members. My daughter asked me for some specific masks. . .Let's see how quickly I can deliver! I pulled some batiks that the family members might approve. I am a slow stitcher!

#21. With the red and Christmas themed fabrics, make a tree skirt to give my niece who is marrying in August. I've stitched a few of these tree skirts in the last 30 years! It's time to make another!

#22. Stitch the black print fabric into a wrap dress. My mom gave it to me a couple years ago. There have been times when I would have worn it had it been stitched! I am going to need to buy a pattern because I don't have one in my stash.

#21 and #22 tree skirt and wrap dress fabric

#23. Elvira fabrics
#23. I haven't been able to close a container of batik fabrics for years. I collected a bunch of fat quarters and then ended up petting them instead of sewing them in to a project.

#24. Bonnie Hunter's Unity project
Gudrun Erla of GE Designs hosted a one day quilt along that I down loaded the pattern and watched several of the sew along sessions that she shared one day last March. A couple weeks after the sew along, I decided I would use some of those batiks and stitch this project. I pulled these batiks to start Gudrun's Elvira quilt.

#24. Continue stitching Bonnie Hunter's Unity Project. I have an idea of who I want to gift the project when I finish. I wasn't

going to start a new project; but, this is one way that I can stay connected to my Mystery Mavens quilt group during our social isolation time.

#25. Stitch an apron for my daughter. I think she could use a replacement for the one that she is currently using. I think that there is just enough fabric for this pattern!

#26. Stitch a book club quilt with this drawing and this fabric as my inspiration. The book I read was "Boston Girl" by Anita Diamant.
#25-27 An apron, corded bowl and wall hanging

#27. Make a fabric bowl from this wrapped cord. In a Saturday workshop in January, I learned how to wrap my strips to make the cording. I hope I haven't forgotten how to do it! I've linked this list to #2020falq2list on Instagram.

I also plan to continue documenting past finished quilts. Perhaps, this year, I'll get the blanks filled in with the book club quilts. It has surprised me just how many quilts I've made that were inspired from the book group. Over the years, I've tried new to me techniques and have stretched me skills as a quilter. Some projects have been difficult to finish; but, most of the time the process was fun!

There are a lot of projects on the list for this quarter. I sure hope that I'll be able to have lots of finishes. Useable items are so much more functional than goals and someday projects are!

It's time to get cracking on this list!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

A Bag of Flannel Scraps--This Project Starts With A Square

Three of the four piles of scraps sorted for a small quilt
My friend Martha liked sewing with flannel. Over her lifetime, she made a lot of flannel quilts. She also used flannel as a backing for some of her quilts. She gave away most of the quilts she made.

In her scraps, there was a two gallon zip lock bag and a zipper bag that once held sheets. Both were over flowing with flannel scraps. In the zipper bag, I discovered a started project of potholders. Last August, I finished the potholder project that she had started. I posted about it here. I decided that I would make a coin quilt out of the remaining scraps.

There were more scraps than I thought! I sorted the scraps into four color ways. In one of the color ways, I noticed some floral squares. There were nine squares. I believe Martha would have called them 5 1/2 inch squares; but, some were larger and some were smaller than 5 1/2 inches!

I trimmed the squares so that each one was the same size which meant that I trimmed them the size of the smallest square which was 5 1/4 inches. I placed the squares on the design wall.

From the purple chunk of fabric, I was able to cut four squares. Martha was such a giving person that I decided to place the purple squares as a plus sign or a positive around the center of the project! She gave her quilted items to brighten a person's days.

From the dark green fabric, I was able to cut nine dark green squares. I distributed those in the remaining spaces. I needed more floral squares. As I looked through the smaller scraps, there were a few half squares of the floral fabrics so I stitched those together. There was one rogue half square that was similar; but not the same floral fabric. I used it too. In the end, I came up with 12 squares.
Floral print square that was the start of the project

 I liked the center "panel" that I created. I stitched it together.

From there, I began stitching the bits together to make sashing. Once I had pieced the smaller bits together, I took another look at the remaining scrap strips. I trimmed the strips to the largest size possible and placed them in an arrangement that interested my eye.  I stitched any smaller bits from these strips into the string border. Eventually, I "grew" the bits, chunks and strips into a panel.
Scrappy top

It currently measures 35 inches wide by 45 inches high. My goal is to have a finished quilt that is about 40 inches by 60 inches. I've decided that I'll purchase flannel to finish the top after "social distancing" ends. I could order fabric on line; but, I'd rather support my local businesses.

Regarding Covid-19, worldwide there are 1,201,591 confirmed cases. 246,198 people have recovered from it; but, 64,703 people have died.  In the United States, there are 310,016 confirmed cases. 14,607 people have recovered from it; but, 8,438 people have died. In Oregon, there are 999 confirmed cases and 26 deaths.

We have continued staying at home following our same pattern as last week. My classes for the month of April have canceled as did the guild meetings. We held our CCQ board meeting via Zoom.

The granddaughter with the fever has had it for a week. Her mom thinks she is on the mend as of late yesterday. Her family continues to remain in social isolation. Her parents have worked from home all week and the granddaughters have been completing supplemental learning from their school. We have FaceTimed almost every day and it has been good to see them and hear them!

Our London daughter, who has also FaceTimed us daily, reported that 708 people died from Covid-19 in the UK yesterday. She said that the line to get into the grocery store can be long. When she was there yesterday, there was no toilet paper; the freezer section was empty and there was no soap. She asked if there were eggs available and an employee asked if she wanted large, medium or small. My daughter said large. The employee left to get them. When the employee returned, she handed my daughter a package of six eggs as that was all one person could buy at one time! Our daughter said she wanted the eggs enough that she stood in line to purchase them. She said it took her about forty minutes to complete her purchase!

Our daughter continues to work from home and to stay in unless she needs groceries. People in the UK have a stay in place order until mid June. She has been riding her Peloton bike for exercise and is glad that she has it!

I'm thankful that all my family is safe. I am thankful that there are a number of quilt alongs available during this time. I am thankful that I have plenty of projects to keep my hands occupied while we wait for the infectious period to end. Stay safe!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Green Skirt--Sixth Finish 1st Quarter 2020

Stitching this skirt this quarter used a third fabric from Martha's stash. (The other fabrics were the red and blue shirts that I sewed for the granddaughters.) The green polyester fabric was the perfect length for a skirt for Miss J. When I envisioned stitching this skirt, I thought that I would need to add lace so the skirt would be long enough. Fortunately, there was enough fabric without using the lace!

After cutting out the pieces, I had about a 20 inch long by 12 inch wide leftover. I don't know what will happen to that fabric! I'll keep it for awhile as it might be exactly what I need at a later date!

I was able to use the same thread to stitch the skirt as I used to stitch the blue shirt. I find it interesting when a thread I wouldn't have considered actually is a good choice! Plus, I didn't have to rethread the serger so that was even better!

I stitched two seams, a casing for elastic and a hem. I serged all the edges. The skirt was finished! It didn't take me long. I brought the fabric home in October 2018. I don't know how long Martha had it in her stash or what sort of garment she stitched. I do know she would be tickled to see a kid wearing her fabric in a skirt!
Finished skirt

This was goal number 11 on my first quarter list. I used 1/2 yard of fabric which brings my total so far this year to 10 1/2 yards used from my stash. It is my sixth finish for the quarter. I have linked this finish to #2020faq1finish in Instagram.

I so look forward to seeing Miss J wear this cute skirt!

In March, I wanted to complete sewing shirts for the the granddaughters. I planned to sew two and I sewed three. I also stitched this skirt so I exceeded my goals in that area!

I also made a quilt block for the CCQ guild block challenge. The contest was to make a door of where a person would live that would finish 7x10 inches. I've mailed it to the committee chair. Until the contest occurs, I'll keep the block under wraps.

My big goal was to finish my daughter's beast of quilt, "Leaves." I had to take my machine in for a tune up and then I developed an over use issue with my wrist so although, I'm still making daily progress, I didn't finish. This will be my number one goal for April!