Sunday, January 5, 2020

First Quarter Goals FAL 2020

#1. Finish this project
#2. Bonnie Hunter Mystery--Good Fortune
I plan to continue my journey of finishing projects that I began; but, haven't finished. . . yet! Each month, I will continue using some of Martha's fabrics and "bits" in a project. I also will continue adding a Martha's project to each quarter.

#3. Raw edge applique
#4. Maybe a pillow using this embroidery
I will start new projects and continue to have fun along the way. I anticipate trying a new technique or two.  This year, my "cold" daughter will finally be warmer!

Last quarter, I finished two of the 21 projects that I listed. I worked hard on two other projects; but, didn't finish them. . .I plan to finish those two projects and more this quarter!

I've listed 21 goals for the fourth quarter of the year. Most of the goals, I rolled over from last quarter!

#5. Stitch these materials into a project
I thank Finish-A-Long (FAL) for being an online community where you post your intentions for a quarter and then link up at the end to see how you did. There is no pressure and participating has helped me with finishes. There are a lot of people who participate and the hosts are amazing. There are even prizes for each quarter. I enjoy reading other people's link ups for their intentions and their finishes.
#6. Help Miss K finish her original design

Anyone can participate. Usually, the first quarter link up begins around January 10 and ends around January 18. If you want to participate, click the link above to learn more about the process. If you miss the link up for this quarter, you can join next quarter.

#1. Finish this project. I got close last quarter. I'm in the quilting phase! It is a book club quilt that I would like to finish the beginning of January. If I'm not finished by the book club reveal meeting, it won't be the end of the world.

#2. Finish Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery which was her mystery last year. It was the first year I participated. I enjoyed the process! Last quarter, I completed the top. I have to decide to finish it as it is or add more to make it a little bigger.
#7. Make a few more Christmas ornaments

#8. Make three potholders
#3. Reconnect with the butterfly piece began in September 2018 in a Susan Carlson class.

I have at least three other quilts with a butterfly theme that need to be finished. Perhaps, I can make some progress this quarter on this project!

#9. Six burp cloths
#4. Maybe make a pillow out of this embroidery. Maybe, it will be a wallhanging. I completed this embroidery in 2014 and slipped it into a box. While it is time to stitch it into a finished item, it hasn't spoken to me as to what it wants to be yet!

#5. Use this leftover corduroy zigzag and this hand painted fabric to create a small wall hanging with a river as my inspiration. I had a brainstorming session and now have a plan of how to proceed!

#10. A long sleeved shirt
#11. Stitch a skirt for a granddaughter
#6. Work with Miss K to finish this original design. She is almost finished with the quilting stage. She has some great ideas for embellishing her piece. Unfortunately, school and other activities get in the way of stitching days!

#7. Finish the star Christmas ornaments. I think that there are enough supplies to make three more Christmas stars. I sure thought I would complete this project last month; but, I spent my time on other projects!

#12.-13. Stitch two tops out of this fabric
#14. Stitch a summer dress
#8. Sew three potholders from the shoebox. I cut the fabrics for one pot holder; but, seeing what remains, I might be able to sew two more pot holders. I will have to find a different neutral fabric for the other two potholders; but, that is okay!

#15. Flannel bits left from pot holders--a potential top
#16. Tie tuffet
My daughter picked the fabrics and the pattern for the potholders long ago. I think she was in middle school. Today, she is in her fifteenth year as a special education teacher. She has been married almost 13 years. She is mom to a six year old and an almost eight year old daughters. That fabric has aged enough! Note: there are two more "packages in the box. Perhaps, another quarter, I'll stitch another ""package."

#9. Make six burp cloths. I made six for my daughter. . .now that "baby" is nearing eight years old! I put these away and forgot about them.  I wonder if I can remember how I made them!!

#10. Make a long sleeved shirt for a granddaughter. This was a Martha fabric. It is a soft velour like polyester.

#11. This green and black print was also in Martha's stash. If I run the print so the lines run vertically, I think that I can sew a skirt for a granddaughter out of it. It is about 20 inches wide so I need to be thinking about adding some lace for length and maybe purchasing a black elastic that will function as the waistband as well.

#12.-#13. Stitch a couple tops out of this velour type knit fabric for a granddaughter. I think that there is enough fabric for two tops. If I stitch two, I'll need to be thinking about how to make them different. It is another fabric from Martha's stash. She probably planned to make a robe out of it.

#14. My mom gave me this fabric more than a year ago. It isn't a color that draws me to it; but, the feel of the cotton interlock is nice. I'm thinking it would make up well in this summer dress pattern. I have a granddaughter who would like wearing it. I'll be thinking of ways to embellish the dress.
#17. Needle turn appliqué border project

 #15. These are the flannel bits left from the potholders along with some other flannels that were in Martha's stash. JoJo contributed a couple fat quarters too. In Martha's stash were a few cotton prints--also fat quarter size that might work into this project. My goal is to make a useful quilt somehow!!!
#18. Stitch these fabrics into a bed sized quilt

#16. I posted once about a project using my grandfather's ties. JoJo made a wonderful tuffet and so I purchased the pattern and form. I don't have quite enough ties. . .some members of one of my stitching groups donated me some and I may have enough. I saw one with a neutral background fabric that looked awesome.
#19. Black swimsuits to be stitched

 #17. I started this applique project before I started "Chickens." "Chickens" took me more than 10 years to finish. This is an even older project as I had put it aside to begin "Chickens!"

I've a center of nine patch and hour glass blocks waiting for borders. I plan to make this my take along project for stitching. It is time to make progress.

#18. Last quarter, I stitched these fabrics into a top and a back. I even started quilting the project. I was sad I didn't finish it in time for my freezing daughter's  birthday; but, I will get it finished before her birthday next year! It is a huge quilt. . .100 inches x 108 inches which I have affectionately named, "The Beast" because of its size. Quilting it on my domestic machine is a challenge!
#21. "Frolic" fabrics

I collected the fabrics 11 years ago; but, wasn't able to come up with a plan for what to do with them!  A BQ pattern that a friend gave me became the inspiration.
#20. Cross stitch project

#19. Sew a couple black swimsuits. I'm wearing my back up black swimsuit so I need a couple more ready and waiting! A black swimsuit is the uniform a swim instructor has to wear when teaching lessons at one place where I work.

#20. Finish this little cross stitch piece that I started last fall.

#21. Make progress on Frolic the 2019 Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I've finished the first three clues.

There is enough variety to keep me busy if I'm stumped on another project. The list includes, clothing items. I've been "gifted" clothing fabrics that I need to use as I just don't have space to store those fabrics. I also have no desire to store those fabrics either! Finding a use for these fabrics terrific!

I also plan to continue documenting past finished quilts. Perhaps, this year, I'll get the blanks filled in with the book club quilts. It has surprised me just how many quilts I've made that were inspired fro the book group. Over the years, I've tried new to me techniques and have stretched me skills as a quilter. Some projects have been difficult to finish; but, most of the time the process was fun!

It's time to get cracking on this list!


Monica said...

Wow, that is quite a list! Plenty of fun things there. 😁 said...

Monica, I accomplished so little in terms of finishes and in terms of decreasing my stash last quarter that most of these projects are just rolled over! It is all good. . .no matter what I manage to accomplish! Thanks for dropping by!

Luann Fischer said...

I can’t believe that I lost my path to your blog, I must have been eating too many treats over the past few weeks, lol
You definitely have a variety of projects that all would be fun to work on. I agree with you, the finishing is nice, but progress of any amount is what gets us there.
Those grands will be enjoying some new garments from their Gram.
Have a great month,
Luann said...

Luann, having been out of the country for two weeks has impacted my studio time. I wouldn't trade the time for the experiences though! I'm getting back in the swing of the studio though! Progress will happen and finishes will occur too. . .I need to be patient and keep a project under the needle!