2019 Quilt Finishes

Gardener's Mystery finish number 1

Finish #1--
Gardener's Mystery is finish number 1. It began as an online mystery BOM in 2015. It will be gifted to my mom for her birthday in 2020. You can read more here.
Dog finish number 2
Finish #2--
Dog began as a crayon doodle of Miss J's when she was 3. You can read more here.
Josie's Jewel finish number 3

Finish #3--
Josie's Jewel is finish number 3. Miss J drew the girl and then embroidered her girl. She started in September of 2018 and finished May of 2019. You can read more here.

Star Patch finish number 4
Finish #4--
Star Patch is finish number 4. I stitched it totally from stash. You can read more here.
Whorl Finish number 5
Finish #5--
Whorl is finish number 5. This was started in a Larkin VanHorn class and it is a book club quilt. You can read more here.

New Beginnings finish number 6

Finish #6--
New Beginnings is finished number 6. I started this in a Karen Kay Buckley class and it is a book club quilt. You can read more here.

A-B-C Finish number 7

Finish #7--
A-B-C is finish number 7. I used flannel scraps from my friend Martha's stash. It is a book club quilt and you can read more here.

Trio of Sisters finished number 8
Finish #8--
Trio of Sisters is finish number 8. I painted the figures--a first for me! You can read more about this quilt here.


Irene said...

Very talented quilter I’am a newbie to this group. Irene

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

Welcome, Irene! Thank you for you kind words. I am so fortunate to get to play often with fabrics and techniques!