Sunday, April 19, 2020

Unity--post 1

Unity Fabrics
Parts of step 1
When Bonnie Hunter released the fabric colors for her sew along "Unity," I told myself no. After all, that would be my fourth Bonnie Hunter project in process! Then, I took stock of my stash. I had enough red strips and I could squeeze out most of the neutral from my stash. I didn't have enough dark blue and no aqua; but, I did have a little lighter blue. I thought that I would print the directions for each step because I did like the idea of making a patriotic quilt.

Step 1 complete
As I pulled fabrics, I remembered I had collected some patriotic strips and charms from a guild function a number of years ago. Those strips, depending on Bonnie's cutting directions might work well for this project.

The largest chunk of light blue fabric that seemed to work with the other fabrics is a batik that has a design on one side and is plain on the other side. What a bonus because I could use both sides for more variety!

I decided I would stitch along until my fabrics run out. I know that I could purchase fabrics online; but, I want to support my local quilt shops when it is safer to be out and about.

What I like about sewing along with Bonnie, is that the more fabrics you mix, the more interesting the blocks become. I also enjoy being able to use the small bits of leftovers that are in my "pre cuts!" Seriously, having a strip cut in the right color helps me get to stitching so much faster.

Parts for step two
I also like that Bonnie has more than one way to accomplish a task. I know that I should be more adventuresome; but, generally, I review her options and choose the one that she likes the best!

When Bonnie writes a section should finish to a certain size, for me, it does. I was pleased with how the result of step one looked. Bonnie wrote that we will be adding rounds so this will be a medallion style project.

The first part of step two involved making a number of flying geese. I like Bonnie's method of using her ruler and strips to cut the geese and the wing sections. There is no waste with this method and when I was able to sew accurately, my geese were "spot on" for size.

The second part of the step was to sew some HSTs (half square triangles). I had enough parts left from trimming an "ear" to begin cutting a goose from strips that I needed to cut a few instead of a lot of parts for this step.

Step two complete
The third part of the step was to stitch economy blocks. Again, I used Bonnie's favorite method and liked the results better than what I've achieved using other methods. I thought I would stitch the geese and the economy blocks into the the top in a couple of hours. . .it took longer than that!!!!

I like how the parts are fitting together. I like how the project looks even more now than I did when I finished step one! I'm looking forward to working on step three!

I hope that I'll be able to continue to pull strips and squares from my precuts so that I can stretch the few fabrics that I have through more of the steps!

Regarding Covid-19, worldwide 2,347,875 people have tested positive, 604,311 people have recovered and 161, 402 people have died. In the United States, there are 740,746 cases. People that recovered number 66,676 and 39,158 people have died. In Oregon, 1,844 have tested positive and 72 people have died.

Most countries continue to support social distancing. Sweden is not. People there continue to dine in restaurants and work. The emphasis there is if you are sick, stay home. In the United States, some states, like Florida have opened beaches while the state's death toll is still rising. Other states have begun to make plans to relax the current restrictions. Some people have begun to protest about staying at home as they need to get back to work to support themselves and their families. Some states that are in close proximity are working together regarding relaxing the restrictions.

The 350 billion in small business loans has been used with many more business wanting to apply. Many people received their stimulus checks. So many people are out of work and have applied for unemployment that the reporting systems have crashed. This is true in Oregon.

Flour, dog food, beans and rice continue to be is short supply. More and more people are wearing masks. Some people follow social distancing guidelines when they are out and others do not. Other than a walk around the neighborhood each day with our dog, Bailey, I haven't left home in a month. I am so thankful that I have quilting projects to keep me occupied!


Janice Smith said...

I love how your Bonnie Hunter quilt is coming along!!!
Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

What a master of color you have become, Terry. That piece is stunning. Your use of scraps is amazing. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Gail G said...

I'm enjoying the process. Each time I finish a clue, I'm liking the results. I'm tickled the stash is able to accommodate this project! said...

Gail, Thank you for your kind words. As you know, I'm always working on the value and how it relates to the value of the adjacent piece as well as to the overall project. I get such a kick out of being able to use one bit of fabric that isn't anywhere else in the project; but, looks like it belongs! I look forward to seeing what the next step will be!