Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Leaves--post 5

Three serpentines--not "it"
When it was time to quilt the brown sashings, My plan was to keep the stitching simple. I had planned to use my walking foot, brown 40 weight Floriani polyester thread in the needle and 50 weight Aurifil thread in the bobbin. I planned to stitch a serpentine stitch pivoting at the corners. I stitched a sample.

While I liked the way the serpentine stitch looked next to the outer edges, I wasn't sold on the center serpentine stitch. So I stitched another sample with a straight stitch in the center. I liked the way the center straight stitch looked better. I stitched three sashings. Then, I realized that when I turned the quilt sandwich to change direction at the corners, I had changed the orientation of the foot. That twisted foot meant I needed to take the machine into the repair shop. UGH!!!

I called ahead to Quilting Delights and talked with Aaron. Aaron is an awesome machine repairman. He takes the time to listen to what is happening with the machine. He takes the time to trouble shoot the issue and then he solves it! When I pick up the machine, he gives me a detailed report of what he did. I always learn something new about my machine in the process!

Aaron said to bring my machine first thing in the morning which I did. Arron said he hadn't seen a foot so skewed before. (Hey, if you are going to do something, you might as well make it memorable. . .right?)
Two serpentines with a straight stitch center

He took the covers off the machine which gave me a chance to see parts of the machine that I haven't seen. He adjusted the bar that holds the foot so it again was in the correct orientation. I learned I have a tool with which I can unscrew one of the bolts and be able to access the front of my machine to be able to remove any thread that tangles around the take up bar! I was on my way and home in about an hour and half after I had left! I love that the shop routinely supplies that kind of customer service!

I reset the machine and started serpentining the sashing. I stitched about twelve inches and the machine had a hiccup. It slowed, the lights flickered, the machine made a noise like it was booting up, the needle moved left and it began stitching a straight stitch.

I couldn't get the machine to serpentine stitch. I tried turning the machine off and back on. I had the same results. I found I could stitch other decorative stitches; but not that one so last Friday, Joie went in for her annual spa treatment.

Aaron was surprised to see me back with her as we had been in the previous day. He was even more surprised at how she was stitching. He chuckled at my notes. I had written what she was doing because I didn't know if I would be able to talk with him when I brought her in to the shop.

He will resolve the issue and I'll have her back as soon as he can manage. I'll be taking yet another break from this project. In the meantime, my first Bernina, "Bernie," is ready to stitch some t-shirts for the granddaughters. I won't run out of projects any time soon!


Luann Fischer said...

I think your machine has a crush on the repair man!! LOL said...

Luann, Perhaps my machine does have a crush on Aaron! I picked her up today. I think she is happy to be home and stitching!