Sunday, April 26, 2020

Unity--Post 3

Stack of little star blocks
Clue number four started off with more cutting. The pieces were larger this time. I did use the star parts from the previous clue as leaders and enders as I stitched through this clue. At the finish of the clue, I had a nice stack of completed stars. These are flatter and more square than the ones I stitched in the previous clue. Practice must be the reason for the improvement!

For this clue, stitching the HSTs felt like I was stitching a mile. (I wasn't stitching that far! 😉) I stitched a bit, took a break, stitched a bit, stretched and repeated the process. It took me most of the week to finish the clue. There are many Bonnie followers who have the clue completed the following day! I'm impressed; but, I don't sew that fast!

I did turn and stitch some parts incorrectly so I did a little ripping and restitching. I stitched each block and webbed it which meant that I chain stitched the pieces together. Webbing helped me have fewer mistakes.

Webbed and ready for stitching
Once I finished a block, I placed the block around the perimeter of the top. I had cut a variety of fabrics and I mixed the combinations to maximize  the variety. I did try to not have the same fabrics next to each other! I do like working in this way because I can see progress and I can also see how the block works into the entire design. As I stitch, I enjoy seeing the sparkle grow!

Some of my blocks were right on and some were a little shy of the specified size. For the most part, the blocks ended up relatively square.

When stitching the blocks to the sashing, I found that if I pinned where the point of the pinwheel was, I was less likely to sew across the point. I do like the movement that the block creates in the top. I'm not sure that I love the block. I generally like secondary designs; but, I wasn't loving the neutral spaces in the pinwheel blocks. My stash of dark blue is limited so I used some fabrics that had more pattern than I might have used had I other options.

The fabrics are printed with stars so the prints share the same theme. It will all work. Bonnie puts all sorts of bits together in her projects so I need to make room in my "box" to make putting different bits together more comfortable for me! I'm glad I had enough fabric to finish this clue. It even measures what it is supposed to measure! I hope I have enough to get through the next clue!

Regarding the Covid-19 virus, worldwide 2.9 million people have tested positive for it; 823,000 people have recovered and 203,000 people have died. In the United States, 959,000 people have tested positive; 108,000 thousand people have recovered and 54,161 people have died from it. In Oregon, 2,253 people have tested positive, 45,147 people have tested negative for it and 87 people have died.

Some states like Georgia, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Alaska have partially opened. Many other states plan to partially open beginning April 1. This week, the Oregon governor has eased restrictions on medical facilities. Elective surgeries and procedures are now allowed at hospitals and dental offices.
Starting a row

Plans to open other businesses will be in place beginning May 1. Grocery stores are requiring customers to wear masks. Some stores are limiting the number of customers in the store and most have one way aisles to increase social distancing.

Because of a Covid outbreak at a major meat processing plant located in South Dakota that affected many employees, the plant was shut down temporarily. The loss of meat production could create shortages. lathough the public has been told the distribution chain will catch up getting product to the shelves. There are still shortages at the grocery store; but, for the most part, husband, Bob, is able to purchase what we need each week. He goes on "social distancing" walks with his coffee buddies. Weather permitting, he rides his bicycle sometimes solo, sometimes with a friend or two again following social distancing guidelines.

Our son-in-law had a birthday last week. Bob drove by and dropped off a package and waved to the grandkids. The taco dinner and pecan pie that we often make for him will happen when social distancing guidelines end.

Step four complete
With the exception of a daily walk in the neighborhood with our dog, Bailey, I haven't left home since March 19. I haven't made an online purchase because I am doing my part to keep employees safe. I continue to make do with supplies that we have on hand.

I have participated in a number of Zoom conference call meetings for the quilt guilds and aquatics community. The Sisters Quilt show in July has been rescheduled for July 2021. Pool staffs are trying to figure out how to safely accommodate patrons when restrictions are lifted to allow pools to open.

There have been conversations about how to change procedures to keep employees and patrons safe. One facility, on the subject of sanitizing locker rooms may open the facility for lap swimmers for about an hour and 15 minutes then close for 30 minutes to sanitize the areas. Swim lessons could be on hold until fall or winter. Lifeguards/patron social distancing and programming have also been discussed.

The lifeguard instructor class and lifeguard classes scheduled next month may continue to be on hold. Although, the Red Cross has okayed portions of the courses to be held online and through a virtual format so that when we are able to be close to each other again, we can complete the skill sessions. Our new normal is going to look different; but, we will embrace it and move forward.

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