Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Potholders--Fifth Finish 3rd Quarter FAL

#10.  Potholder project
Another finish. . .wahoo!!! I thought that I would get these chenille potholders finished last quarter; but, I didn't get to the project. I finished the first five last March and posted about it here. To finish these five, I had to hand stitch the binding. Over a number of evenings, I stitched them. Then, I washed and dried them so that they would be "fluffy."

Of the total ten potholders that I completed, four of them will go to people who either knew Martha or who are the type of givers that she was. The other six will be going to the Mt. Hood Quilt guild's boutique sale which will be held during the quilt show at the end of September. She would be tickled that I finished these and that the sale of the potholders would be raising money for the guild.

I photographed all ten potholders. Notice, I neglected to cut one front of a potholder. I was curious to see how leaving it uncut looked as well as how it felt. Cutting is the way to go; but, I wouldn't have know if I hadn't experimented!
Newly finished five in foreground 

This was goal number 10 on my 3rd Quarter FAL list. It is my fifth finish for the quarter. I used 2 1/2 yards of fabric.  I have now used 61 yards of fabric for projects from the stash this year.

My next project will be to stitch a small bag. I've started quilting "New Beginnings".  I started creating a border for "Trio of Sisters." I was stuck with what to use as a backing for "New Beginnings," a machine applique project. I needed some space to play with possibilities for a border for "Trio of Sisters." When I'm stuck, I'll put out a smaller project to stitch. It has been great to have such variety in my to do box this quarter!


Luann Fischer said...

I’m sure Martha would be pleased with your activities said...

Luann, she would be tickled that the project was finished. . . .especially the ones that needed to have a little repair done. . . .because Martha was fast and ripping/do overs took time! LOL