Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Apron--Third Finish 2nd Quarter 2020 FAL

Apron pattern and fabric
I have been staying in and haven't shopped in store or on line in six weeks. I had a plan for our daughter's birthday gift which involved shopping; but, I put off the shopping until it was closer to her birthday. Amanda's birthday is tomorrow. Covid-19 disrupted my shopping plans!

Generally, gifts from her dad and I fall into the useful/practical category. We would rather the item be "used" up instead of taking up space. When her birthday was a few days away, it was clear shopping was out of the question. I had a couple small items socked away. I wanted an item to wrap for her though!

Amanda wears an apron when she cooks. The one she wears has been around a long time so I decided to stitch a newer version as part of our birthday gift for her. 
Reading to begin cutting the pieces

I selected this multi-colored print because it made me feel happy. It is good to share happiness. I hope my daughter will feel happiness when she wears the apron.

I've several apron patterns; but, what I like about the "Lily Apron" is that the straps are wide and the straps fit onto a strip that is the bodice. I like that the ties attach to the bodice. My plan was to finish the apron in a day. To start, I cut the pieces as per the pattern instructions.

Before I cut the pieces, I measured the fabric to ensure that there was enough of the fabric to complete the project! Stitching the project went well and I finished the apron in a day with time to spare.
Finished apron

It is wrapped along with a couple other items. We often have her and her family over for enchiladas to celebrate her birthday. Enchiladas are one of her favorite meals that she doesn't cook because her daughter, J, can't eat dairy. Neither of her daughters like the spiciness of the dish. When Bob delivers her birthday package later today, he will also deliver a pan of enchiladas for her and a package of hot dogs for the kids. 

This is my third finish for the quarter. I used 1 5/8 yards of fabric for the project which brings the total fabric used from my stash this year to 33 5/8 yards. It was goal number 25 on my second quarter FAL list. I have linked this finish Instagram to #2020falq2finish.


Unknown said...

That is pretty fabric, she will love it! said...
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Anonymous said...

You are happy, Amanda will be happy and you have made your readers happy by sharing your "happy" story. ~Gail said...

Gail, Awe you are so kind!! Thanks! Let's see what she has to say tomorrow!