Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Leaves--post 6 Second Finish 2nd Quarter 2020

Of course, it took more time to quilt the sashings than I had considered. My body rebelled so I was reduced to working on it one or maybe two hours a day. The pulling the fabric to the next sashing along with the body positioning I needed to use to stitch the sashing wasn't the usage that my body accepted!

I left the sashings that touched the outer edge to quilt after I had stitched the binding in place.

The reason I waited to finish the sashing quilting was that I decided I would have more accurate spacing if I stitched the outer edge and center of the sashing after I had applied the binding. For the
most part, this was a good choice!

Regarding the binding, my corners are better on this quilt. I still have some work to do maintaining an even stitch on the front of the binding; but, overall, it is a good binding. I cut the binding strips at 2 1/4 inches. I sewed the binding to the back of the quilt using a quarter inch seam. To finish, I folded the binding to the quilt front and edged stitched the binding to the front of the quilt.
Back of quilt

I had a label in my stash that fit the spirit of the quilt. I added the information and stitched it in place. I actually pinned it in place and then added the binding. Two sides of the label are adhered to the quilt leaving two sides to hand stitch in place.

Adding the hanging sleeve was the last step. Hand stitching it in place took a few evenings; but, it is now finished and ready for use. I have few fabric leftovers; but, I do plan to stitch two pillow case so this quilt has a storage bag as well as cases to be decorative on my daughter's bed. I started with 22 yards of fabric.
Front of quilt

This is my second finish for the second quarter. It was goal number 16 on my 2nd Quarter Finish A Long list.  I used 20 yards of fabric from my stash which brings my total stash use to 32 yards this year. This was the fabric that I had purchased 11 years ago; but, didn't know how to stitch into a quilt! I have linked this finish to #2020faq2finish on Instagram.

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I wonder if our daughter will notice it is slightly used as it sure looks great on our bed! For sure, our freezing daughter will be cold no more! Now, IF travel restrictions are lifted, she could take her quilt home with her in August. Time will tell!
Ready for service


Luann Fischer said...

I’m sure she’ll enjoy it whenever she finally receives it. said...

Thanks, Luann. I hope she will be able to come in August. . . .