Sunday, February 27, 2022

String of Lightening

Walking foot straight line design
In December, I started stitching quilting in the ditch. I thought by the middle of January I would have finished the ditch quilting. I didn't. There were a couple other projects that took much more than I anticipated. To name two, the presentation for Saturday workshops and the legend for the temperature quilt. I did manage to squeeze in some time a couple of days in January to make progress with the ditch quilting.

In February, I completed the ditch quilting. While I prefer free motion quilting, I decided to quilt straight lines with the walking foot in the background of the strings. I used "Shifting Sands" a variegated 40 weight cotton thread available through Superior Threads and their King Tut line. The thread blends well into the background. I used a cotton 50 weight thread in the bobbin.

The reason I chose to use the walking foot was so many quilters shy away from the quilting part of the process. I decided this project could be an example of how quilting could be done at home.

Ghost strings
I used various marks on the foot to stitch the widths of the thread passes. I liked the texture the quilting produced. I liked how similar the texture was to all the ditch quilting I had already completed. 

For the ends of the string rows, I quilted ghost strings. It took me several long quilting sessions to complete the quilting. 

I continue to underestimate how long the quilting process takes. Since I track the time I spend on projects, I am seeing a correlation between making the top and quilting the layers as being about the same. 


My initial question of how many strings can I produce from a gallon bag of strings is-- a top that is 45 inches by 45 inches plus a little extra!

The green fabrics in the back came from leftover pieces that I have used in several projects over the years. It felt fantastic to use it all. Although, after trimming the backing, I still have a couple of strings!

The yellow was a half yard piece of fabric that I purchased because I liked the sentiments printed. The sentiments were all bee related like "Bee Thoughtful" and "Bee Positive." It reminded me so much of my friend JoJo who moved to Alabama several years ago. Gosh, I miss her! We zoom fairly regularly; but, it isn't the same as being in the same room with her! However, Zooming is better than phone calls!

This is finish is another example of a project from my friend Martha's strings. I have a page on my blog of projects where I am tracking what I have made from her strings, chunks, and UFOs. 

Thread used in quilting
She would be tickled that I have made so many items from the bits that were crammed into drawers, dropped on the floor and stored in a wire basket! Through her scraps, I've learnedI like stitching with strings. I would enjoy devoting more studio time to playing with strings; however, Gertie, has other plans for me. (Gertie is my inner squirrel!)

I used about five yards of stash for this project. I have now used 30 yards from stash this year. This is finish number four for the year. It was goal number six on my First Quarter list. It was goal number eight on my February list. It is the fifth project I've made using line as my inspiration. I am enjoying looking at it hang on my wall.

There were some bits leftover that I plan to put into another project. I'll leave the bag within eyesight so Gertie can remind me to play with the project before it can become a UFO!

I began this project to teach a Saturday Workshop using Bonnie Hunter's string piecing technique to guild members in 2021. Bonnie graciously gave me permission to use her "Diamond Strings" tutorial for class.

Many of my students finished their projects long ago. Fortunately, there was no deadline for a finish! Perhaps, I'll contact them for photos of their projects as it would be cool to document their projects. h m m m, Gertie's tail is swishing about!

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String of Lightening... Quilting in Process

I'm linking to Cynthia and Oh Scrap/Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework. Please click the link to see many fun projects others have made with scraps. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Retreat Block, Prewashing Fabric and More!

Future posts
Goal number two on my February list was to take photos of book club quilts that I haven't written a post.

A couple of years ago, I started a page for these quilts; but, I haven't stuck with making progress on updating the page. Last month, I listed taking photos as a goal on my monthly list. 

This month, as I've spent some time on the page, I learned that for some books, I needed to link the photo/page with the blog post. I do need to write more posts. There are more posts to write than I thought. I do need to pull photos from an external hard drive for photos of quilts that I gave away.

Finished embroidery piece
It is no big deal. Now that I have determined what I need to move this documentation process forward, I have revised my plan. Beginning in April, I'll make my Wednesday post a blast from the past. Eventually, I'll get caught up.

My end goal is that by the end of the year I will have documented all the projects I have made which were inspired by a book. When I complete the documentation, I will publish the page for you to review. I have enjoyed the journeys my book club as taken me!

Goal number three on my list was to fully finish the embroidery piece that I purchased the frame and mat in January.

2022 Temperature block progress
I had planned to lace the edges around the mat board; but, when I was ready to start that process, I realized that I didn't have enough fabric around the edges of my embroidery. 

Prewashed and ready for the project
I ended up gluing the edge of the work to the mat board. Next I laid the mat frame on top of the embroidery. Then I laid the frame on top of all of it. My husband added a staple in the center of each side to hold the mat board and mat frame in place. It took about half an hour to finish this job. I have been procrastinating about a month to finish this piece!

In retrospect, I could have stitched a fabric around the edges so I would have had fabric available to lace. I could have also placed a layer of batting under the embroidery but, I didn't think of either option until I had finished!

I'll be taking this piece to hang on my newest granddaughter's wall when I travel to London, England next month.

Second charity top quilted
Goal number five on my list was to baste papers and stitch 30 blocks of my 2022 temperature quilt. I've stitched about 45 blocks. I am on track stitching two blocks together each day of the last two months.

On Monday, I had a Zoom session with a friend who helped me with parts of the decision making progress. I have a plan and will be moving forward with this project!

I prewashed the BOM fabrics. This was goal number six on my February list. It took me many days of hand washing a few fabrics. I checked each fabric in the kit for color fastness. Since I've dried each fabric in the dryer, there should be no more shrinkage. Interestingly, the fabric likely destined to be the road was the worst bleeder in the lot!

Goal number six on my list was to quilt on the longarm four days this month. Today was scheduled to be day four; but, there needed to be a change of plans. I quilted three days. I quilted two charity quilts, two baby quilts and one other quilt which I'll share in a later post.

Winter block
Our guild's virtual Spring Retreat begins tomorrow, February 24th. The retreat theme is "The Four Seasons." I'm in the Winter group. We were to make a block that was representative of our season. The block needed to finish at six inches. 

I pulled my blue strings and made a string block using a triangle shape to start. After I had finished the block, we were to add sashing to the sides of the block. The sashing strip came in the mail.

I look forward to seeing all the blocks that people made. I've seen a few blocks that people posted on the Facebook group page. There are some great blocks!

Sunday, February 13 was the drop off day of the blocks and the seven inch squares. We were encouraged to cut 44 seven inch squares of our season fabric. 

Because it is more than an hour drive to the drop off, I spent $5.40 and let the postal service do the driving! Last Sunday, February 20, was the pick up day. I did drive to pick up my bag. I'm waiting to open it until the retreat begins! Posting a photo of my block was goal number 13 on my February list

For the remaining days in February, my plan is to begin the quilting on my lone star quilt, work on the heart table runner, continue to make progress on my 2022 temperature quilt and to begin piecing the Rhododendron Trail blocks together.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Baby Quilts are Finished!!

Loaded. . .both quilts at once
It had been eight weeks since the last time I quilted a quilt on the longarm. Note to self: Eight weeks is WAY too long to be away from the process. I couldn't believe how much I forgot. . .AGAIN!!!  

Becoming reacquainted, though, was easier than it was the first time I had a break in time spent on the machine. For my newer readers, from July 2021 to October 2021, I was part of an outreach group that quilted charity quilts on a longarm that was donated to the guild. A member purchased the longarm in October. 
Finished quilting

The member, who had housed the donated longarm, offered anyone wanting to continuing charity quilt could quilt on her machine. I took her up on her offer.

To warm up, I quilted a charity quilt. I chose the bundle that was the thickest thinking that it would be a larger quilt. I like larger quilts for practice because I have more opportunities to practice centering and ensuring the starts and stops of the pattern are where I want them to be! When I unwrapped the bundle, I found that the top was small! 

Quilt backs
I forgot to take photos; but, I used a new to me "modernish" quilting pattern. The pattern resembled tree ring growth. The quilt top was a diamond pattern made up of colorful batik fabrics. I quilted it with a burnt orange bottom line thread. The machine wasn't that happy stitching bottom line thread. I liked the results.

Next, I loaded my newest granddaughter's quilts. Each quilt is about 48 inches square. To get the most out of a pass with the longarm, I loaded the backing sideways. 

I stitched the two tops together. In retrospect, it would have been better for me to baste the edges because removing the stitches to take out the spacer took time and it wasn't always successful. Sometimes, I needed to restitch a part of the design. Live and learn!

I used a Rainbows thread named Piñata for the quilting. I have learned that Superior Threads, the company that developed the thread line, discontinued it. I'm glad I was able to use it one more time on this quilt. I used all of my cone. I have about half a 500 yard spool of it remaining. I quilted it with a circle design. I have used this design before. 

It took me about three hours to quilt these two quilts. I definitely would quilt two quilts together another time! Setting the tension went quickly with this project. I had no broken threads as I quilted. (The quilting goddesses had my back!)

I cut all of the leftover green I had for the binding and pieced it together. I cut my strips 2 1/2 inches. In case I need more strips than I had available, I added a strip of red flannel. I'd rather have a leftover than be short when stitching the binding!

Finished front and finished back
I found two labels in my stash that had butterflies on them. I've added most of the information on the label. I'm waiting until after the newest granddaughter's birth to record the name and the date.

Because my youngest granddaughter is feeling like her status is changing and that her status is not changing in a good way, I asked the family here to sign the label. I told Miss J it was important that our new baby would know we loved her already and that we can't wait to welcome her to the family properly! The youngest wrote a little note. Life is going to remain good for her!

I used 11 yards of fabric in this project. That brings the total of stash used so far this year to 25 yards! It was goal number seven in my First Quarter list. It was goal number one in my February list. It was also my One Monthly Goal. These bring my finishes to three for 2022. Visit: Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal February Link-up  see other February goals.

I'm linking up to Cynthia and Oh Scrap/Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Granddaughter Time

Miss J providing the drawing lesson
We had the granddaughters for an overnight. This time, they had input on the time their arrival time. At our last overnight, they thought they were going on a 10 mile hike and their folks got them up at 6:30 in the morning. 

The youngest granddaughter thought that 5:30 would be a good time to get up. The oldest thought 6:30 was way too EARLY. Any other time would be fine. Their mama asked the oldest, "Then 6:15 is is good?" To which the oldest replied with a death glare!

They decided that they would get up at 6:50 and leave at 7 so they would arrive in plenty of time for breakfast! Breakfast was sourdough pancakes with plenty of bacon. 

Work samples

After breakfast, Miss J led us through a drawing exercise. We drew a teddy bear holding a heart. We started with the heart with a couple extra lines. 

Miss J was succinct and descriptive with her comments. You could almost draw listening to her words. I was impressed.

Instructor J and  Instructor K

I did put some circles in the wrong place. Why? " I was listening" and not watching. Miss J laughed about my comment!

Miss K led us through an exercise in "realistic people drawing except the eyes."Again, I was impressed with how quickly simple lines became figures.  It was fun play time.

For lunch, we cooked chicken noodle soup with lots of noodles which is another favorite dish. We took the dog for a walk and then gave her a good grooming session.

Realistic people drawing exercise  
There were a number of imaginative play sessions which were fun to watch. I liked the set up.  Q:"Are there parents?" A: "Yes" Q: What kind? A mom and a dad or two moms or two dads? A: "I don't care. You pick." Q: "Okay, two dads this time. Kids?Once they had determined the household and background information, they role played for some time. 

They looked out of the window and asked who was visiting Papa. The friend was over to help with cleaning up of felled trees.

Last February, we had heavy rain and then freezing temperatures. The result was lots of tree branches and a number of tree trunks succumbed to the weight of the ice and fell to the ground. You can read about it here.

Stitching blocks
In January, we hired a company to cut the trees that were leaning toward the house as well as those that were damaged in the storm. Area tree service companies have been swamped the entire year. In all, we had seven trees cut down or trimmed. We hope we won't have future tree damage. We hope the house will be safe.

The granddaughters asked what the friend was doing. I explained the friend came for a play date with Papa. They thought Papa playing with a friend was funny. I explained that this friend brought toys. They wanted to meet the friend and see the toys which were a wood splitter, a hydraulic trailer and chainsaws. They thought this variety of "toys" was interesting. We stacked firewood and enjoyed the sunshine. They decided cutting and stacking wood was not a good play activity! 

Two rows of blocks coming together
Then, we sewed a little. One of my goals this month was to stitch the 2021 RSC blocks into rows this month; but Miss K asked to sew the blocks on her own. I'm over the moon with joy that she has claimed these blocks. I'll amend my goal of stitching the blocks to allow her make progress on this project at her pace.  

I helped her pin the blocks; but, I turned a few the wrong direction. While I created a different pattern, it wasn't the pattern Miss K had in mind.  She tripled checked my pinning after that. She stitched a couple rows together.

Miss J started string piecing flannel scraps on a newsprint foundation. We worked up an appetite for "Papa's spaghetti." Miss K helped me make the cobbler that we had for dessert. Miss J helped me make the salad. Dinner was delicious. Many hands sure make light work.

At the end of the day, they were in bed by their regular bedtime. . .eight o'clock. They were tired. I checked on them at 8:30 and they were sound asleep in the same position that I had left them after their bedtime story. I was in bed soon after to ensure that I had enough "juice" for the following day!

Two rows stitched together

In the morning, Miss K was up at five o'clock. She wanted to know what we could bake for breakfast! I gave her a couple options and she picked blueberry muffins. I gave her a bit of help with putting the batter in the muffin tins. She completed the rest of the process herself. The muffins were delicious. Miss J got up at seven-thirty. 

They determined that they would groom and walk the dog after breakfast so that we would have more time for "projects." Miss J wanted to draw and Miss K wanted to sew. I don't have photos of Miss J sewing because while I was winding a bobbin for her, she was being a balancing maiden (imaginative play) and took a fall. She needed medical attention. So our Sunday session was shortened by a few hours. She let me know that she strained her wrist and would be okay in a couple of weeks. 

They both wanted to know when they could return for another sleepover. We have a date planned for next month!

Sunday, February 13, 2022

February Rainbow Scrap Challenge Blocks Completed

Backgrounds and fabrics cut into kits for stitching
Angela chose teal/aqua as the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) for February. This is a color I have little. If it weren't for Frolic, I would have had even less. It was a challenge to stretch the bits into enough fabric to the make the blocks.

On Friday, I pulled the fabric and cut the blocks. I wasn't thinking. Well, Gertie, my inner squirrel. was chattering on about how quickly this process was going to be. She wanted to know where were were going to spend our time next! I stitched the three blocks. Gertie was overjoyed. She swished her tail and was bobbing in excitement about moving on to the next project. . .until I laughed.

Completed blocks
How silly of me! I needed EIGHT not two blocks for the small circles. I needed FOUR not one block to complete the large circle. I never have seen Gertie's tail droop so fast and she was actually QUIET!

I cut more strips. I did have to include some hand dyed fabric to have enough fabric to stitch the blocks. Had I more options, I wouldn't have used one fabric as it reads more of a neutral than aqua; but, I used what I had. 

The leftovers
I did consider, briefly, a shopping trip. Because my goal is to use what is on hand, I stuck with what I had. Some fabrics I stitched with a skinny seam allowance to   s-t-r-e-t-c-h the fabric to be the size I needed. In the end, I made it work.

There is so little left of those fabrics now! Truly a few triangles, squares and a variety strings!

Next month, I will remember that I am making TWELVE total log cabin blocks and not three! This was goal number seven on my February goal list

I'm linking to Angela and The Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2022. I'm also linking to Cynthia and Oh Scrap/Quilting Is More Fun Than HouseworkPlease visit the links. Bring your cuppa with you as there is so much inspiration to see!

Before I put the background strips away, I could cut backgrounds for next month. . .hm m m m m . . . .

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Rogue--Gertie's Plan/Hearts for Valentines Day

Pieced back for 2021 Temperature quilt
Monday, I started the morning piecing a back for my 2021 Temperature Quilt top. A friend gifted me the big print fish fabric at least four years ago. It was time to move it out of stash! I didn't quite have enough so I added a chunk of purple. 

Fabric selection 
Interestingly, the closer I came to completing the back, the more Gertie enticed me to start a new project. She can be so persuasive! 

I heard her say, "It's small." "It won't take long." "You can use scraps. That red/pink drawer is too full anyway!" "It will be a fun." "Come on, your other projects can wait for a day."  "There's a holiday coming up. Why not surprise some people with a gift?" "Think Sally and Happy Mail."

Most of the finished bookmarks
That Gertie!!! She has a come back for every "no" that leaves my lips!

One bookmark in service
I knew the project that Gertie wanted to start. At the end of January, CraftyStaci, posted a tutorial on how to make a heart bookmark. I'll admit that I could envision making a few. I didn't make it a goal because I need to stay on course to make progress on the projects on my list like the heart table runner for example. 

So much, however, for my will power. I need to tap into Gertie's will power because she convinced me to open my pink/red scrap drawer to select fabric. I spent some time cutting hearts. To make a bookmark, I needed to cut four hearts. I cut 48 hearts which was enough to make a dozen bookmarks! 

Turning the heart right side out is the most "fiddly" part of the process. Staci's tip was to use a jeans needle to sew through all of the layers. I found that the combination of my featherweight and a size 70 microtex needle handled the layers fine. 

It did take me a day to sew the dozen hearts. They will be in the mail tomorrow to brighten someone's day! I used half a yard of fabric. This brings my total of stash used to 14 yards this year. 

Sunday, February 6, 2022

2021 Temperature Quilt Is A Top!

Embroidering the temperature range
It took time. . .much more than I had anticipated; BUT, I finally was successful in figuring out how to embroider the temperature ranges as well as the word, "Temperatures" and the year, "2021."  

First, I spent time auditioning the size and font that I thought would work well for the temperature ranges. I decided that I would make two of each range so that I could repeat the legend on each side border of the quilt.

Building the legend border
Next, I printed the print preview and placed it as if it were the border. I found this was a great way to view the size as well as the font. I made several changes before I found "the one!" I stitched a sample. I liked it. I stitched all of the number ranges. I removed the stabilizers from the back of the fabric. I stitched the fabric that was associated with the number range together and built the border. 

Math is not a strength. I sent a photo to my London daughter asking if I had used the greater than/less than sign correctly. I asked, does this read as less than 18 degrees? She replied I was correct. 

Whoops. . .
I had the borders ready to stitch the borders to the sides of the quilt and I realized I was incorrect with using the greater than symbol. My husband was near by so I asked him if this read more than 105. . .he shook his head. I re-embroidered that temperature range. I'm glad I caught the error before it was "in" the quilt!

Too Big
Gertie, my inner squirrel, had the idea to place the temperature range from coldest to warmest on the left side of the top and to place the temperature range from warmest to hottest on the right side of the quilt. I liked her plan. Of course, she was happy I incorporated her suggestion into the quilt. I did have to add a bit of grey fabric to make the border fit.

After stitching the side borders to the top, it was time to work on the top and bottom borders. Again, I auditioned the font size of the letters until I was happy with the size of the lettering. 

Rehopping alignment
I had a hiccup. I couldn't figure out how to access the fill stitch feature in the software. For those of you who don't work with embroidery software, I'll spare you the details. For those of you who do, I hadn't used the break apart feature enough! 

I placed a note in the Bernina software group asking for help and I also e-mailed my Bernina dealer.  My dealer called me fifteen minutes after I had sent the e-mail. She said it was easter and faster to just tell me what I needed to know. I had my answer in less than two minutes! 

In a couple hours, I had several responses from the software group. They provided the same answer as my dealer. I appreciated ALL of their help!

Finished top
I embroidered the year first. My original thought was to center the year in the bottom border and the word in the top border. Embroidering the word took me a full day because I needed to rehoop the design. I practiced until I felt that I would be successful.

When it was time to reboot. I had no issues. I have rarely rehooped a design. I would do it again. Viewing the stitch out, it seemed too plain to add more of the gray background. I was looking at the scraps I thought, "why not add a portion of strings" to finish the border. Gertie was on board with that idea!

I cut the leftovers of the strips into strings. I followed the color order as much as was possible and stitched the strings together. The result reminded me of colors in a crayon box. I decided that I wanted a little more than one repeat of the strings of the years and word.

Next I followed the pattern of reversing the colors as I had done with the side borders. I liked the results. I stitched the top and bottom border to the top and I had a finished top! 

I've located a piece of fabric for the back and I might have enough batting on hand to layer and baste this project yet this month. Finishing this top was goal number four on my February list.

I'm linking to Cynthia and Oh Scrap/Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework. For some reason, Blogger is giving me a Whoops message when I try to comment on her posts. I also get that message when I visit other links in the link up. So if I haven't commented on your post in a while, that is the reason. I've reviewed my settings and didn't note any changes. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

January ReCap--February Goals

Quilt these two baby quilts
My goals for January were:

✔1. Finish Frolic

✔2. Continue keeping up with the Bonnie Hunter 2021 Rhododendron Trail mystery. --Bonnie released the final clue. I've pieced the corners. Next is piecing the blocks into a top.

☀3. Fully finish the small hand stitching project. Last month, I finished the stitching. Now I need to figure out how to frame it. 

✔4. Piece a back for the Lone Star

5. Piece the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks into a top. My design consultant, the oldest granddaughter, has a good eye for color and composition. She has a plan

Fully Finish this embroidery
✔6. Stitch the 2022 Rainbow Scrap Challenge block. I had fun participating last year. I want to play along with Angela at SuperScrappy constructing blocks again this year! 

☀7. Start stitching the Temperature blocks for 2022. 

✔8. Work on the new baby quilts. Last month, I stitched the blocks for two quilts. I'd like to get the tops pieced this month.

☀9. Finish the December temperature block and figure out the legend/sashing. My design consultant, Miss K helped me with the sashing. I'm still stuck with the legend design.

Finish the borders on this top
✔10. Help Miss J get her churn dash blocks into a top and begin to piece the back. We had snow and ice on the days she had planned to come to stitch so we will have to schedule a sew day or two once the weather returns to wind and rain!

☀11. Begin the BOM Color My World. 

☀12. Continue quilting the string top. I started the ditch quilting last month.

✔13. Write a post about a past Thread Tales quilt.

✔14. Make a house block for a guild president.

Eight goals completed. Progress made on five goals. It was a good month! I trained 41 participants in the American Heart Association Basic Life Support course. I helped train four American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors.

Make lots more of these blocks

I also read four books. I rated them on a scale of 1-5 1. The Golden Thread/Karissa St. Clair (4.75)  2. The Secret History of Home Economics/Danielle Dreilinger (4.5) 3. The Narrow Boat Summer/Anne Youngson (4) 4. When We Were Strangers/Pamela Schoenwaldt (4)

I listened to two books: 1. The Island of Sea Women/Lisa See (4.75) 2. The Beautiful Mystery/Louise Penny (4.5).

I taught a Saturday Workshop class on string piecing. I followed up on a presentation that I originally gave to the Mod Squad group about setting goals in December. I enjoyed both their December and January meetings so much that I decided to join them! I had an overnight with the granddaughters. It was a full month!

Finish prewashing the BOM fabric

My goals for February are:

Finish quilting String of Lightening
1. Quilt the two baby quilts for newest granddaughter who will is expected to arrive mid March. Maybe I'll also get them bound too! Quilting the two quilts will be my One Monthly Goal. (Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal February Link-up )

2. Take photos of the book club quilts that I haven't documented with a post in my blog yet.

3. Finish the embroidery project. Last month, I purchased a frame, a matte and a piece of foam board. Next step is to cut the foam board and mount the embroidery on the foam board.

4. Finish the borders on the 2021 Temperature Quilt. I hope to layer and pin baste it this month too. I think I have a piece of fabric in my stash that will work well for the back. Last month, I figured out the legend and almost stitched the pieced borders to the top. I'm so close to having a finished top!

5. Baste papers and make at least 30 more blocks for the 2022 Temperature Quilt. Last month, I finished purchasing the fabric and prewashed all the fabric. I'm planning to English Paper Piece this project. My order of papers and templates arrived from Paper Pieces last month. I still need to figure out how to organize this project as it will be a project that I take with me on a trip in a couple of months. I'm behind; but, I will catch up!

Begin piecing these blocks into rows

6. Finish prewashing the fabrics in the Color my World BOM kit. Gertie can't hardly contain herself waiting for me to begin this project. 

7. Keep up with the RSC blocks. Teal is the color for February.

8. Finish quilting the String of Lightening project.

9. Piece the 2021 RSC blocks into rows. Last month, my oldest granddaughter and I laid out the blocks and took a photo of the layout she wants to create. She let me know that while she wants to piece the blocks together, she wants me to piece some too especially when it comes to stitching the rows together. I can accommodate that request!

10. Begin pieceing the Rhododendron Trail blocks into a top.

11. Quilt four days on the longarm. I only quilted one day in December and quilted no days in January!

Begin piecing these blocks into a top

12. Work on the heart table runner.

13. Share a photo of the block I made for the virtual Spring retreat which is being held February 24-27.

14. Write posts to document the Saturday Workshops and/or the projects that I've created.

So much for listing ten goals for the month. . .I ALWAYS think that I can accomplish more than I actually do! Gertie tells me that I spend way too much time sleeping! She has determined that I could start more projects if I slept less. 

I noticed that she failed to mention finishishing projects! That Gertie, she keeps me on my toes!