Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Unity--Post 2

Kitted star parts waiting to be stitched
The third clue in this project was all about making sawtooth stars. I like sawtooth stars. I stitched a bunch of these for my dad's 80th birthday quilt.  Bonnie's technique is different than the technique I used to stitch the stars in my dad's quilt. Bonnie makes goose units. I cut squares and drew a diagonal line to make my units. I was up to the challenge to use Bonnie's technique to stitch the stars.

It was a lot of cutting. My original plan was to cut half of the units needed and then stitch. Instead, I cut everything at once. Some of the wings were brighter than I may have originally liked; but, that was the fabric that I had on hand. I am determined to sew from my stash during this "stay at home" time!

I kitted the parts on a large square ruler. I wanted to be able to move the "parts" easily if I needed to stitch another project. As soon as I had stitched the first star, I realized that I had I cut too many "wings!"

Leftover parts
After several days of stitching sessions, I finished the stars. For the most part, they measured the unit size that Bonnie said that they would. I had no waste and I would use this method for future stars.

As I finished a star, I placed it around the finished center from the previous week. It was fun to see the border come together with each little finished "twinkle!"

When I completed the last star, I had a chat with myself about the leftover parts. I thought about bagging them. . .knowing I probably wouldn't unbag them or use them anytime soon. I had a fleeting thought of tossing them; but, decided tossing was against my frugal nature. I decided that I would cut more pieces to make more stars. After all, finished blocks would be easier to incorporate into another project. I also decided that I would stitch these as leaders and enders.
A couple "bonus" stars

It took me a couple hours to stitch the stars together for the border. Then I needed to add the sashing on the outer edge and I had finished the clue! As I stitched, I used those "extra" star parts as leaders and enders. When I finished, I also had stitched two additional star blocks.

I did need to piece the sashing on one side because I didn't have enough of that fabric. I could have stitched a different neutral fabric in each side of the border. I decided, if possible, that I would use the same fabric. Using the same fabric makes the border "float" more in my mind. I still have plenty of neutrals and reds. I'm low on the dark and light blue fabrics.

This project outgrew the available open space on my design wall. My design wall is large. I had a lot of "stuff"stored on the wall. Mostly bits of this or that which could potentially become part of a project of my own design. I decided to clear the design wall. It took some time to sort and file the necessary bits. I love having space for more than one project!

Currently, Unity and Miss K's mermaid are hanging out on the design wall.

Step three complete


Rebecca Grace said...

Your mystery quilt is coming along so nicely, Terri! I do that, too, with my design wall – throwing everything up there that’s in progress and running out of space! said...

Rebecca, It had been WAY too long since I cleared it off. . .will try to be better at using that space in the future! It is much nicer to work on it now!