Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December recap

Desserts at high tea
Happy New Year! I wish you all good fortune in the coming year. I've been thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2020. First, I need to recap what happened last month.

I listed seven goals for myself in December. Of those goals, I decided not to do one. I amended one goal. Instead of having a sew day with Miss K, we had a sew afternoon. Making the amendment instead waiting for a whole day meant we made progress on her project which was the end goal. I completed two goals and made progress on two other goals. Anytime I make progress, I deem the month a success!

Teaching wise, I taught 26 participants in health care provider CPR.  I helped train eight Water Safety Instructors and completed a lifeguard instructor review for seven people. Three of those participants also renewed their lifeguard cards so I trained a total of 44 people this month.

The breakdown for teaching in 2019 was:
Bloodborne pathogen training 18, Lay Rescuer CPR 68, Lifeguards 17, Lifeguard Instructors 48, Water Safety Instructors 8, Swimming lessons 147, Babysitters Training 34, Healthcare Provider CPR 334 and Inservice Training 22  for a total of 696 people for the year. 

For the quarter, I had two finishes for the Finish-A-Long program. I'm okay with two finishes. I finished two book club quilts-- A-B-C quilt and Trio of Sisters. This month, I'll get back to the projects and again begin making a dent in my project list. The Finish A-Long program has helped me accomplish more finishes so I plan to continue participating.
A container of Chex mix and fun sock gifts

What made December fun was partying, lunching and sewing with friends. My friend, Pat, who lives down the hill from me, hosts an annual Christmas party. I caught up with three friends I hadn't seen since the last party which was great! The potluck dishes were delicious and the dice game we play for the wrapped ornament present was hilarious.

Mid month, I went with a special friend to lunch at the Mountain View Golf Course near where I live. I've never been there. Service was great, the tomato soup was delicious. I will have to go another day!

I took a drive to The Dalles with a friend who had business to conduct. We chatted the whole trip planning what classes we will be teaching together in 2020. We also got together to watch the last basketball game of Miss K! (I sent my friend the wrong time so she arrived after the game; but, we still snuck in a short visit!)

Leaf quilting detail
At the end of the month,  I met up with two coworkers at Cafe Yumm which offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan menu items. This restaurant is also located close to where I live that I've not tried. I had a Yumm bowl which was good. We try to get together every couple of months to catch up. I do miss working with both of them!

Also, mid month, I attended a tea with two other friends. Not only did I get to catch up with them; but, the retreat center where the tea was held featured a quilter. We looked at about 120 quilts of her work. Tea, quilts and friends are a great combination!

I participated in two sew days with the Mystery Mavens. This is the group that I formed to play along with the Bonnie Hunter mystery which is "Frolic" this year. It is so much more fun to be sewing along with a group!!!

I am so fortunate to have such a wealth of friends!

Before the haircut
Progress on the leaves quilt is coming along. I have quilted backgrounds on nine of the 24 blocks which represents about 31 hours of quilting. While I was sad that I was unable to finish this quilt in time for my daughter's birthday, I am excited that it will be finished in time for her birthday next year! I have found that I can quilt for about three hours in a day. I cut the hour into 15 minute segments. I stretch at the end of each segment and then I do a different activity for about an hour. The stretches and activity changes sure help my body endure the quilting.

I am enjoying the quilting process and there is something to say for quilting the same filler in the background. Not having to think about what comes next has allowed my mind to think about other projects as well as planning the next section of quilting that beast!

After the haircut
The actual name for the quilt is "Leaves" but, I affectionately call it "The Beast" because it is 100 inches by 108 inches which is a huge project to quilt on my domestic sewing machine!

On a personal note, a hairdresser cut about six inches off of my hair. I hadn't had a haircut in almost two years! I had considered growing it to donate it; but, didn't do more than consider when the other gals in the "donation" group decided not to donate. They cut their hair at the end of summer.

Shorter means that it takes less effort to wash and to dry. My hair is still long enough that I can pull it all into a hair tie. Having it this length makes it easier to keep my hair under control when I teach swim lessons. About 40 years ago my hair reached my waist. This time it reached the middle of my back. I don't miss the length!


BJ said...

Happy New Year! I love your hair. Have a wonderful successful new decade.

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

Thanks, BJ! I look forward to organizing my projects and space!

Monica said...

Lol, I know it's been too long when your hair is suddenly 12 inches longer! Sounds like you had a fun holiday. 😀

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

Yes, Monica, it was too long. . .truly, I'd rather be doing a lot of other activities than dealing with my hair. I've not been one to spend much time or effort on it. Wearing it in a braid or tied in some way was how I was containing it. . .actually, now that it is shorter, I still do much of the same containment!

Rebecca Grace said...

Your haircut looks lovely on you and your leaf "beast" quilt is looking good! Happy New Year!

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

Thank you Rebecca. The "beast" is a massive amount of fabric that I push and pull through the 'extended' arm of my machine. I keep asking myself what was I thinking????