Wednesday, December 18, 2019

"Frolick"ing with the Mystery Mavens--post 2

Ann reviewing the directions
Denise selecting fabrics; Heidi stitching

Pat cutting strips

Our Mystery Mavens met on Monday. It was our second "formal" meeting. Truly, the only formality about our group is the date, time and place that we meet! Once again, we giggled and we even accomplished some stitching!

Laura stitching the first clue

There was cutting, stitching and pressing. Some finished their clue. Some dropped by to say hi. Some stitched on another project. Some helped others move forward on their clues.
Jane used a different method of making HSTs

The group is such a treasure!!!! I enjoy the camaraderie. I love that people tried the second method of making HSTs that Bonnie shared in clue #3.

Sometime, I am going to try that method. My chunks were not ten inches square. I loved that people made HSTs other ways too.

Ruth pressed my HSTs and a lot of Heidi's too
We talked about the pros and cons of the various methods. The consensus seemed to be that it depends on the number of HSTs you need, what you are working with (scraps or yardage) to make the HSTs, what methods that you are comfortable making to determine which one works best for you or for your project!

Julie working on another project
Some people are caught up. Some are catching up. Some are enjoying the journey while some are eyeing the journey! Some share their progress on our private FaceBook page. It all works.

I feel so fortunate to be part of such a supportive and giving group. I hope that we will be together a good long time.

With Ruth's help, I've completed clue number three. Bonnie releases clue number four on Friday. I see more fun and fellowship ahead. Oh. . .yes, there will be stitching too! Are you "Frolic"ing too??

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