Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Frolic--Clue #1

Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Mavens group
Fabrics for Frolic from my stash
How many of you are participating in Bonnie Hunter's "Frolic" mystery this year? I am. Bonnie released the fabric requirements at the end of October. I combed through my stash and found much of the fabrics. I did purchase some. . .I needed the aquas and a couple of lighter blues. I purchased two and a half yards.

At a Mt. Hood Quilters guild meeting, I put the word out that I was planning to participate. I asked people to let me know if they wanted to play too. I hoped we could form a group. Eighteen of ladies joined our private Facebook page. Fourteen of us met on Monday to work on the clue that was released last Friday.

I chose to include the word mavens because it sounded like it fit. Wendy asked about the choice because it is a Yiddish word. She wanted to know if the person who chose it was Jewish. (I'm not Jewish.) She said it was a great word. . .which sent me to find out what she meant.
Laura's fabrics

Google's explanation was:
Whether it's in fashion, or food, or forensic science, someone who really knows his stuff about a topic is a maven, or a person particularly skilled in the field. The word maven comes from the Yiddish meyvn, meaning "one who understands." You don't become a maven overnight. Maven is a great term for all of us!

Ruth had already completed the clue. She came to cheer us on, to explain how to spin the seams, press, rip. . .well, how can life get better than to have a sewing buddy to help you make progress!!!
Ann cutting strips

There was cutting, stripping and pressing with lots of discussion and giggles as we progressed. Bonnie's hints and tips are helpful for consistently capturing that quarter inch seam. We are all spinners now meaning we can spin the seams in our four patch block to reduce bulk! One person, who came just to see what was going on, decided it would be fun to participate.

Jane sewing strips

It was fun to see all the different fabric choices. Lots of attendees shared fabrics. Carol brought a bag of beautiful fabrics that matched the fabric chips with the caveat, "cut what you need!" I am loving this group for their generosity and giving spirits!

Some people came with their strips sewn. Other people came and sewed strips. Some people came to press their strips. Others came to stitch their segments. The point is that no matter what stage we were, we all applauded each other for what we had done so far.

I snapped a photo of Jane stitching her strip because her nails coordinated so beautifully with her fabric choices!

Carol pressing strips
At the end of the day, some had completed stitching their four patches, some had even spun and pressed the seams. It was a nice day. We are planning other get together dates. Our long range plan after all the clues are released is to continue to get together monthly to sew so that we will finish our projects!

Denise sewing segments
I teach swimming lessons on the days that we picked to meet so I got to leave early. I've been sewing a little every day. I've made progress on my four patches. Like a number of ladies in the group, I've a project that has a "deadline." It is the "Leaves" project. I'm at the quilting stage. I've been working on that project most of my quilting time.

I have made a bunch of the four patches. I am well into the clue. Bonnie suggests to make some of each clue so that when you come back to the project, you will have a sample of what you were doing.

Ruth sharing how to spin the seams
A number of the group by this posting finished the first clue and are waiting clue number two! Kudos to them!  Bonnie cautions us that this is a journey and not a race which I love. Stuff happens.  Sometimes, we get to go on an alternate journey which is okay. Sometimes, those alternate journeys become places we want to explore more.

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