Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Trio of Sisters--post 4 Second Finish 4th Quarter FAL 2019

Border quilting started; backing fabric choice
Finally. . . .A FINISH!!!!! I've been working on this project for a while.

Choosing the fabric for the back was a challenge! In the end, I chose a green fabric printed with cacti. The color green represented the green dress that Constance often wore and the prickly nature of the cactus represented Norma and the situations that Constance found herself. The wrong side of the fabric went better with the project than the right side of the fabric. Remember, when you buy fabric, you purchase both sides so it doesn't matter which side you choose to use!

Before I layered the top and pin basted the layers, I added a piece a wool batting and using a water soluble thread, I stitched around the figures. Then I trimmed the excess batting away so that I would have a trapunto effect to the sisters.

I did quilt in the ditch and then around the figures. I used a green cotton in the bobbin; but, I used various thread types, weights and colors on the top!

Threads used and view of the quilting
 Quilting the silk was a challenge because it was so slippery. I decided that I would quilt the border first. I chose a cotton thread that blended into the background and stitched straight lines around the piece.

For the background of the piece, I channeled the character Fleurette who liked "fancy" and quilted clam shells with a pink polyester thread. I used the papa sized clam shell stencil from Cindy Needham's ultimate background stencil set. I drew the lines and free motioned quilted them. I toyed with the idea of inserting additional lines in some of the clamshells; but, decided that I might add some beads instead.

Facing pinned into place for hand stitching
Then, I quilted the figures. I used polyester threads to free motion quilt their clothing and I stitched on the darker lines of my drawing.

For the facial features and hair, I used silk thread. Sometimes, the color was almost the same as the background for chin lines and sometimes, it was several shades darker for the noses, mouths and eyes. The thread effect was great! I spent about 10 hours quilting the piece.

From the waste of the backing, I was able to cut three strips of fabric to use for the facing finish. I was about 12 inches short of having enough for the entire facing. I decided to add decorative corners of the same fabric of the sleeve. I also could not resist using the right side of the fabric for a little contrast.

The label came from the guild free table. I chose the rooster because in the novel, Norma tended homing pigeons and chickens. She belonged to a group that raced the pigeons. She felt that pigeons would be a good way of sending information and she practiced her theory!

Finished trio of sisters
I had planned to add some hand stitching. I had planned to add beads; but, I decided the piece was finished. Sometimes, you've learned all that you can from a piece and it is time to move on. I will save embellishment for another project!

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I used about a 1 1/2 yards of fabric for this project. So far this year, I have stitched 79 yards of fabric from my stash! This is my first finish of the fourth quarter Finish A Long. It was goal number #1 on my list.

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