Sunday, December 22, 2019

October Embroidery Lesson

Some of the practice motifs

The October embroidery lesson was fun to work through. Again, the lesson focused on manipulating letters. I thought that I had followed the directions in the software. I did a trial run of the stitch out in the software and then. . . I was surprised to find my stitch out had issues!!!

Splat motif
Rather than try to fix the issue in the file, I opted to redo the lesson. The second time around, the lesson went faster and when I stitched out the various letters, each resembled the diagram in the printed handout. Success is nice!

Initial with fill stitch in appliqué

I have opted not to complete the November lesson. I've reviewed the lesson and the emphasis is on different file formats which is good information to have; but, not information to use in a design. I practiced many different lettering techniques this year. Some, I would like to add to future quilt projects. Let's see how that goes!


Rebecca Grace said...

I am so curious, Terry -- which software program do you use for digitizing embroidery and where are you getting these lessons? I have the Bernina Designer Plus digitizing software which I recently upgraded to version 8. I know that I am barely even scratching the surface of what it can do and would love to learn more. said...

Rebecca, I am using V-8 software. The lessons are called Software Inspirations that are offered through my Bernina dealer. These lessons originate from Bernina so I would think you could access them through your dealer too! I do pay an annual fee for the classes; but, felt that the fee was worth it. I too am barely scratching the surface with the embroidery! I need to apply what I'm learning