Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Following Miss A

Grating carrots
I've already reported on the body measuring session and the swim suits that I held and made for Miss A.

During Miss A's visit, we made a few green salads. I showed her how to tear a lettuce leaf. She tore the first leaf according to the plan. She treated subsequent leaves differently. First she looked at the leaf, then she looked at the bowl. She looked at the leaf. She looked at me. She picked up the leaf and without tearing it, threw it in the bowl. I took it out of the bowl and place the leaf in front of her. She threw it in the bowl and looked at me as if I'd fall off a turnip truck.

Her actions made me laugh because this was the exact response her mama had when she was Miss A's size. Why waste time on the tearing when the leaf was going into the bowl? Just eliminate the tearing and save time!

She did like grating the carrot and needed to taste the shreds to be see if the shreds tasted the same as the sticks.

First hair "trim" with Karen
Miss A had her first hair cut. Karen, our hairdresser for the past 24 years, explained we don't use the term "cut" but trim. So many times kids hear the word cut and think getting their hair cut is going to hurt! Miss A wiggled and Nicole found showing a video helped her move less. Please note, I didn't write stay still! Karen trimmed the tiniest amount from Miss A's hair. Karen dried and styled her hair which Miss A enjoyed. Karen even put a little "color" in her hair.

Cookie decorating
We had a cookie decorating session. Nicole purchased a box kit of already baked gingerbread cookies with tubes of frosting and small packages of items to sprinkle. While the purchase was expensive, $20 for a dozen cookies, the experience was worth every cent. Miss A decorated three cookies before she lost interest.

Tickling the ivories
She took a two and a half hour car trip to visit my dad's wife, Vickie. At Vickie's house, Miss A delighted herself playing the piano. My dad would have loved to have seen and heard her music. She "played" mostly with her index fingers; but, she did use both at the same time and she played all areas of the keys. She amused us all playing the drums on a set of stainless steel bowls and pots with wooden spoons. 

Getting reacquainted with Great Grandma
Then we traveled another hour to my mom's. At my mom's, Miss A took a walk along the canal bank. She found all sorts of knickknacks to make into toys. We also ate lunch. While Miss A liked all visiting, she wasn't all that keen on the travel time. Strapped into the car seat for the more than three hour drive was too long. Miss A travels mass transit in London and she may be in a stroller; but, she doesn't use a car seat often. 

She played soccer with her older cousin, JoJo and she played basketball with her oldest cousin. She adores her cousins. Her cousin JoJo cooked Miss A sourdough pancakes for breakfast one morning, while her cousin Miss K drew pictures and played other games with her.

She even had a play date with a friend from across the street who invited a couple other neighbors to come play. I heard that the snacks the other neighbors brought were the Miss A's favorites. She also liked playing with so many new to her toys.

Today, Miss A is swimming with her mama and auntie at the pool where her auntie has her master swim workouts. Saturday, Miss A is going swimming with her mama and me at my friend's pool. 

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, we will host the family for dinner. It will be a full house with lots of love shared. Monday, she and her parents return to England. All of them will be missed!


Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

You always have so much fun with your sweet grandchildren. Lots of fabulous activities going on with Miss A. And what a smart little gal - yes just through that lettuce in the bowl and then gobble it up. Lol. How sweet. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Terry. Hugs and Blessings.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

It looks like so much fun experiencing the world through a little one's eyes, Terry! It sounds like you've had a wonderful time with Miss A and your daughter visiting. I'm sure they will be missed!

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...