Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Fourth Quarter Goals 2021

Last quarter, I made progress on my goal listUnfortunately, there were a lot of projects that I didn't touch. I either finished or made progress on twelve of the 24 projects listed. It always takes me longer to finish a project than I estimate.

Frolic blocks and Butterfly glue basting
This year, I've finished 11 projects and I've three months left to finish more. In 2020, I finished four projects. In 2019, I finished eight projects. In 2018, I finished seven projects. Clearly, I need to continue making a one monthly goal because this is the best year since I've tracked finishes yet! 

The theme for the fourth quarter is FINISH! This quarter, I'm shortening the number of projects on the list. I still find it helpful to make quarter lists because it helps me make the monthly list. I'm even considering writing a weekly list to help me be more successful with finishes. Breaking projects into sections has helped me make progress.

Tea quilt
Below is my plan for the last quarter of the year. 

1. Finish gluing the butterfly pieces.

2. Finish the tea quilt.

3. Finish the tree skirt.

4. Finish Frolic.

5. Finish the heart wall hanging.

6. Help Miss J get her churn dash to a top.

7. Finish the log cabin.

8. Finish a hand embroidery project.

9. Get the string quilt I started last January to the a top.

10. Finish the charity baby quilt. 

11.  Finish the Lone Star.

12. Finish the fourth flannel top from Martha's scraps.

13. Stitch four to six gifts before the year ends.

With Gertie's help, let's see how many more finishes I can complete!


Darlene S said...

You are making great progress on your UFOs. I'm sure Gertie will do all she can to help you finish your projects in the 4th quarter of 2021. Maybe Gertie will help to showcase all your 2021 finishes, at the end of the year? She could help celebrate all the creativity of 2021 and make a party out of it? But don't tell Sally, if she does as Sally will just be upset with me not finishing anything. With luck I can finish 3-4 this year.

Anne-Marie said...

11 projects completed is fantastic! I'm nearing the end on finishing my Frolic. No such luck on Grassy Creek though. I find making the lists very helpful as well. Good luck with more finishes! said...

Darlene, Gertie is excited about ANY party. She was extra helpful today. Let's hope she continues to be a cheerleader when it comes to finishing projects. said...

Anne-Marie--My Grassy Creek is in the same position it was in January! Eventually, I'll get back to it and will you! I look forward to seeing your Frolic! Are you going to play along with Bonnie's mystery this year? I do!