Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Lime Green Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Pressing the strips
With the help of my ghost sewer, we've completed 12 lime green string blocks! She and her sister were over for a day because they had no school. We started the day with finding the mail box.  Then we made sourdough pancakes and bacon for breakfast. 

(The mailbox is small, about six inches long and about three inches high. It contains a letter to the girls. The letter is an agenda of the day. I hide it and the girls take great pleasure in finding it. Generally, the mailbox contains a treat too!)

Miss K made the sourdough pancakes and cooked about three griddles of pancakes while Miss J cooked the bacon. They make a great team. They ate while I finished cooking the pancake batter.

Leftovers and trimmed bits
After breakfast, Miss J set the timer for an hour sewing session. I had string blocks prepped for Miss K. I had sashing strips prepped for Miss J. We began sewing. When the timer sounded, Miss J wanted to know what was next. I told her that we needed to take a break and to set the timer for 15 minutes. Miss J wanted to know what I meant by "break." I told her break meant a time to stretch, to get a drink and to let your mind rest. 

Completed lime blocks
Miss J was all over a break. Miss K replied she wasn't tired, she didn't need a bathroom break and she planned to make progress on her blocks. I explained how the change in pace often helps increase productivity. Miss K decided a break was in order! While they had their break, I prepped more blocks and sashing strips.

For other breaks, we walked the dog, baked a chocolate sourdough cake and worked on our watercolor project. We used baking chocolate in the cake. Miss J was in charge of melting it. Both girls wanted to lick the spoon. I let them know that this chocolate had no sugar and it would taste bitter. The look of their faces from the anticipation to the realization that it was awful tasting chocolate was priceless. I remember a similar realization in my younger days!

Rows ready to stitch together
Miss J was quite concerned the cake was ruined and Miss K agreed. They weren't at all on board that the sugar In the batter was going to be enough. They licked the beaters and determined it would be an edible cake after all! To their delight, it was delicious!

At the end of the day, Miss K had finished sewing the lime green blocks. We trimmed them so that she could layout the design. All I did was pin the strips to the blocks. She completed the rest of the process. Her quarter inch seam is much improved. She is so proud of her accomplishment! (I am also proud of what she can do!)

Miss J stitched her sashing together. She stitched her blocks
into rows. She even stitched a few rows together. She told us so many stories about the pins in the pincushions which were aliens or eyes for the turtle. She can sort of sew a quarter inch seam if the seam is about two and half inches. She likes talking about the feed dogs. She would "Woof" "Woof" when she started a seam! We had a great day. She thinks it is cool that the quilt is taller than she is!

They were tired. Gertie, my inner squirrel, and I were exhausted! Although, we can't wait until we can stitch together again!

I'm linking to Angela and Scrap Happy Saturday. Completing the lime green blocks was goal nine on my October list


Luann Fischer said...

I can’t believe how much your 'girls' have matured, in their sewing expertise as well as their physical appearance. I’m so happy for you and them to be able to have time together again. Their projects are coming along so nicely. Enjoy the kitchen adventures too!

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

Luann, Kids grow way too fast! They are having fun with their projects. It is so fun to watch them having fun! The kitchen and painting adventures are always a hoot! Thanks for dropping in and commenting!

Rebecca Grace said...

What a wonderful day you had together! Absolutely priceless. They will treasure the memories you are creating for the rest of their lives — and someday, they will give unsweetened baking chocolate to their own children!!!

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

Rebecca, It was an absolutely priceless day. I'll remember the baking chocolate for a long time especially the part about ruining a cake! LOL I hope that they will always spend a little time creating. . .with fabric, food or paper. The art of making is so precious!

Julie in GA said...

It sounds like an absolutely perfect kind of day--quilting, baking and granddaughters! How wonderful that you are able to share the fun of quilting with them.

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

Julie is was a perfect day. I wish that we had at least one of those days every week; but, I'm happy with whatever time we can squeeze in together!