Sunday, October 10, 2021

Charity Baby Quilt Finished

The top
At the September 30 through October 3 Mt. Hood Quilt guild virtual retreat, I spent two of the four days working on this flannel baby quilt. I finished it. I so appreciated my ghost sewer laying out the blocks. All I had to do was sew the blocks together to complete the top. I left the fabrics that touched one another in a couple places.

Perhaps the child, who gets this quilt, will find these areas. There are lots of minky rectangles to "pet." An elephant and birds to find hidden away in the print of fabrics. Of course if one wanted to play, "I Spy," there are flowers, hearts and circles to find too. I hope that the quilt is used until there is nothing left of it!

Ready to baste
I layered and pin basted it on our kitchen table. The batting was pieced many times with small scraps from previous projects.
Back and label

I used a 100 weight polyester light lavender thread from Wonderfil to quilt in the ditch. I had planned to stitch a clam shell design on top of the blocks; but, it was too difficult for me to hold the template and move the fabric. 

I had saved a box of flannel scraps from nightgowns that I had sewn for my daughters over twenty years ago. I thought that the scraps were small. I was wrong. There is a lot of flannel in the box! 

Gertie, my inner squirrel, thought this discovery was so funny because for years, I've stated I didn't have flannel in my stash! She is telling me that I've more flannel quilts to make in my future. She didn't estimate how many projects. For this, I am thankful because I don't want to know how many potential projects exist in that box!!!

Finished front
There was a piece of flannel that was perfect for the backing and the binding. After machine stitching the binding, I added the label and rolled it up to be delivered to the charity program at the Mt. Hood Quilt guild. This project will be donated to the "Boxes of Love" organization.

Much of the fabrics came from Martha's juvenile scrap bag. I did use a yellow fat quarter and a white polka dot fat quarter in the top from JoJo. I used about 2 1/2 yards of fabric in this project. This brings my net usage of fabric from stash to 13 3/4 yards. Of course, if I would stop purchasing fabric, that would be a higher number! 

Bundled and ready for delivery
This was goal number ten on my Fourth Quarter list. This was also goal number two on my October list. I'm linking to Cynthia at Oh Scrap/Quilting is More Fun than Housework. Please, go visit that link as there are lots of amazing projects that people are creating with their scraps. I posted about the pattern in my first post about this project.

Regarding COVID:
Worldwide: 238M cases; 4.86M deaths
United States: 44.3M cases; 713K deaths
Oregon: 341K cases; 3,982 deaths

According to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID cases declined nine percent last week. The United States, the United Kingdom and Turkey are the three countries with the highest number of new cases.

In Oregon, 67 percent of the population has received at least dose of the vaccine and 61 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. The fully vaccinated number is the same as last week. Hospitals remain at close to capacity.

I have been following how the disease transfers. I have been particularly interested in the number of break through cases. It appears that the majority of these cases originated from an unvaccinated person and over prolonged exposure, the vaccinated person contracted COVID. Vaccinated people may not be wearing a mask because being vaccinated, they think they are protected. Households which contain combinations of vaccinated/unvaccinated people seem to be where the virus spreads. The unvaccinated passing it to the vaccinated. 

Last weekend, one of the retreat members talked about attending a water aerobics class and how people continued to wear a mask in class. She said a vaccinated person who stood next to her came down with COVID. The retreat member said this woman caught it from her unvaccinated 17 year old. Eventually, the entire family caught it; but, no one at the pool came down with COVID. The retreat member said that this situation was an example of how masking works.



Darlene S said...

Really cute charity baby quilt. I'm sure whomever receives it will treasure it for many years to come. Lovely. And good to hear Gertie knew you had flannel in your stash! Too funny, but good for Gertie to stay on top of things and always willing to help. Interesting facts about Covid 19. I had a feeling the vaccinated were catching covid from being in and around an unvaccinated family member who had caught it. I will share that with a few friends who are firm anti vaxers (we haven't been around them since pre-covid). Numbers are getting better all the time, but I remain constant about wearing a mask when I am around others.

Ivani said...

Pretty charity quilt, Terry. It seems to be soft, cozy and warm, and for sure will be very much appreciated.
Here, we reached the mark or 600.000 death, almost all new cases are unvaccinated people. Now 60+ people are reciving the 3rd shot because because came to the conclusion that these people's immunity drops quickly after 180 days. From the 16th it will be my husband's turn to receive it.
I will take as many doses as necessary, and yes it is important to continue using masks and avoiding agglomerations.
Stay Safe! said...

Darlene, Gertie knows EVERYTHING! It isn't only the antivaxers. . .it is also the under age kids not eligible for vaccinations. I'm also watching the transmissions that come from a carrier. There are those here that have been vocal about their vaccinations, those that are anti and those that are quiet. I follow the precautions as if the people around me are not being vaccinated. Numbers are getting better. I do wonder if people are following precautions and then stuff off. . .we seem to have a pattern. . .every three months there is a bell curve. Cases ramp up, reach a peak, cases decline. . .interesting. . . said...

Ivani, Thank you! I'm with you. When it is my turn for the booster, I'll be getting it. In the meantime, I'll be avoiding meeting with people and wearing a mask when I'm out and about.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That's a sweet little baby quilt, Terry! I love that you found a stash of flannel that would work for a backing. I have a small quilt top made in a very similar design that I would love to finish - one of these days! I was able to receive a booster shot last weekend, and very thankful for that. It was interesting to read what you've learned about break through infections. It would make sense that they would come from prolonged exposure (like in a person's home or work) and not just from a quick trip to the grocery store.

Preeti said...

Such a darling quilt - soft and soothing like a grandma's hug. I am sure it will be loved. said...

Thank you, Preeti! It is soft. I hope it has many "snuggles" in it!