Sunday, October 17, 2021

Santa Tree Skirt

Beard quilted

I free motion quilted all of the quilting in this project. Using monofilament thread, I quilted in the ditch. Then I quilted the Santa beard in each of the blocks. I used a white 50 weight Aurafil thread and a paisley sort of free motion filler. I like the definition the quilting gave the mustache. The wool batting added a nice amount of "puff" to the project.

After completing the beards, I began quilting the Santa suits. I used a red 50 weight Aurafil thread and stitched diagonal straight lines that were a 1/4 inch apart. I used a ruler to help me stitch "straighter" lines. I quilted this design to give the tree skirt a bit of a modern flair. I also quilted the red portion of the hat in diagonal quarter inch lines.
Santa suit quilted

The third section that I quilted was the belt, boots and eyes. In these areas, I stitched with black 50 weight Aurafil thread. For the belt, I stitched eighth inch vertical lines. I didn't use a ruler as I wanted the belt to take on a more organic look.

For the boots, I stitched two opposing 45 degree angles to give them the appearance of being "quilted." I outlined the eyes. To make the eyes stand out more, I stitched about four times around each one. I liked the look.
Quilted block and background

Next, I quilted an organic continuous curve variation in the green sleeves. I used a 50 weight green thread made by Superior. For the snowflake background fabric that is on the inside of the tree skirt, I quilted loops using black thread. In the holly print background fabric, I used the circle template and quilted circles. I used a 50 weight tan Superior thread.

I liked the texture that the quilting provides to the piece. I've photographed the quilting in low light to show how the quilting will likely show up when it is being used as a tree skirt. The wool batting does enhance the quilting motifs.
Thread assortment

This was an enjoyable project in spite of my error when sewing the layers together. I'm on the look out for a suitable background fabric as I have used all of the holly on the tan background. Perhaps another time, I'll make all the Santas
using different red and green fabrics. Hm m m Gertie is having a "think" on that prospect!

I estimate that I spent about 123 hours completing this project. I used seven yards of fabric which brings my total stash use of the year to 20 3/4 yards. This was goal number three on my Fourth Quarter 2021 list. It was goal number six on my October list

It is also my third finish in the hundred day WIPs Be Gone challenge. It is my twelfth quilt finish for the year. Wow! 
Am I ever over the moon to have finished so many projects since 2021 began! Gertie, my inner squirrel, is whispering in my year that there is still time to finish more. She is asking me if I can finish to more quilts before the end of the year. I guess time will tell!

It will be a bridal shower gift for my daughter when she marries. If you missed earlier posts about this project you can read them in the links below.

Since this project contains leftovers from the Santa tree
skirt I made for my niece for her weeding last year, I'm linking to Cynthia and Oh Scrap/Quilting is More Fun
Back of tree skirt

Than Housework

Regarding COVID:
Worldwide: 241M cases; 4.91M deaths
United States: 44.9M cases; 724K deaths
Oregon: 349K cases; 4,161 deaths

At the hospital where I work, 93% of the staff are vaccinated. By October 18, management estimates that 98% of the staff will be vaccinated.  I think that is awesome.

There are more and more breakthrough cases. At our Friday Sit-n-Sew, one of the participants said she had listened to the man who had invented one of the vaccines talk about how the vaccine was released too
Finished front of tree skirt

early because the vaccine didn't cover enough of the various antigens. I've tried to find that information and have been unsuccessful.


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your tree skirt is so adorable! I love the detailed quilting. This will be a wonderful shower gift for your daughter!

Darlene S said...

Congratulations on such a beautiful finish. Absolutely lovely tree skirt. Honestly the best I've ever seen. I love it. Wonderful post, but what has caught my attention was the high rate of covid vaccinated employees at the hospital where you work. Good for all of them. I want to give them all a hug, but as that isn't logistically feasible and probably not appropriate anyway, I'll just say I'm absolutely delighted. What a great team you work with! And, while I don't wish anyone to go to a hospital if they have to go, that is the hospital I'd want to go to. Great leadership! Great role models! Woo hoo!

Ivani said...

What a cute tree skirt!! love how Santa was quilted. ♥ said...

Thank you, Diann! I have fun with the quilting. So far, each tree skirt is different. . .the fabrics, the quilting choices etc. I hope that my daughter will like it! Having it finished before a date is even set is way outside of how I normally work which is likely not getting it finished before the date arrives! LOL said...

Darlene, Thank you for the kind words about this tree skirt. The pattern is from the 90's but, I think it is "fashionable" and it has been fun for me to continue making them as wedding gifts. As for the vaccinated employees, I too am in awe. I've worked part time there for almost thirty years. I've stayed because of the culture. Staff have always been helpful, kind and genuine no matter if they were in housekeeping, food service or in patient support. I've liked being a part of that process and it has carried over into my other activities! said...

Thank you, Ivani. I do like to play around a bit with the quilting!

Luann Fischer said...

Your quilting on the tree skirt really does add a lot of dimension to the project. Another great finish! said...

Luann, Thank you. My thought was to create texture in this piece which I hope will show up when the tree lights are on and when there are no gifts under the tree!

Preeti said...

This is the cutest tree skirt I have ever seen. Santa's thick mustache is to die for :-) said...

Thank you, Preeti. The mustache is a textured fabric which adds to the depth!

Rebecca Grace said...

Look at you, finishing Christmas projects in OCTOBER! I love your Santa tree skirt and the quilting is SO fun. Great job! said...

Rebecca, Honestly, I can't take credit for finishing a Christmas project in October. . .since this will be a wedding gift. I am celebrating big time because the wedding date hasn't been set due to COVID; but it is finished and waiting to be wrapped! I began gifting a tree skirt since I figured it would be an item that would be used at least once a year and that they probably didn't already have one! Thank you for the kind comment about my quilting. It was fun to quilt!