Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Frolic back pieced --Post 11

The backing fabrics are number four
Years ago, like twenty, my mom gifted me the raspberry print fabric in the photo. There was almost six yards in the piece. Perhaps, she purchased it to make a square dance outfit. 

At least ten years ago, I purchased the snowflake print fabric on my way to a quilting retreat. I remember that trip fondly as I traveled with three of my quilting buddies. We shop hopped on the way to the retreat which was a lot of fun. There was almost five yards of fabric in that piece.

I thought that would be enough to make the back for Frolic. Of course, I was incorrect. My eye happened on the setting squares and setting triangle fabric that I used for my
Pieced back

lone star. That blue compliments these two fabrics so I used it. I had to piece the bits together to make enough fabric to finish the back.

I thought that I had taken photos as I had laid out the strips, but I didn't. The back is too big to lay out flat in my house; but, I did capture a photo of a portion of it. The color isn't representative. It took me a day to piece the back and to piece the wool batting. What a job!

Close up of the fabrics
Yesterday, I took the back, the top and the batting to my friend, Christie who will quilt it for me. I picked out a lime green thread and a curved sort of vine pattern for the quilting. I'm excited. This is the first quilt that I will have pieced that I didn't also quilt!

I don't have a deadline for completing this project so Christie can take all the time she needs to quilt this project. I imagine that I will be able to finish this project before the end of the year which is also exciting!

This was goal number four on my October list.

Now for a sneak peak about an upcoming special blog post. Gertie, my inner squirrel, has been conversing with Sally, Darlene's inner squirrel about having a squirrel party on October 29. You can find Darlene at Creative Latitudes. Through Sally, Gertie has also been introduced to two other inner squirrels--Winnie and Samantha who are also planning to join the party on October 29th.

Gertie has kept her plan for the party under wraps; but has tasked me with baking a chocolate cake with no frosting as my part of the festivities. There will be prizes from Darlene and Gertie has ideas for prizes too. Gertie ALWAYS has an abundance of ideas . . .especially when the adjectives new and shiny can be used! Stay tuned for that special post!


Darlene S said...

Really pretty fabrics. I'm particularly drawn to your raspberry print fabric and looking forward to seeing your quilt whenever it is finished. Looks like it will be super cheerful with such lovely colors. Sally is really looking forward to partying with Gertie and others at the Inner Squirrel party, a week from this Friday. I suspect they'll be lots of nuts (in more ways than one). said...

Darlene, that raspberry print was destined to be the entire Frolic back until Frolic grew to mega-sized! Gertie is super excited about the party on the 29th. She's been in true squirrel mode with shiny ideas. She hasn't driven me nuts yet! I hope she will calm down with a bit when I bake the cake. She is unhappy that I'm not baking a mega-sized cake for the party! HAH!!!

Rebecca Grace said...

Ooh, there’s going to be a chocolate CAKE?! Like, a REAL cake to eat?! Now all I can think about is biting into a delicious piece of chocolate cake — how’s THAT for a squirrel! I love the stories and memories behind those backing fabrics. Good for you, knocking that one off your list and passing it along to your quilter friend! said...

Yes, Rebecca, there is going to be cake. Gertie says you can't party unless cake and specifically CHOCOLATE cake is served. As for Frolic, I'm already looking forward to getting it back quilted. . .it would have taken me months to quilt it on my domestic machine. Thanks for stopping by. Gertie says she won't eat ALL of the cake. . .she also has decided that I need to publish my recipe. Oh Gertie, you keep me busy!! LOL