Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Kitchen Towels--A Finished Project

The kitchen towels
These towels have been in my stash for several years. I planned to make decorative hanging towels for the kitchen. This week, I decided to move these two towels from "planned" to finish.

I looked through my fabric chunks and Gertie, my inner squirrel, found a couple pieces that would work for the handle. I cut the towels in half. Since the towels were directional, one half would be upside down if I chose to add the handle to the cut end of the towel.

To remedy the directional issue, I decided to rip the hem out of the towel that had the print upside down. The previous hem end of the towel now became the top of the towel instead of the bottom. This change meant the carrots and radishes were in the direction that made sense to me. I added a two inch strip of fabric to the original cut edge which became the new decorative hem. I liked how this worked.
The second towel cut into two sections

Unfortunately, I couldn't locate the pattern that I used several years ago when I made a bunch of hanging towels. I checked out the Craft Warehouse website and downloaded another pattern. The pattern seemed different so I looked at a previous towel and yes. . .this pattern had a smaller handle. 

After stitching the four towels, Gertie liked this size better. I picked out buttons from my grandmother's button box. I stitched the buttonholes. I stitched the buttons on to the towels. I had four finishes!
Finished towels

 I used a quarter yard of fabric from my stash. This past week, I also purchased five and a half yards of fabric so the total fabric used from my stash this year stands at 15 1/2 yards. This was goal number 13 on my Fourth Quarter list. It was goal number one on my October list.

My plan was to gift these to a couple of my friends. Gertie, however, wanted to gift these to four people who read and comment on her blog post on Friday, October 29. She reminded me that I have other towels to make into more hanging towels. Gertie had a point. Of course, she joyfully jumped up and down when I said yes to gifting the towels. 

Speaking of a party, not only has Gertie been working on her special post; but she also has been sending invitations to her party. So far, I've only been asked to bake a chocolate cake with no frosting for the event. Gertie, however, has been squirreling away party supplies. 

Yesterday, I came across a scrap of paper which included her to do list and a set up diagram. I noticed she has assigned me set up, serving and clean up duties. Gertie wants you to know that you are invited to come too. She is promising to tell you a little bit about my story from her viewpoint. Plus, Gertie is participating in a virtual blog hop. She is so adventurous to be a first time blogger as well as a destination in a blog hop!

In addition to our blog hop host Sally, Winnie and Samatha are writing special posts and partying too. Between the four of us, it will be a fun blog hop. Please hop with us on Friday!



Darlene S said...

Your hanging dish towels are lovely and certainly will look great at Gertie's party on Friday. Sounds like she signed you up to play maid. Oh my, being an assistant to an inner squirrel is a demanding job! said...

Thank you, Darlene and yes, you mailed it. Being Gertie's assistant is a demanding job!!! She can't wait until Friday!

Theresa Ann - Your Wellness Friend said...

Dear Terry and Gertie, You are so clever to see the pattern difference on the towels. I have a couple like them. I find myself switching them around if it is hung up "backward". I mostly use them for clean-up now. Thank you for the chuckles this morning! Hope to see you soon :) ~t said...

Theresa, this is Gertie, it sounds like you could use some updated towels. I'll start whispering in Terry's ear to look for a couple to make for you. I'm glad you had a couple chuckles, We need those every day!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Cute towels and a fun little Blog Hop!! said...

Joy, Thank you! The blog hop has been a hoot! It will be fun to see where those hanging towels are sent!