Wednesday, July 5, 2017

3rd Quarter Finish Along Goals 2017

First the good news. . .I completed one goal from last quarter and that was the folded star project. It is time to get serious about what I think I can accomplish in the third quarter of the year!

1. Finish these chickens. Will this be the quarter?
1. Finish the chickens! I KNOW!!!! This has been an ongoing project for over 10 and a half years! I have posted about it often and I am deep into the quilting stage so perhaps THIS is the quarter I will call it FINISHED!!!!!

2. Mt. Hood project fabrics
2.-4. Are three projects in JoJo's passport--Oregon, Canada and England. Visit her at Through My Hands to learn more. I did finish the Hawaii project in the first quarter!

2. This is the Oregon project. I see Mt. Hood out my window on a clear day and love the view. Using her pattern, my project will include a lake in the view which is fine! There will be several firsts achieved when I finish this project. I've been working on this project and have had fun; but, I didn't finish it last quarter. I will finish it this quarter! 

Nope, I haven't posted about it. . .well, I've shared some photos; but, haven't shared the whole project yet! For now, I'll just tell you the reveal is coming!

3. Canada hot pad fabrics

3. Canada hot pad project. I'll get to play with hexagons on this project and it is small. It contains some tiny details!

4. Tea room fabrics

4. London tea room project. There is a lot of appliqué in this project and the opportunity to embroider those words with my machine instead of appliquéing them!
Turn a section of this photo into a quilt
Fabrics for the HH Hall project

5. Work on the group quilt HH Hall project.  I have the photo and I posted about starting a couple weeks ago. It is due August first because someone else will be putting on the facing and the sleeve so that all the pieces hang well together. The actual finish will happen in October when the eight individual pieces hang together at the featured artist show. I'm leaving it on my list for now. We were given a part of this photograph to recreate into a quilted section.  Finished photos will be taken when it is hung at the show!!! Being accurate in the size will be extremely important! I haven't done this before so I'll be expanding my box which is goal number 2 for the year!!!!
6. Figure out what to do with these parts!

6. Figure out what to do with those hexagons made using different techniques and get them into a finished wallhanging!
7. Finish this top--perhaps a little
"Jean Wells" technique for added interest?

7. Finish that project that I appliquéd some leftover pieces to a sparkly background. I think I want to go a little "Jean Wells" to create an interesting background on part of that sparkly black!
8. Finish this BOM Mystery from last year

8. Finish this BOM mystery quilt I worked on last month with an online group. I have the last clue to piece.
9. Mend one shirt and shorten the hem in
two pairs of pants

9. Shorten the hem on two pairs of jeans and shorten the sleeves on a white t-shirt. I have had these jeans and the shirt two and a half years. Can you tell that I dislike mending and alterations? 

I'm at the point though where I could use the jeans. The shirt, I loved.  I wore it twice and left it in the bathroom drying on the towel bar where our sweet Bailey as a baby promptly proceeded to "decorate" it her way with a few teeth marks. Perhaps, owning up to it here will get me to actually do the alterations!!
10. Make two pillow cases

10. Stitch two pillow cases that coordinate with the chicken wall hanging.

11. Crib quilt

11. Make this little crib quilt. At our June guild meeting this little project was on the free table. JoJo nabbed it for me thinking that it would be a good project for the grands. I agree. I haven't stitched with minky before so I don't know how that will go and of course, I don't have fabric for the back. . . .well, it will all come together in due time!

I2.  Embroidered butterfly
12. Create a butterfly for someone who needs to know people are thinking of her as she enters into another round of fighting breast cancer. I'm thinking that I'll embroider one as I haven't used that part of my machine in months. Although, I haven't thought through the whole project yet so it might end up being one created in fabric instead! I'm not even sure if I'll keep these colors or if I'll go brighter.

So, there you have it. . .last quarter, I listed 11 projects and finished one. This quarter, I'm listing 12 projects. I plan to have more success in the finishing department than last quarter. Don't get me wrong, I'm still allowing myself to start new projects too!


Monica said...

Another ambitious list! That's a short deadline on HH Hall. And yes, this is the quarter for the chickens!! You're closer than you think on that. said...

Monica, ambitious doesn't equate to finished though. . .which is a bummer! :) Yes, it is a short deadline which could be a positive as it won't allow me to stress over the process! As for the pesky chicken. . .time will tell! :)

Nancy said...

Great list of projects! I look forward to seeing the progress you make on each one!!

The Minkee will be fun to work with. I've used it for a backing and it quilts up beautifully! I've also used it to make a Teddy bear, and that was a bit frustrating. I found that the pieces slip a lot when you are sewing with two pieces of Minkee right-sides together, but I'm guessing it'll be easier with straight seams. The other big problem with Minkee is how much fluff you get when you cut it. It gets everywhere! I heard a tip that I haven't had a chance to try -- after cutting, put the pieces in the dryer for a little while and the fluff will collect in the lint trap and the pieces will be much easier to use. Sounds reasonable, but I haven't tried it myself. Good luck!! said...

Nancy, I'm a little concerned with stitching the Minkee as well as quilting it. Thanks for the tip. I will try it!

Luann Fischer said...

There's a super easy, and it looks good too, way to hem jeans. It is basically making a tuck on the inside just above the original hem's stitch line. If you need to see the tutorial, let me know, I'll hunt it down for you. You're gonna kick yourself for waiting, when those 2 pairs of jeans are ready to be worn in about an hour or less!! No kidding. When I found out how to do this, I stopped worrying about the length in jeans, just as long as you don't need to take in the side seams it'll work like a dream.

Luann Fischer said...

By the way, you accomplish a lot, it takes progress to get to the finish line! said...

Luann, Soon I'll be doing that "easy" way to hem pants. I'll let you know how it goes. I should need to take in the side seams!!! I have viewed that tutorial and it does look "easy." said...

Luann, Thanks for patting me on the back! I know that soon, I'll be back in the "finish" mode and that my creative muse will come out to play!

Anonymous said...

Terry, after reading your blog, I had to take a nap (tee, hee). How ambitious you are!! You do soooo many projects!! Have you ever thought to stop starting new ones (just kidding). Wow.--Gail said...

Gail, this quarter I hope to make real progress on those projects that have hung out on my finish along list for way too long! As for the starting projects. . .well, there are so many that are rattling about in my head so a few need to sneak out to play from time to time! :)