2018 Finishes

Sunday, July 2, 2017

And the Winners Are. . .

....Luann and Barbara L! I've notified each by e-mail.
Stars for Luann and Barbara L
I could get those stars off in the mail as early as tomorrow! Thank you to my 17 followers! (Did you know that some of my followers aren't quilters?) Thank you to those who have subscribed to my blog and to those who follow the posts via e-mail. An extra special thank you to those of you that reply to my posts. Some of you e-mail me directly, some of you text me with a response, some of you call me with a comment and some of you post on "The Quilt Show" forum. Most of you respond directly to the post which is extra nice because other people can read the replies too! I appreciate each and every response--even the ones from my youngest daughter who is so COLD!! :) Your responses have touched my heart. Your responses have encouraged me to try again as well as helped me celebrate a finish. Thank you so much for taking time to respond!

As for next year, I'll continue to post entries twice a week. I plan to sprinkle a little about the grands throughout the year. I appreciate that you like reading about my process. Finally, I do plan to FINISH more projects. We will celebrate those finishes!!

Continue stitching pebbles in the background of the chicken blocks!
Today, my plan is to:
1.  Pebble a bit on the background of a chicken. It is going to be close if I finish and have any thread left! I do have a thread that will work well for the border. Because the pebbles are such a dense fill, to slip in this other thread--even though it is quite close to the shade of the color I had been using--well, it would be obvious that I had run out of thread! Time will tell if I have enough thread or not! If I don't have enough I'll be ordering another mini cone from Superior!

HH Hall Building Fabrics
2. Get going on the HH Hall building project. Today really is the day to start cutting and placing the fabrics. I ought to have more confidence than I do. Perhaps, I'm tentative because the thought of my piece matching up to the person on either side of me is SCARRY!!! I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Replies
    1. Luann, I'm blessed to have you in my "circle!"

  2. Congratulations to the winners! And good luck with your thread. At least you know you can reliably get more. Superior is my first choice for reliability these days, after a serious issue with Aurifil recently.

    It seems to me that the lines don't always match up on these group projects, and that is part of the interest. But I guess it depends on the organizer!

    1. Monica, my fingers are crossed with the thread. You will have to share what happened with Aurifil as I've had good results with it for years. Orders from Superior, though, seem to come super fast!

    2. Big slubs and several breaks, is what happened. You are lucky to be close to Superior -- my packages seem to take forever! But, it's worth it. :D

    3. Monica, that is ugly! Sometimes on a black spool of the 60wt thread of Aruifil I get an occasional slub; but, haven't had actual breaks. I hope you were able to get your thread replaced.


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