Wednesday, June 21, 2017

HH Hall Building--the Beginning

HH Hall Building
This week, I've started a project that is due the first of August. Eight of us are recreating a photo into a quilt. We were assigned a section. My section is to the left of the of the light and sign post. I get some of the banner in my part.
You can see part of the copy of my assigned section above the photo.

The rules are:
1. Keep the size of the project the same as the photographic copy of the section we were given.
2. Follow the color of the photograph.
3.  Leave our piece two inches larger than our pattern.
4. Return the quilted unbound piece by August 1.

I haven't participated in this sort of project. Although I have had the paper photo and pattern master since December, I hadn't started. One person is finished already. A couple others are quilting. I may be the only one of the group still stalled in the fabric selection stage.

Fabrics that may appear in the project
I have shopped for fabrics. I have rummaged through my stash; but, my creative muse has yet to engage. In my experience, if my muse isn't engaged, this process is challenging. I am forging ahead. I have selected enough fabrics to get a start. Thanks JoJo for letting me raid your stash of yellows!

I spent some time searching for grays since I have a number of windows in my section; but, I couldn't find what I thought was "right." JoJo suggested that I do a little painting to achieve the shade of gray that I wanted.

I thought that was a great idea. I ordered a set of prisma color art duel tip markers from Dick Blick. Of course, the set I had in mind, was on back order! It should ship at the end of the month.

The prismacolor marker set 
In the meantime, I plan to get my pattern ready and begin placing some of the appliqués. I'm planning to machine appliqué these pieces.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to quilt, stitch, sleep, sit or stand long this past week because of neck and back issues. It might be next week before this "flare" calms enough so that I can hold a pencil! Ice, massage, chiropractic treatments, rest, Alleve haven't had much effect . . .yet. Tomorrow is another day and I have high hopes, I'll feel better.


Luann Fischer said...

I'm sure your muse will show up when needed. I'll keep you in my prayers, for God to relieve your pain and soon. Just don't climb any trees while you're waiting it out! The grands wouldn't want that,,, said...

Luann, I sure hope my muse is still speaking to me! LOL Thanks for the prayers I need all the help I can get. Tree climbing is out for me for now; but, bike riding lessons are in with the five year old. Yes, the grands are good about sharing the "rules!"

Monica said...

I think this is a super fun idea, the quilts are always so interesting. I sincerely hope you'll be feeling better soon, I know how frustrating it can be! said...

Thanks, Monica! I'm feeling better every day. . .thank goodness!