Friday, June 2, 2017

Retreat Stars--Finish #1 for 2nd Quarter 2017 FAL

Fabrics cut and ready for pressing!
I was planning to attend our guild's fall retreat in September 2017 and I even signed up to go; but, then I realized that the retreat was the same weekend as when our alma mater college football team had a home game. I knew then I wouldn't be going to retreat; but, earlier, I had said that I would make a little something for each retreater. I decided I would make these folded stars

Even though, I haven't been to a retreat in about three years. I remember how much fun and inspiring the event was. I made new friends, learned alternate techniques and giggled until my sides ached. I like to support an event that provides so much fellow fellowship. Following through on my commitment is important to me too. I'll share the story about that in another blog.

The stars folded and ready for the hanger!
Making 45 folded stars was number 10 on my 2nd quarter goals for FAL. You can see my list here.  I've been concentrating on that darn chicken project for weeks now; but, when June 1 came and went, I realized I had finished NOTHING for this quarter yet! I decided that I'd better get a project finished before June was gone too!!!!

The quote printed on a tag.

I have been pressing and folding fabrics since the beginning of the quarter so this has been an ongoing project. I know that it is good for me to take a break from working on that chicken!!!! Thursday, I finished folding the final star. (I realized that my math is poor. . .I ended up with 49 stars!) I like the variety and these fabrics are pieces that have been leftovers from previous projects or a couple fat quarters that have been in my stash for more years than I want to admit! I needed to stop petting the fabrics and USE them in a project or recycle them!

Black and gold trim ready for gluing.
The theme for the retreat is "Where The Wild Things Are." I asked the retreat chair if she had a favorite quote or two from the book because perhaps that would make a nice tie in to the theme. She sent me a list. I chose, "Let the rumpus start." She also told me that because of the space at the retreat, just 40 retreaters would be attending.

Of course, I'm thinking in my head that I'll have a few leftover to use as little gifts or package tags for Christmas next year!

But, I digress!!! Back to the process. I printed the quote on a return address label, mounted the label on card stock and punched a hole in the card stock. Next, I glued the hanger which was a from a roll of trim that I purchased years ago. On some of the stars, I used some different ribbons; but, I liked the black and gold trim too! I inserted the quote on the trim and I had a finished star!

I stacked up the stars into piles of five and took a photo of all the twinkling stars.  I hope that these are well received at retreat. The recipient could also hang the star in their studio to remind them of the fun that they had.
Finished Stars

I think the quote, "Let the rumpus start!" fits me as I work in my studio. Goodness, I create some crazy messes and have some wild times before I arrive at the finish point!

Oh, I used six and a quarter yards of "bits" from my stash which brings the total yardage I've used from my stash to 27! My goal is to use 50 yards from my stash in 2017.

By the way, these stars are fun to make. If you decide to make a few, realize that that you probably won't be able to stop at a few!!!!


Janice Smith said...

Your stars are wonderful! What a great little retreat takeaway! said...

Janice, Thanks for your comment about the retreat stars! I hope that they will be well received!

Monica said...

It is too bad that both events will happen on the same weekend! But, I think your presence will be felt at the retreat, with those wonderful stars. Love the quote!

JoJo said...

Congratulations on your finish! I love these stars and look at mine that you so graciously gave me every day. It hangs beautifully on my desk lamp.

I didn't get a finish done this weekend but did manage to sew a few more swags. I still can't see the finish line on these yet but know that you will hear me joyously singing a tune the day I sew the last unit. Lol said...

Monica, It was sad to learn that I had double booked myself!! I know that the retreaters will have so much FUN!! That quote is great! said...

JoJo, Thanks! I've made about 75 of these and so far, I haven't kept a one for myself. I should do that! I'm glad you still enjoy yours! I still have more swags to sew myself; but, I don't see that happening this year. . .perhaps, I'll get to it next year! I'm glad you are making such terrific progress on your project these days!