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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Year in Review--Good Bye 2016

Happy New Year!!!  I thought that I should see what I achieved on my list from the beginning of last year. My word for the year was focus and it did help me continue to make progress when I was stalled. I did start new projects; but, started fewer than I would have had I not been "focused!"

42 Minis
Of the eight projects that I listed, I finished two! My presidents blocks or "42 Minis"was the one that hung in the Featured Artist show last October. I am so happy that it is a quilt now! I blogged about my progress often!

The other project that I finished was my stitch book and I have used that to review stitches from time to time. In fact, I'm thinking about making a project soon utilizing that tool. I did use that book to make the guild challenge which was another goal on my list.

Below is most of my list with my update:

Stitching with a "Grand"
Close up of "Tickling the Ivories"
Continue to make progress on my current projects. (I have stalled on some; but, I'm working on a couple. I still want to work on these projects so I'm planning to stay the course!)

Start new projects. (I did this best of all! This DEFINITELY needs to be an item on my list for next year! 😀)

Sew another 50 yards from my stash. (I ended up sewing 24 1/2 yards from the stash. I have two projects--one a top almost finished and an almost quilt that had I finished would have put me way over the top in yards used! So I don't feel bad missing the mark!)

Try new to me techniques like paints, crayons and color pencils on fabrics. (I put some beads on a project and had fun. I hope to expand my box in 2017!)

Participate in the 6x60 guild challenge. (I did!)

Enter four quilts in our guild's quilt show. (As I think back, I can remember two--Blueberry/lime and Tickling the Ivories-- so next year I need to document what I enter with a blog!)

Sew projects with the grands. (I did! We made dresses, skirts, crafted some stars, finished some hot/cold rice packs and worked on some geese blocks.)

Have FUN! (I did!)

Looking back on my posts, the one that received the most comments was the one I wrote for the Fourth of July. You liked reading about my trip and I was tickled that the information wasn't boring to you!

The post that received the most views was the one about the Ultimate Shape Stencil.  You liked reading about how I used a tool to make progress on a project.

Dad receiving his star quilt
The hardest post to write was the one about my dad's passing last week. I received messages to the post, through Facebook and through private messages that have helped my mind and heart. I'm still in a sort of hovering mode. I appreciate my daughters',  husband's and friends' support. I am trying to get back into "normal."

I am trying to be mindful of others' grief processes and providing space to them. I am trying to not wince when lashed with unkind words. I understand that feelings are raw. I understand that there is often whole books of  "why" behind what comes out of someone's mouth which I didn't cause. I believe the effects of joy and kindness always return to you as will the effects of mean and nastiness. I choose joy over mean anytime!

Now, onward to what I want to accomplish in 2017!


  1. Terry, It looks to me as if you had a pretty productive year! I've been thinking about my goals for th year ahead. I know my word for the year will be ..."Finish" since that is my biggest weakness. :-)

    1. Janice, Finish was one of my words for the year; it helped. I hope you find that word helpful too!!

  2. You certainly did a lot this year! Thanks for taking me along on your journey!!

    1. Nancy, it is good to review the year. . .I accomplished more than I thought!!!

  3. Terry,
    Life is a journey, and sometimes we need to take a rest stop. I read someone's take on it. She called it 'the season between seasons'. I liked that. I've been busy writing up my goals fir 2017 and I definitely put on some of the "new" projects I want to get at.
    It's been a real treat reading your blog, following along on your journey. No matter what word you choose for 2017, let 'continue' influence your path.
    Maybe I should go looking for another red hat to send you, for those crazy moments when you want to shout at the fence post!
    Continuing to create,

    1. Luann, I might be at the rest stop for a while! I too like the "season between seasons." I am chuckling at the red hat. I wore it the other day. . .it was the perfect season for it. . . as is February! :)

  4. What a wonderful summary of your year. I choose Joy too.

    1. Thanks, Joanne! Just the word joy makes me smile. Smiling is good!

  5. Look forward to hearing what the new word is for 2017! Focus is a good one - Lots of good adventures in 2016 including to France, UK, Scotland. Pas mal. You seem to find motivation and inspiration in so many ways. I agree with Joanne - I too choose joy and gratitude.

    1. That trip was so wonderful! I'll never forget Normandy and sipping a scotch with some chocolate would never have happened if it were for that visit to Dahlwinnie! Thanks for making it happen and sharing the experience!


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