Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blueberry Lime Finish

This quilt was a mystery quilt offering through my quilt guild. Every month, the chair of the mystery quilt committee would mail the instructions we were supposed to sew. I started on track; but, soon fell behind. At a retreat, I caught up and then fell behind again. I did finish the top so it could be displayed with other tops and other finished quilts made from the same mystery in June 2014.

The fabric requirements were fat quarters. . .light and dark. I didn't realize just how many purple fat quarters I had. I also used some purple yardage to have enough variety. I bought six green fat quarters. So my fabric investment for the project mostly came from my stash! I was excited to be using what I had been petting!!!

What I liked most about the mystery was when we received the last clue, there were lots of different ways to set the blocks. In fact, I liked all the ways that I tried. (At some point, I might make this pattern again just so I can make a different layout!) In the end, I went with the layout on the left.

I pieced the back with the bits that were left over. In the end, it almost became a quilt on its own; but, I decided the last thing that I needed was another project! I like pieced backs anyway.
I had planned to use the floral fabric fabric as a border; but it didn't work with the quilt.

Then, I got stuck with the quilting. . .Usually, the quilting just flows because I have been thinking about it since I chose the fabric! Perhaps, because this was a mystery the quilting was going to be a mystery too! In March of 2015, I layered it and quilted it in the ditch. While I quilted, I hoped to figure out the next step. Unfortunately, it didn't speak to me until June!!

I quilted part of it this way:
           I quilted the diamonds with feathers                      
using Superior Fantastico thread:                          
Used the continuous curve to quilt
the stars. The purple thread is Floriani.
                                                                I label my quilts. The number is the month/year/number
                                                      of quilts I have finished in that year.                     

And, I make a pillow case to store the quilt when it isn't in use. I try to use some of the same fabrics in it. One, it uses some of the left overs and it is easy to find when I want it!

This is the finished back:                                                                This is the finished front.

Finished is WONDERFUL! In my next blog, I'll share what I do after a project is finished as well as what I tried; what worked and what didn't.


Sewnuts said...

I love these "delicious" colors! It must feel good to have it finished! I tend to have several things on the go at any one time - so if I get bored doing one type of block or technique I can move "over" to something else! Occasionally a "deadline" of sorts like a quilt as a gift for Christmas, etc., I do finish something! :)) said...

I too have many projects going at any given time. Finishing something is a rarity! My string geese have been in process since last February. . .I'm easily side tracked!!!

Nancy said...

I finally got time to catch up on your blogs. What wonderful projects! I really love this green and purple quilts -- it's one of my favorite color combinations! I love the setting you chose and the quilting motifs. Happy to see what you're doing! said...

Green and purple is such a happy color combination. Thank you for your kind comments and I look forward to following you on your blog!

Luann Fischer said...

I'm just getting caught up on your blog. So if I comment on an old post don't be too surprised!! Life gets like this sometimes.
Anyway I wanted to let you know that I think your idea of making the pillowcase to go with each quilt is great! I've done this when giving one to my Grandkids, and a set if it's for a couple. But I never thought about making one for storage. That's a great idea. I tend to give my quilts away. It seems there's always a need, and this way I could easily find the quilt I want because the case would be significant to the quilt. I nice ribbon and bow and off to the recipient it could go.
Thanks for giving me another organizational tidbit.
Luann said...

Hi Luann, yep, it is easier to find the quilt with the pillow case. Sometimes I forget and then I wish that I had remembered! When you are giving quilts away, the pillowcase does make a great wrapping!!!

Diane-crewe said...

stunning colours in a stunning quilt x said...

Thank you, Diane. Those colors make me smile!

Nicole Knott said...

Like the name - just like my favorite jam. Bold, strong colors how I like my coffee!! Better in person. :) said...

You can see it in person ANY time! I forgot that your favorite jam has the same name!