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Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Super Fun Day!--post 1

Our guild supports an event called Saturday Workshops. It is the one day of the year that the members teach other members. The teachers volunteer their time. The cost of the class defrays the rental cost of the building and the kit fee covers the teacher's cost.

This year, I was the workshop chair. We held our classes at a new venue for us. Mother Nature gave us a hug and kiss with a snow/ice storm in December and January. Participants were challenged signing up for the classes because two guild meetings were canceled!
Tea Cozy

Workshop day was yesterday. In this post, I'm sharing photos of the classes that were held in the morning.

Robbe taught a tea cozy class. What a fun gift idea for a tea drinker. One of the participants is considering using one of her mother's embroideries to embellish the front of the tea cozy. Always, good ideas flow from teacher to participant, from participant to participant and from participant to teacher in these  classes.

Circle Play example
Circle Play was what Pat taught. The creations in this class were awesome. The circles were so round and so perfect! Unfortunately, I didn't get out my camera and snap photos! Pat is my neighbor. Earlier in the week, she invited me to come and practice her technique so she could get a feel for how the class would go for her participants.

She said that this technique is addictive. I used two fat quarters from my stash--one that has been there for about ten years and one that I picked up from the free table. I used a batik strip from Pat's leftover bag.

I don't know what this will end up to be; but, the technique is addicting! I did want to go to my stash and make more!!!! Mantra to self, "Focus, focus!!! You've some other projects to complete!"

Pin cushion samples
 Lynn S does amazing things with wool. In her class, not only do you "get" to experience her warm teaching style; but, her kits are so generous that you often have enough supplies to make a second item. These little items can be totally completed in a day and they are a nice break from  stitching blocks!

A Stack-N-Whack project in progress
Diana led the morning session of Finish It Up. This class was an opportunity to have a mini retreat to make progress on a project that may have been languishing in a bag in your studio! Jannean said she hadn't worked on her project in several years!

She said she kept putting other people's projects in front of hers and decided it was time she moved this project to the front of the pile!

Hand Dyed Fabrics
Debby taught a hand dyed fabric class. These were her samples. Her students were stamping on fabric, using a brayer to create colors and textures and of course. . .I was drooling instead of snapping photos!

She is a retired high school art teacher. . .gosh, I wish I had had an art teacher like her when I was in school. She empowers her students to produce wonderful creations!

Next post, I'll share the afternoon classes.


  1. Looks like a fun morning! Can't wait to see what the afternoon held!

    1. Nancy, I'll post about the afternoon classes in a few days! I wish I could have taken some classes!

  2. Wouldn't it be a fun way to do an entire retreat?

    1. Luann, I haven't been to a where you worked on a specific class before. I bet it would be fun.

  3. Sounds like loads of fun! :D

    1. Bj, People were happy coming in and happy going out so it was a successful day!

  4. Wow, this is only half the classes?! What a great day. And those wooly pincushions sure are nice!

    1. Monica, it is actually a third of the classes. . .there are the PM classes which I'll share next and then the full day classes! Those wooly pincushions are wonderful. I got to "pet" them often!


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