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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ten for 2017--The Plan

We are in to the second week of the year and it is time to post my plan for 2017! I decided to keep my goals general so I would have the best chance to succeed!
42 Minis--The finish that stretched my
heart as well as my quilting abilities!
What project will do that this year?

1. Finish more--I'm thinking about challenging myself to finishing 17 projects in the spirit of 2017! I am going to participate in the 2017 FAL. I found 2016 FAL to be helpful. FAL= Finish-A-Long.

2. Expand my "box"--Start JoJo's projects because each one uses different techniques from paint, to thread to beads and more.

3. Start new projects--When the opportunity is there, I want to feel free to start one without feeling guilty about the other projects that are hanging out in my space!

4. Participate in my guild's challenge and block contest; enter at least two quilts in the guild quilt show.

5. Expand my machine embroidery skills--Embroider enough projects that I don't feel like a novice!

What projects will the "grands" and I
create? Dare I hope that we stitch a quilt??
6. Stitch and create with the grands--They are growing so fast. Soon, they will be in school and other activities like friends and homework will occupy their time. It has been fun to stitch small projects together.

7. Sew 50 yards from my stash and purchase less than that so I have a net loss of fabric for the year!!!

8. Make progress on current projects--sometimes, I just need to get a project out of a bag and either work on it or if it has taught me all that I need to learn, pass it on!

9. Stay the course with my physical therapy exercises so that I can play with my husband, travel, walk the dog and quilt!

10. Follow the fun--If it isn't fun, then why the heck am I doing it???? (Okay. . .ripping stitches isn't fun; but sometimes it is necessary!) Along with this "fun", I resolve to be kind to those around me and to be am thankful for what I can do. I must focus on the positives! (Monica over at Lakeview Stitching shared in a post that "Follow the Fun" was her resolution. I liked her thought so much that I decided to "borrow" her words and do it too!)  

For the past few years, I've chosen a word to help me meet my goals. I'm incorporating my "word" from previous years to help me along my journey. In 2014, my word was finish. In 2015, it was complete. In 2016, it was focus. This year, my word is organize! I found this past year, I needed to organize my supplies so that I am using what I have instead of searching for something that I think I have! 

That's it. . .ten items. The list is general and achievable. So I suppose that means, I need to decide what I'd like to work on for the next three months. I'll think about my list and post it later this week!



  1. Sounds like a great list of goals! I especially like #10.

  2. Probably. . .#10 should be #1! Hmmm maybe I'll do that next year! Thanks, Nancy!


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