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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

#FALQ4 Finish #5--a second skirt and a photo shoot!

Miss J finished her skirt--again with help from me. She loves animals so the print on this fine wale corduroy fabric with the kitty print was perfect! I think blue is her favorite color. . .at least the last few times I've asked!

We did the usual sewing. She thought that threading the machine was fun!

She got such a kick out of fusing the interfacing to the skirt facing. She felt the texture on the interfacing. She patted the interfacing--bumpy side down--on the wrong side of the facing. Then we put the iron on it to fuse. She was surprised to find that she couldn't separate the layers and that the fabric was "hot!"

She tried pinning and did a little driving. She is more into the power phase of the project though! Then she would pass off the work to her sister, K. K would stitch a few seams so J would finish her project sooner!

J liked doing the hand sewing; but, said the needle was too "ouchie!" She stitched a few inches of her waistband and that is ok. She worked a little on each step of the process.

Then she tried it on. She liked it and I thought we were finished; but, for taking up the waistband a bit. But, we were missing a part. . .the tie. So we made one and then when she tried it on she needed to have her photo taken . . .

here. . .

and like this. . .

with these props. . .

and take some here. . .

We had a photo shoot!!!! (I hope Mama approved!)

My original list of finishes for the quarter is here.


  1. Very cute! And it looks like she really enjoyed the process.

    1. Nancy, It was a hoot. . .especially the part where she directed ME in taking the photos! --Terry

  2. So very, very cute!! Congratulations on the finish and thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts!

    1. Thank you for being part of the FAL movement! Participating helped me finish some projects and make progress on some that have been hanging around for a long, long, time!


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