Wednesday, March 1, 2023

February Recap and March Goals

Lone star quilting progress
My February goals were:

✔1. Keep up with the temperature quilt.

✒2. Take Chilhowie to the quilter. We've made arrangements to make the exchange March 6.

✔3. Make a sample for my "Beyond the Flower Garden" class which is scheduled for May.

✔4. String piece some of Martha's flannel scraps.

✔5. Make some Valentine postcards.

✔6. Try machine quilting on Lone Star project. Hooray, I've worked a few hours free motion quilting using rulers. I tire quickly; but, I haven't had an increase in numbness, tremors or pain. Maybe I'm really on the mend!

EPP project materials
✔7. Write a Wednesday post in addition to my Sunday post for this blog. I've written four posts this month and feel like I'm almost back in the groove for writing.

✔8. Work on the project for the book, "Where the Forest
Meets the Stars" by Glendy Vanderah.

It was a productive month. I even had a FINISH!

For March, my goals are:

1. Keep up making EPP blocks and adding them to the temperature quilt.

2. Take Chilhowie to the quilter.

3. Make a sample for my EPP "Beyond the Flower Garden" class.

Possible materials for a birthday gift
4. Quilt the baby quilt that I started last month using Martha's flannel leftovers.

5. Design the project for the book, "River of the Gods--Genius, Courage and Betrayal--In Locating the Source of the Nile" by Candice Millard

6. Make a birthday present for the youngest granddaughter.

7. Continue making progress with the free motion quilting of the Lone Star. I'm currently waiting for inspiration to strike.

8. Spend time learning my embroidery software each week.

9. Write a post about the challenge quilt that was in the October guild show. 

10. Write a post about a baby quilt I gifted last November.

I thought about making a list of quarterly goals; but, I decided that for at least the next quarter, I'll stick with monthly goals. I'm still working toward healing from being rear ended last September. It is a long, hard and painful process.

Let's see what happens!

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