Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Embroidery Software and Chilhowie is in the Hands of the Quilter!

Christie checking out my Chilhowie
The first Monday of the month, our small group, Mystery Mavens meet. Seventeen of us made it to the March in person sew day. There are 30 of us in the group. Life happens and not all the members can come to the sew day. We sew from 10am to 5pm. People come and go as their schedules allow. One of these days, I'll be physically able to stay the day too. 

Christie attended and she is "my" quilter. It was exciting to hand off my Chilhowie to her for her magic touch to quilt it. I look forward to seeing what loopy type pattern she will choose to quilt it. Getting the quilt to the quilter was goal number two on my March list

I look forward to these sew days as there is lots of sharing and plenty of laughter too!

I'm making progress on V-9 which is the Bernina Embroidery software. I've played with the software every day this month. I've watched a few tutorials and I was inspired by a photo in one of the tutorials to design a little project.

Software exercise
Goal number eight on my March list was to play with the software each week. Since we are eight days into the month, I've more than met the goal of touching the software four times. I'll keep playing for the next couple of weeks. Perhaps, I'll even have a stitch out to show at some point!

The design I created is all done with stitches. There probably is a tutorial around somewhere for it; but, I wasn't able to find it. This design contains a lot of stitches because the plaid in the word home is created with thread. 

It isn't the sort of design that would work on a tea towel. It is the sort of design that would look great as framed art. I'm considering using batting as one of the stabilizers.

As I was pursuing tutorials, I came across one that demonstrated stitching a basil plant motif on a tea towel. I'm considering purchasing the collection of embroidered herbs that the basil is featured. The collection contains ten herbs. Each herb would look good on a tea towel, on a bag for a collection of dried herbs, on a napkin and/or in a block for a wall hanging. In short, I could get a return on my investment, make some gifts and practice embroidering! 


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your sew day sounds like fun! I'm so glad you could go for at least part of the day. I'll enjoy seeing your Chilhowie quilted, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tea towels with Basil!! Sounds adorable!