Sunday, March 12, 2023

Hexagon Round Pincushion--post 3

Fabrics and templates ready to glue baste

After making the hexagon pincushion, I happened upon a hexagon ball photo on Pinterest. When I clicked the link to investigate further, I found a tutorial AND a link to a template pattern! I had to try it! 

View of the half stitched ball
This time, I printed the shapes on cardstock and  cut out the shapes. I made an effort to cut carefully on the lines. As with hand work, there was less accuracy than with using the laser cut papers I purchased from Paper Pieces

Ready to stuff
I had considered choosing a fabric that I could fussy cut. Since I couldn't see through the paper templates, I decided to use two fabrics. I cut 2 1/4 inch squares for the hexagons and 2 1/8 inch squares for the pentagons.  Cutting squares was faster than drawing around the templates. When I was ready to begin the basting process, I centered the cardstock on the fabric and trimmed about 3/8 inch away from the edge of the shape. 
Sewing the last hexagon in place

As I glue basted the shapes to the cardstock, I was mindful to glue a bit away from the outer edge of the paper. Gluing away from the edge of the paper made sliding the needle under the fabric easier. The fabric stayed in place during the whole sewing process. It wasn't too challenging to remove the card stock.

For stitching, I used a lingerie thread made by Coats and Clark in a neutral shade. It buried well into the fabrics. 

Finished ball
The whip stitch that I used to stitch the pieces together is hardly visible on some of the shapes. I was able to angle the whip stitches and ease a longer edge next to a shorter edge as I do when I use the ladder stitch to stitch pieces together. I didn't like how that seam looked so I turned the ball inside out and stitched the remaining shapes to the ball with right sides together.

The last four sides of the shape is stitched after the papers are removed and after the ball is stuffed. I chose to stuff the
ball partially. I used leftover bits of batting for stuffing. I had leftover wool and 80/20 batting. I removed the papers at the last moment to try to avoid stretching the edges.

The stitches are going to show so I chose to join all the pieces in this project with the whip stitch. I wanted to make it challenging to determine which were the last three shapes I stitched together!

I thought stitching the shapes would be more challenging than it was. I found stuffing the ball firmly allowed me to press into the center as I stitched the edges of the last shape to close the ball. It was a firm surface and it wasn't long until I had a finish!

Aside from the prep work, the fiddly business of stuffing it, trying not to stretch the ball and stitching the last four sides to finish the ball, it wasn't a difficult project. It did take time! It is about four inches in diameter. Perhaps, I will use it as a pincushion.

This was goal number three on my March list.  Since I stitched with small scraps, I'm linking to Oh Scrap/Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework.

On the health front, I had a re-evaluation on my head, neck, back, shoulder last week. I'm making progress. I have more range of motion, fewer tremors in my hand, less numbness and a little more tolerance of PT exercises for my neck. I'm making progress although it is slow!

A few weeks ago while walking across a parking lot, I felt a twinge in my knee. Oh the sharp pain I felt at that moment! Unfortunately, I still have pain and walking has become difficult. Tomorrow, I have an appointment for an MRI. 

I have had meniscus tears in the past. It feels like I have done it again and while doing the same activity. . .walking!


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Isn't that a cute little project?! Glad you found it easy to sew those last seams. I was wondering about that as I read! So glad you're making progress on your health, but so sorry to hear about your knee. Just what you don't need!

Ivani said...

Cute ball, Terry.
Sorry about your knee. :(

Janice Smith said...

I’m happy you are making progress on the health front. If the MRI shows a tear, I hope it will heal on its own without treatment.