Wednesday, March 4, 2020

February Recap

Blooming daffodils
In February, I watched the daffodils bud and bloom. I love their bright yellow flowers!

Miss J and Miss K were over because they had an early release day from school. We spent a little time preparing a hearty snack with grab and go leftovers for later when their tummies get hungry! Those girls make food preparation so fun! They also have DEFINITE opinions about what vegetables should be included on a vegetable tray. I learned that black olives are important as a "garnish." I was told olives are tasty too!

Miss K and I also had a sew day. She is making progress on her Mermaid wallhanging. I sewed two black swimsuits for teaching lessons. I posted about redrawing my personal pattern. I am glad to have new suits!

I also finished the background quilting of the leaves quilt. I've been hard at work on that project because I entered it into the guild quilt show which is at the beginning of April. Yes, I have time to finish; but, I still have a ways to go!!! Perhaps, I can get it to the binding, sleeve and label stage by the end of this month! I met two of my four stitching goals for the month.

My reach numbers in February were that I taught 33 people Healthcare CPR. I subbed teaching swim  lessons on a Saturday. In three hours, I taught 44 people in lessons! One class was a parent/child class which contained 20 people. It was a fun day. My regular M/W class ends today so I'll record those numbers at the end of the month. In February, I trained a total of  77 people.
Preparing a veggie snack

A fun activity that I did was to attend a class on how to make a number of small gifts from scraps and fat quarters. The teacher, Su, taught this workshop at Saturday Workshops. She made the workshop available at her home to all the teachers who taught at Saturday Workshops. She said it was her thank you to us for teaching! It was a fun class.

We didn't stitch. Su gave us each a folder which contained directions for at least eight projects. She talked about the various projects and passed around samples of each step. It was a terrific experience. I do want to make some of these items!

She shared her spacious sewing area with all of us. Class, though, was held in the BrewBarn. Su and her husband, Brian, built this building because Brian wanted to brew beer. He also wanted an area where he could share his brew with guests. It is a great space. We were all offered refreshments! What a nice gesture. Quilters are some of the nicest people!

The BrewBarn is the location where a group of modern quilters meet. If it wasn't an hour to drive one way, I'd join the group. It was a fun experience and I'm glad that I took time away from working on the leaves quilt to go!

My first meal after six days of a cleansing fast
Bob and I completed our annual cleansing fast. Each year, I do a fast to give my liver and digestive system a little rest. I don't feel well when I eat foods that contain dairy and soy. Although, I can eat butter with no ill effects. If I am involved in preparing the meals, there is no dairy or soy. It is the social eating and the occasional meal out that get me. Also, one of my favorite foods is pizza. I'll eat it occasionally knowing it will cause me discomfort because I miss it that much!

At any rate, the cleansing helps me get a fresh start. It is a nine day process. Day one, you eat chicken, rice and vegetables. Day two, you eat rice and vegetables. Day three, you eat vegetables. Day four though day six, you drink juice and water. Day seven, you eat vegetables. Day eight you eat rice and vegetables. Day nine, you eat chicken, rice and vegetables. If I get too hungry on the juice/water days, I'll eat a banana.

I do lose a few pounds during the fast. Generally, I gain most of the weight once I eat solid foods. The cleanse isn't for weight loss. It is about giving my liver a rest and to be more mindful of what I'm eating. It also helps me drink water throughout the day. I do try to continue in that mode as I do feel better when I eat the foods that agree with me!

All in all, I had a successful month.

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