Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Hawaiian Vacation--post 1

Daughter N surprised me at baggage claim. Husband Bob was in on it.
The food truck we chose for lunch

This month, my husband and I traveled to Maui, Hawaii to spend about nine days. Miss B, our dog went to the spa--Nature's Acres. She went on walks with different people and played with new friends.

I did not know that my husband was holding out on me. When we arrived at baggage claim, there was our youngest daughter, N! I was SHOCKED! I think you could have driven a freight train, several school buses and a Mac truck or two in and out of my open mouth!!! She filmed me and my husband took some still photos. They got me! Generally, my husband lets something slip; but, not this time!
Delicious pizza with macadamia nut pesto

After our reunion at baggage claim, we went to our hotel. I had planned that we would play a few hands of cribbage and have some lunch while we waited to check into our room. Since N had arrived the day before, we went straight to our rooms.

We did have some lunch. We tried out the food trucks that were a two minute walk from the hotel. I had pork ribs and Bob had chicken noodles. It was tasty; but, not over the top great. After lunch, we swam in the pool. If I came to Maui again, I would do the same routine. It is so nice to be able to swim in the pool and float around after a day of traveling!
N's pan seared fish

Fish curry
For dinner, we walked to Dah Kitchen and had a wonderful meal. Hubby had chicken fettuccine and we had steaks.

An interesting take on a boarding platform
The following morning which was Tuesday, we had a Starbucks coffee and a muffin from the Down to Earth market. Then, we picked up our rental car and made a Costco run.  We bought as many supplies as we thought that we would eat while on the island. It is cheaper to purchase from Costco than from the grocery store for most items!

Since it was about lunchtime when we finished, we made the drive to the Mill House. This was my favorite place to eat when we were here with the whole family a year ago in July.

Turtle on the beach
I think that Bob's pizza--a macadamia nut pesto with olive oil and tomato was beyond amazing. My fish curry was okay and N's fish was beautifully prepared. I took the photo of the chicken on the boarding platform sign because seeing the chicken there made me chuckle!

After we checked into the condo, we made one more trip to the little market. . .it is good to see what is there and decide what else we might need. . .like salad dressing and an onion! We snorkeled and saw a lot of different varieties of fish and we saw several turtles too! N and I hung out in the pool after snorkeling for a bit.

Dinner was salmon, asparagus and green salad. Bob cooked the salmon on the shared grills and watched a turtle beach itself for a rest. It was amazing to watch it.


Janice Smith said...

Lucky, lucky you!!! What a wonderful surprise having your daughter join you.🙂 said...

Yes, Janice, I was so lucky to have experienced that surprise!!!