Sunday, November 3, 2019

October Recap

Chickens a viewers' and members' choice winner
October through December (actually, it will be through January 14th), I'm in charge of the book/discussion/activities/real for our Thread Tales book club. The book I chose is "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand" written by Helen Simonson.

I contacted her and she graciously agreed to be part of our discussion via FaceTime. It was an awesome experience to be able to ask the author various questions and hear her response. Additionally, we learned that when books are released in other countries, the cover is changed to reflect that country. She went on to describe several different covers for her book. Interesting!

At the October Mt. Hood Quilt guild meeting, it was announced that my "Chickens" quilt was tied for second place for Member's choice and was first place for Viewer's choice. I was surprised and honored. It is so special when the audience recognizes an entry with a vote.

 This month, I taught 31 kids swim lessons; 12 participants babysitter's training and 31 participants Healthcare Provider CPR. That is a total reach of 74 people!
Us at the end of a snorkel session

I didn't manage to stitch my October embroidery lesson although, I did complete the software part of it. I completed seven of my 12 goals and made progress on three other goals.

The best part of the month was our trip to Maui, Hawaii. Daughter, N, surprised me at baggage claim. I had no idea that she planned to join us!!

The paint chips for Frolic
We snorkeled from the little beach behind our condo and saw many turtles. My husband, Bob, has the best eyes for spotting turtles! One morning we saw 27 in about forty minutes and that afternoon we saw 19! For me, the afternoon sightings were the best because the turtles were swimming from the rocks instead of being on the rocks. They are amazing creatures. We also saw lots of fish, an octopus, a moray eel, sea cucumbers, as well as unique varieties of coral and anemones.

I also started a Facebook group called Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Mavens. I thought members from the Mt. Hood guild who want to follow Bonnie's mystery might benefit from support to get their projects to the finish after the mystery ends. I'm still working on my mystery from last year so I'll be benefitting from the group support too!

If you want to play, Bonnie released her Frolic colors and fabric yardages November 1. You've about three weeks to locate your fabrics! She will be releasing the first clue the Friday after Thanksgiving. I picked up the paint chips. . .now to search the stash. . .


BJ said...

What a delightful time. I love your chicken quilt! said...

Thank you, BJ. . .been thinking about making myself a coat. . . .but, as of yet. . .ONLY THINKING. . .you inspire me to make clothing again. I'm not excited about fitting my body though as I have a hard enough time creating projects that are flat!