Wednesday, October 9, 2019

4th Quarter Goals FAL 2019

#1. Complete trio of sisters
I plan to continue my journey of finishing projects that I began; but, haven't finished. . . yet! Each month, I try to use some of Martha's fabrics and "bits" in a project. I also added a Martha's project to each quarter.

I will start new projects and continue to have fun along the way. I anticipate trying a new technique or two. Perhaps this year, my "cold" daughter will finally be warmer!

Last quarter, I finished 12 of the 20 projects that I listed. Twelve finishes was great progress. It works out to one finish a week during the quarter! I made progress on four other projects.

 Every quarter, my goal was to list fewer projects. I rolled the unfinished goals from the third quarter forward. I planned to add a couple projects. Then I dug around the studio and "found" a few more. I'm trying to move projects that have been bagged for a long time to the useable stage. What generally happens is that I manage to have about the same number of projects as the previous quarter!
#2. Get this project out of the fabric phase

Therefore, I've decided 20ish projects is a good number to list for a quarter! I loved viewing my quarterly list and saying to myself. . .finished or made progress! I also liked creating a list with new projects!!

Will I complete the list? Honestly, my answer is a resounding NO! I have found that I make more progress when there is a lot of variety in the projects. I also have several projects going at a time so that when I'm stumped, I can play with another set of fabrics while I think about options for the other project! If I can complete ten projects this quarter, I will call that SUCCESS!!

I've listed 21 goals for the fourth quarter of the year.

#1. Finish the trio of sisters that I started more than a year ago. This is a book club quilt. It is the first time that I've drawn a figure and then painted the details on cloth. I had great help from my five year old grand to draw the faces. Last quarter, I completed the border and began the quilting process.
#3. Bonnie Hunter Mystery

#4. Raw edge applique
#2. Make some progress on this project. It's been in the fabric stage for over two years. It is a book club quilt will need to be finished late December or early January.

#5. Maybe a pillow using this embroidery
#6. Stitch these materials into a project
#3. Finish Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery. This is the first year that I have participated. I enjoyed the process! Last quarter, I finished the blocks and stitched the center together. This quarter, I want to add the borders and get the top pin basted for quilting.

#4. Continue progress on the butterfly piece began in September 2018 in a Susan Carlson class.

I have at least three other quilts with a butterfly theme that need to be finished. Perhaps, I can make some progress this quarter on this project!

#7. Help Miss K finish her original design
#5. Maybe make a pillow out of this embroidery. Maybe it will be a small wallhanging. I completed this embroidery in 2014 and slipped it into a box. Time to stitch it up!!!

#8. Make a few more Christmas ornaments
#6. Use this leftover corduroy zigzag and this hand painted fabric to create a small wall hanging with a river as my inspiration. I had a brainstorming session and now have a plan of how to proceed!
#9. Finish this flannel crib quilt

#7. Work with Miss K to finish this original design. She is almost at the quilting stage.

#8. Finish the star Christmas ornaments. I think that there are enough supplies to make three more Christmas stars.
#10. Six burp cloths

#9. Finish the crib quilt. It is a book club quilt inspired by the novel "Little Women." I used flannels from Martha's scraps and yellow fat quarters from JoJo for the original top design. It needs a binding, sleeve and label for the finish!

#10. Make six burp cloths. I made six for my daughter. . .now that "baby" is seven years old! I put these away and forgot about them. . .now if I can remember how I did it!!
#11. Make three potholders

#11. Sew three potholders from the shoebox. I cut the fabrics for one pot holder; but, seeing what remains, I might be able to sew two more pot holders. I will have to find a different neutral fabric for the other two potholders; but, that is okay!

My daughter picked the fabrics and the pattern for the potholders long ago. . .I think she was in middle school . . .today, she is in her tenth year as a special education teacher, wife and mom to a five  and a seven year old daughters. That fabric has aged enough! Note: there are two more "packages in the box. Perhaps, another quarter, I'll stitch another ""package."
#12. A long sleeved shirt

#12. Make a long sleeved shirt for a granddaughter. This was a Martha fabric. It is a soft velour like polyester.
#13. Stitch a skirt for a granddaughter

#14.-15. Stitch two tops out of this fabric
#13. This green and black print was also in Martha's stash. If I run the print so the lines run vertically, I think that I can sew a skirt for a granddaughter out of it. It is about 20 inches wide so I need to be thinking about adding some lace for length and maybe purchasing a black elastic that will function as the waistband as well.

#16. Stitch a summer dress
#14.-#15. Stitch a couple tops out of this velour type knit fabric for a granddaughter. I think that there is enough fabric for two tops. If I stitch two, I'll need to be thinking about how to make them different. It is another fabric from Martha's stash. She probably planned to make a robe out of it.

#16. My mom gave me this fabric more than a year ago. It isn't a color that draws me to it; but, the feel of the cotton interlock is nice. I'm thinking it would make up well in this summer dress pattern. I have a granddaughter who would like wearing it. I'll be thinking of ways to embellish the dress.

#17. Flannel bits left from pot holders--a potential top
 #17. These are the flannel bits left from the potholders along with some other flannels that were in Martha's stash. JoJo contributed a couple fat quarters too. In Martha's stash were a few cotton prints--also fat quarter size that might work into this project. My goal is to make a useful quilt somehow!!!

#18. I posted once about a project using my grandfather's ties. JoJo made a wonderful tuffet and so I purchased the pattern and form. I don't have quite enough ties. . .I need about a dozen more. . .perhaps, I will snag one from my husband and perhaps, a few of my quilting
#18. Tie tuffet
buddies will contribute one. Of course, I could find a few on my own; but, I'd rather be making a memory tuffet!

#19. Needle turn appliqué border project
 #19. I started this applique project before I started The Chickens. The Chickens took me more than 10 years to finish to this is an even older project!

#20. Stitch these fabrics into a bed sized quilt
I've a center of nine patch and hour glass blocks waiting for borders. I plan to make this my take along project for stitching. It is time to make progress.

#20. Work these fabrics into a quilt for my freezing daughter. I collected them years ago. . .like ten. . .but, wasn't able to come up with a plan for what to do with them! I've an idea and a BQ pattern gave me the inspiration.

#21. Sew a couple black swimsuits. I'm wearing my back up black swimsuit so I need a couple more ready and waiting! A black swimsuit is the uniform a swim instructor has to wear when teaching lessons.
#21. Black swimsuits to be stitched

I believe that there is a enough variety to keep me busy if I'm stumped on another project. The list includes, clothing items. I've been "gifted" clothing fabrics that I need to use as I just don't have space to store those fabrics. I also have no desire to store those fabrics either! Finding a use for these fabrics terrific!


BJ said...

My goodness! You have even more projects on your list than I do! I am really impressed at how much progress you make. Sounds like you have a lot of fun sewing ahead of you. Cheers. said...

BJ--I think I'll be able to make some progress on a bunch of those projects. . .I will like having the space when the projects are useable and not taking up studio space!!!