Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Welcome Aboard to Bust Your Stash Challenge

Welcome aboard to the Bust Your Stash challenge!!! 
The outer border fabric said "stitch me"

If you are new to the challenge or don’t know what I’m talking about, you will find the rules here. Read the rules and think about what you want to create.

When it comes to designing, it can be daunting of where or how to start! Inspiration is behind every quilt. For me, inspiration could come from:
—a particular piece of fabric that says stitch me
—an event like a wedding, a birth or a graduation is on the horizon
—nature, the colors of a blooming plant, a sunrise or a landscape
Stitched to celebrate a special birthday
—exploring a technique, a concept, a shape or a pattern (If you’ve a pattern that you purchased, you’re on your way!)
—reading a blog, Bonnie Hunter’s for instance, you might want to try a pattern, tip or technique. You can find Bonnie’s blog here.  

If you are concerned that you won’t have the time to create a quilt, consider a leader/ender project. As you piece your projects, have a stack of parts ready to stitch as the beginning and ending to your pieced sections. It is a way to keep continuously stitching and a way to efficiently use more of your thread! Last year, Bonnie introduced a leader/ender project that used two inch squares. You can access the pattern here.
Preserving a view; exploring techniques

I created a Pinterest board to store some ideas. I might sketch a few ideas with a pencil. I often will make a number of small sketches on a page. Later, I will pick a couple to draw larger. I might even use color pencils to enhance the sketch. 

Believe in yourself and your ideas. Most important. . .have fun!!! Since we are a community, please leave a comment regarding what inspires you to create. I plan to post an article the first Wednesday of the month along with a few examples of past work. You can also check out #2020bustyourstashchallenge on instagram. Next month, our topic will be where to find scraps. 


Luann Fischer said...

Busting one's stash has been something I’ve worked on for quite some time. Never did I think I had this much fabric! However, I was encouraged by your blog to record how much I’ve used for projects. I only count it when the piece is crossed off my list. I have two projects that came from leader-Enders this past year. Those are such fun bonus pieces. I’m following along, we'll see how much I have 'used' by the end of this year. Looking forward to other comments,,, said...

Luann, I didn't think I had much fabric either! Was I ever INCORRECT!!!! I'm enjoying using what I have and seeing finishes that were thoughts or starts! I too count the yardage once it is finished . . .wearable or useable! I hope other people will join in and comment! Thanks for paving the way!