Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hat--First Finish 3rd Quarter FAL 2019

Stabilizer applied and ready for stitching
There weren't enough scraps left to make the entire hat so I cut most of the lining pieces out of a yellow/orange batik.  This is the same fabric that I used when I stitched a kitty vest for Miss J.

I cut the hat out at the end of June. I planned to squeeze one more finish into the month; but, it didn't happen! I'm okay with a July finish though because every finish is fantastic!

After cutting out the hat, I still had a couple chunks left that could become a purse. I decided to add that project to my 3rd quarter list! (I'm curious as to all the "bits" that can be made out of the scrap of that loved fabric Miss J chose so long ago--like October 2016!) We purchased the fabric for a skirt which she still wears. She still likes this fabric!
Pieces in process

Miss J loves kitties, unicorns, butterflies, the color blue and orange too! Fiddling with the bits and repositioning the pattern pieces. . .took time and using scissors to cut is work! Hm m m. . . . perhaps, cutting out is yet another reason I rarely make clothing!!! Seriously, the rotary cutter was a terrific invention.
Finished front view

Once I had cut the pieces, I fused the stabilizer to the back of all the pieces. I used a heavy weight stabilizer because I want the hat to have form. I wasn't pleased with the way the stabilizer aged in the hat. As I scrunched the parts to sew the crown to the band, the stabilizer crinkled and re-ironing/fusing didn't make the fabric smooth. I remembered to snap a photo when I had sewn the crown to the band and joined the lining to the outer fabric. It was fun stitching the brim and the tie.
Finished back view

Joie, my 790 Bernina, stitched the layers well. In between other commitments and over a period of about three days, I finished the hat. This hat will look great on Miss J! I ought to get the purse cut out while the remaining scraps are on the surface of the cutting table. Time will tell if I get that far though!

I get a kick out of creating something useable out of scraps that I would have tossed. I also get a kick out of creating an item using up what is available in the studio. Better yet, I am slowly working my way through a container of projects. Soon, I'm going to be able to easily close the lid on that container!

I like having a variety of projects available on my to do list. Sometimes, I want to quilt and sometimes after finishing a bigger quilt project I want to do anything but quilt!

This is my first finish of the quarter and number six on my 3rd quarter FAL list. I used 7/8 yard of fabric which means that I have stitched 54 1/8 yards of my 57 1/2 yard goal for the year. I have 2 3/8 yards left to stitch to meet my goal. I am so close!!!


Luann Fischer said...

the hat is adorable and your little granddaughter is going to ‘wear it well’.... said...

Luann, Miss J will indeed wear that hat well. I look forward to seeing her in it! Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah Goer Quilts said...

So cute! Now I want to make hats for the little ones in my life. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts. said...

Sarah, I've made this hat pattern before. . .now I needed a bigger size! It was a fun project to make! Her birthday is in a couple weeks. . .I hope she will love it!! Thanks for stopping by and for your support of FAL.