Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Gingham Skirt--Fourth Finish 3rd Quarter FAL 2019

 Stitch a skirt with this fabric
This quarter, I wanted to finish a number of projects that have been on my FAL list for a long time. I have listed some of my projects for years! Sometimes, I get side tracked and I start a new project. Starting a new project is fun. There is nothing wrong with beginning new projects! Usually what happens between my goal setting session and finishing the project is that finishing the project takes longer than what I had estimated!

I picked up the fabric for this skirt from the guild free table a year ago last fall when it was in a plastic zip lock bag. At first, I had planned to work the fabrics into chicken scratch embroidered designs. When I opened the bag, I found that the  gingham fabric was a polyester and cotton blend. It was thin. It wasn't quilting quality fabric. I decided this bag, would be made into clothing items. Last summer, Miss K and I made a skirt out of some of the scraps.

After I made the discovery of the fabric content, I decided to make a gathered skirt. I had planned to make each tier a different color. Bernina's We All Sew posted a tutorial on their blog about how to construct one. I pulled the leftover fabrics. Wouldn't you know it, the remaining pieces weren't large enough for my original plan. Had I been willing to piece the sections or cut the fabrics some on the crosswise grain and some one the lengthwise grain, I might have been able to have cut enough strips to make the skirt. I wasn't confident about how the garment would wear if I I cut strips on the crosswise grain.
Finished skirt

There was however, enough of the green fabric to make a whole skirt. So I did! I had the opportunity to change the thread on the serger and adjust it from rolled hems to regular stitching.The serger is be ready for the next clothing project I decide to stitch.

I stitched this skirt for Miss J. I used a yard of fabric. I have now used 58 1/2 yards of fabric from my stash this year! This was goal number three on my 3rd quarter FAL list. It is my fourth finish for the quarter!


She Quilts It said...

This skirt screams summer! You granddaughter is going to love it. said...

Joanne, when I was in high school, I remember having a red gingham skirt like this one. It was a great skirt. I remember how the air would circulate through it which was great because summer temperatures would often be in the upper 90s! I hope she loves it!

Luann Fischer said...

Isn’t it just the most self-encouragement thing when we get something off 'the list'. I find it very difficult to stay away from the FREE table at meetings. So this year, I’m on the other end of the room with my little check in sheet for BOM participants, yeah!!! LOL.
Great job, keep up the good work on those finishes. said...

Luann, completing an item that has hung around on the list for a long time feels FABULOUS!! I'm becoming more selective at the "free" table and I'm "shopping" less there!! I plan to keep working on those finishes!!!!