Wednesday, March 6, 2019

An Update on Miss J's Girl--post 2

Headed out for a walk with Miss B
When last we visited Miss J and her stitching project, she was embroidering the hair spikes on her girl. She continued to choose different colors for each area of her girl's hair.

We had a small celebration when we finished stitching the girl.  Miss J likes going for a walk in the neighbored with Bailey, our dog. One of the neighbors that lives across the street decorates a lion lawn decoration in their front yard. It is always fun to see what the lion is wearing!

We also discussed how to fill in the hair. We talked about more hand stitching--this was a NO because it was too hard to do. We talked about paint--this was a NO because it would take too long to dry. We talked about free motion quilting--this was a NO because it was too hard to envision.
Finished girl

We talked about coloring--this was a YES!!! She chose Crayola crayon colors that complimented the thread she used.  As she colored, she decided that her figure's face needed color as did her dress. She also decided she needed a sparkle button on her girl's dress!

She decided that the background was too plain and needed coloring too. She chose black to start and immediately didn't care for the color. We talked about her options. She didn't want to cut her figure out and she definitely wanted to keep going with the project. So we added more colors to the
background and will probably add some more to mute the dark area. She likes the progress we have made.
Girl after colorization

We discussed how to finish the edge. She wanted more fabric and by more fabric she really meant fabrics as in something on the edge. Using fabrics from a variety of colors detracted from her handwork. She opted for orange strings that were leftover from one of my piecing projects.
Girl after painting 

She still wasn't excited about the background so we got out the acrylic paints. She picked the colors. I showed her how to add some white to the orange and to the pink to achieve a lighter color.

She loved blending the colors. She liked experimenting--picking up a dash of the color and adding it to the white all the while watching how she created a different tint.

She employed different brush techniques. Sometimes she plopped the brush and made a dot sort of shape. Sometimes, she drug the brush across the fabric. Sometimes she used a lot of paint. She had fun. Now, she is happier with the results. I think it is ready to be layered, basted and quilted. Let's see if Miss J concurs!

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