Sunday, January 6, 2019

Miss K--Over for a Stitch Session

Miss K perfecting her texting skills
Miss K is six and a half years old. The last time she spent the night with us, she demonstrated how much her reading level has improved when she read the note in the mailbox to us. A few days ago, she sent me a text. It looked like this:

Wat  are doing  on Thursday
Josie is at school
I am getting shoos with Mom

And I  wot to xoss  stitch   With you

Stitching the letters
I was delighted to receive my first text from her. Of course, Thursday would work for for a cross stitch session. Miss K is focused on the cross stitch pattern. She can count the holes and enter the fabric with the needle and thread. Sometimes, she gets messed up with the stitch direction and has to unstitch.

Sometimes, she gets confused about where the 'hole in the fabric is. . .well, that part is confusing for me too!!

Progress at the end of Thursday stitching day
I really thought that both she and her mama would be coming on Thursday; but, she let her mama know that it was going to be a Keira and Gran day only. Mama was a good sport and found something else to do until it was time to go shoe shopping.

Miss K worked hard. While we stitched, she wanted to know how old I was when I started to sew, I was nine. She was excited that she was starting at six. She wanted to know how old I was until I could sew a dress. I told her 10; but, by 12 I could make one start to finish all by myself. She was quiet for a couple hours.

Just as she was finishing the lettering and the backstitching for the flowers and upper vine, she wanted to know if I thought she could learn to sew a dress when she was 12. I said as long as she keeps practicing sewing, she could! Her plan is to gift this to a friend for Valentine's Day.

Before she left, we made plans for her and her sister to come for a sleepover this evening. She plans to make progress on her piece. She thinks that she can finish the stitching in one more session. Time will tell.

I will remember this special day for a long, long, time.


Janice Smith said...

Precious moments . . . Counted cross stitch is difficult. Miss K. Is doing a geat job! said...

Janice is was a precious day. I savored every minute! Yes counted cross stitch is a challenge; but, we are conquering it!

Unknown said...

How awesome. I wish my grands were close enough to have those special times. Hugs, sharon said...

Thanks, Sharon. You get to fly with your grands to make special memories. They know how much they are loved and how special they are!!!

JoJo said...

Your grands are such sweethearts. Bowdee looks forward to the next play date. said...

Thanks for the visit and for such a kind comment about them. Of course, I think that they are sweethearts . . . most of the time! ;)