Saturday, January 5, 2019

Miss K Is Stitching!--Post 1

Making a tracing of her original
Transferring the design to the background fabric
Miss K also wanted to have a hand project like her sister, Miss J. Miss K thought about her trip to Hawaii last summer and drew a picture to embroider. She traced her picture using the window as a light box. Tracing the major lines of her design would make it easier to transfer her design on fabric.

When it was time to choose her background fabric, she was adamant that her background fabric be "blue like the ocean."  She looked through the possibilities and found a piece that she liked.

Together, we fused a piece a stabilizer to the back of the fabric. She used a light box to transfer the design to the fabric.
Mini embroidery project
Stitching Xs
While I liked her fabric choice, it was a difficult fabric to choose embroidery thread that would be a good contrast on it. I suggested that she make appliqu├ęs for her shapes or paint the shapes or to choose a light fabric for the background. She hasn't made a decision on how she wants to proceed with that project; however, she really wanted to hand stitch. The next time she was over, I offered a little cross stitch kit to her. She loved that opportunity!
Rip repair

She chose a heart project to give to her friend for Valentines Day! She separated the floss and started stitching. She likes handwork. The other day, her mom shared a photo of Miss K's stitching a rip in a pair of pants. Her mom wrote, "I was folding laundry and saw that K tried to repair her pants. No knots. Just embroidery thread. Someone is rubbing off on her."

That "someone" could be Miss K's mom. She has been known to fix a problem without saying she had a problem! Then again, that "someone" could be me, which would make my heart sing!!!

We are going to need to schedule time together so she can stitch. She is coming tomorrow to work on her project. I look forward to seeing her design develop!


Wendy said...

I love what you do with the girls.
Wendy x said...

Thanks for your kind comment, Wendy. I so hope that Miss K will be bitten hard by the quilting bug; but, perhaps, she will be infected with the sewing clothing virus first! :)