Sunday, July 1, 2018

Projects--3rd Quarter Finish-A-Long-2018

I made progress again last quarter. I finished nine projects! There is actually some space in my project tote! For the third quarter, I'm carrying over 14 projects. I added back three projects that were on previous Finish-A-Long lists. I have four new projects on the list.  I plan to keep up the finishing momentum!
#1. Get this piece to the finish line

#1. Finish this small piece. I'm still thinking about adding some piecing a la Jean wells. I was stuck with . . .you guessed it. . .coordinating fabrics!

#2. Quilt this mystery BOM
#2. Quilt this mystery BOM. Last year, I created a pieced back and basted the layers together.

#3. Stitch this fabric into a skirt for a grand
#3. Stitch this printed cotton duck fabric into a jeans skirt for one of the grands.

#4. Finish this machine appliqué project

#4. Finish this project that I started in a Karen Kay Buckley class last May.

#5. Stitch a skirt with this fabric 
#5. Stitch this gingham fabric into a skirt for one of the grands.

#6. Quilt this truck
#6. Layer and quilt this truck. It may be number six on the list; but, it will be one of the first projects I tackle this quarter! I did get the borders on it last quarter.
#7. Stitch this hot pad
#8. Get this project out of the fabric phase
#7. Get this project from the fabric stage to the finished stage. It's been on the list for a long time!

#8. Make some progress on this project. It's been in the fabric stage for over a year. 
#9. A potential vest for the youngest grand
#10. Potholder fabrics

#9. I made a skirt out of this fabric for one grand. This is the left overs. . .I'm thinking there is enough to make a vest for the youngest grand.
#11. Make two kitchen towels

#10. Make four pot holders. . .years ago, I put together some fabrics in a shoe box. . .it's time to get that box out and start stitching!!! I made one of the four that I had planned for last quarter.

#11.  Stitch the leftover bits from a previous kitchen towel goal into two more towels.
#12. Three pillow cases to be stitched
#12. One pillow case

#12. Stitch four pillow cases. . .The photo with the three pillow cases will be used to house quilts. The photo with the one pillow case will be donated. I think I need to find a little more fabric to be able to get it stitched!

#13.-#14. I'm thinking the grands might want a dress or top for summer and this pattern would be fun to stitch. Maybe they will help sew their garments? I cut these out last quarter; but, didn't get them under the needle.
#13.-#14. Clothing for the grands

#15. Chicken placemat kit

#15. For Christmas, I received this placemat kit. The chicken pattern is cute. It is time to stitch it up!!

#16. Stitch a second selvage tote
#16. In the first quarter, I made a tote with these fabrics and selvages. I had planned to add a pocket to the back of the tote; but, didn't because I would have sewn over my inside pockets. I'd like to make another tote and put that pocket to good use! I'm not sure that I have enough of the rust. . . .but, I guess that is part of the journey to choose a fabric that will mix or another one all together!! Perhaps, I can use the lining fabric from the last tote to make the pockets. I will need to select a coordinating fabric for the lining.
#17. Play with this mosaic design

#17.  Play with a mosaic design that Cheryl Lynch shared on a recent episode of The Quilt Show.

#18. Stitch two black swimsuits.

#18. Stitch two black swimsuits

#19. Add some embroidery to the color block squiggle and get that piece finished!

#19. Add some embroidery to this project
#20. Appliqué, quilt and bead
#20. Finish the appliqué, quilt and bead this piece. It was on this list before.

#21. Make another stash and go bag. I'm determined to develop better skills with the binding! The fabric was leftover from cutting out a halter dress last quarter.  I won't cut it out until I get the dresses stitched. Time to get busy!

#22. Make a skirt for a grand out of these fabrics.  The grand it is for, wants to be part of the stitching process. How fantastic is that???

#21 Stitch another Stash and Go bag
#22. Stitch a skirt for a grand
#23-#24. Make two swimsuits for youngest daughter. . .because she asked! I'm not sure if this fabric will work. . .if not, she'll get black suits!!! Maybe, I'll be able to get two suits out of one piece. Time will tell!

#23-#24 Swimsuits to stitch for a daughter


BJ said...

Oh my! You have a busy line up of projects. I'm really impressed. Have a lot of fun with them.

Terry said...

BJ--I'm planning to finish more than nine projects this quarter. I may need to set some mini deadlines for myself to finish more. Time will tell. I'm really looking forward to the projects for and with the grands! Thanks for your comment!

Luann Fischer said...

And I’ll just bet there are some teaching days also!

Terry said...

Yes, Luann, there are a few teaching days too. . .at least three each month!

Lynne said...

Congrats on your finishing momentum! You have such a varied list - I am impressed at all of the types of sewing that you do. On behalf of the FAL crew, thank you for joining in and good luck! said...

Lynne, thanks for stopping by. People have given me some fabrics/supplies or I've been asked to stitch a particular item. . .that is part of the reason behind the variety of projects. Also, now, that I'm in my second year of FAL, I'm finding that I do better with my goals if I work with a variety. I seem to stay the course better anyway!