2018 Finishes

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Halter Dress for Miss J--Second Finish for 3rd Quarter Finish-Along-2018

Miss J's fabric
Before the sun set on the halter dress finish for Miss K, I cut out most of the dress for Miss J.  She chose the fabric which didn't surprise me as she likes animals. If the fabric had been printed with butterflies, it would have been even better. Monkeys, however, are good too!

As you can see, I had little waste! The song, "Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed," ran through my head as I worked on this project!

Dress in process
I used a piece of green for the contrast fabric. Both fabrics were gifted to me from a friend. The green thread that I stitched the contrast fabric was a find from the guild free table many years ago. I've used it once or twice; but, it usually wasn't close enough in value for the project I was stitching. For this project, however, it was perfect!

It wasn't long before it too was ready and waiting to be gifted to the girl! I used about a yard of fabric. I have now used 16 1/2 yards from my stash and I have 33 1/2 yards to go to achieve my goal of a net loss of 50 yards from my stash this year.

This was goal number 14 on my 3rd Quarter Finish-A-Long list and my second finish for the quarter!

Ready for play
I was most tickled with Miss J's response. Below is a photo of her. I loved how well the boots accessorized her outfit. The dance move pose for the photo was awesome as well! Oh. . .the dress fits great!

Miss J getting the most out of her dress


Luann Fischer said...

Love those boots! She looks so cute in her new outfit. Another happy moment!

Terry said...

Luann, I love those boots too. . .such a pity that they don't come in my size! She is a happy kid. . .here's too many more happy moments to come.

Sandra @SewofCourse said...

What a wonderful dress, and she's great at showing it off! Thank you for participating in the Finish-A-Long, on behalf of all the hosts!

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

Sandra, she was figuring out how to model er pose. . .she figured it out really well!!!!