Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rue--post 4 of 4--First Finish of 1st Quarter Finish-A-Long 2018

Chalking the edge before trimming

At the beginning of January, I caught a strain of flu that was making the rounds. It was a particularly nasty bug which kept me sidelined for weeks. Three weeks later, I'm finally feeling like maybe I can do a little more than cough and sip tea! Sitting in my chair to hand stitch the facing for this wall hanging was a good "healing" project!

I had considered adding beads to the lower edge of the wall hanging. The project is about 20 inches x 45 inches. I decided that because of the length, the beads would get lost so I proceeded with the facing. This is the first time that I have used wool batting on a small project. The project is light and I had some concern that the edges--especially the lower edge could use some "weight" to ensure that it hung well.

Label information
First step is to ready the edge. I could trim the edge; but, I like to chalk the line that is going to be the edge. I look to see if I want to cut on that line. Sometimes, I change the chalked line so this check step works for me. After all, I can't put fabric back that I've cut off!

I often add a piece of narrow ribbon or a piece of twill tape around the quilt perimeter. I do this because I tend to stretch the quilt edge as I'm applying the finish and then I have a slight wave to the edge of the quilt which negates the quilt to lie flat! I often use an 1/8 inch to a 3/8 inch piece of ribbon/twill tape that I couch to the quilt. It is going to be in the seam and enclosed with either the binding or in this case the facing. Therefore, it doesn't matter what color it is or what thread I use to anchor it to the quilt! I have a stash of my great grandmother's threads and I often use one of these spools just to have a little of her in the project!

Back of quilt
Next I apply the facing. I prepare my sleeve and label and hand stitch these to the back of the quilt as well. It feels terrific when I put that last stitch into the quilt! I then steam it and let it rest on the flat surface overnight. Last, I photograph it and share my progress here!

This label has hung out in my stash for years. I've had the blocks waiting for a setting plan since 2014. The important information is listed in the label. Yes, it takes a little extra time to make the label; but, I believe it is well worth the effort! Some day, this might be important information to know!

I like how much interest the orange ribbon and orange strips added to the project. I also like the depth the hand stitched hexagons added to the piece. Using different weights of thread to do the hand stitching was a plus. Adding quilting to the hexagons also provides interest.

Perhaps, the next time, it wouldn't take me as long to figure out what to stitch in the hexagon spaces! I would trapunto again as I like how these pieced hexagons pop from the background of the quilt. All in all, I'm pleased with this finish!

While I like how light this project is with the wool batting; I wondered how the project would hang. Rue has been hanging a few days and it still looks great. I would use wool batting again for a wall hanging.
Close up of the pebbles from the back of the quilt
This is quilt number two in my hexagon series. You can look at quilt number one in the series here. I do have another hexagon project started and another mulling about in my head. I like working with the hexagons. I like to EPP (English Paper Piece) as well as machine stitch these. There are so many different layouts that can be made with the hexagon unit! I could easily become side tracked with hexagons!  Since my goal this year is to finish five older UFOs, I'm going to try to stay away from becoming side tracked. Now I have four older projects left to finish this year!

Finished front
I used four yards of fabric from my stash. My goal is to use 50 yards from my stash this year. (I've 46 yards left to use.) I also haven't purchased any fabric so this is a gain of space in my studio!

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This was goal number four on my 1st Quarter FAL (Finish-A-Long) list which you can read here.


Nancy said...

It turned out wonderful! I love every bit of it!! said...

Nancy, thank you so VERY much! It was such a fun project to stitch. I'm enjoying it hanging . . .finished!!!!

BJ said...

OOOH, that's truly lovely! Well done. said...

BJ, Thank you so much! Your "lovely" and "well done" put a big smile on my face!!!!!