Sunday, January 7, 2018

First Quarter Goals--2018 Finish-A-Long

#1-#3 Name badge holder
Last quarter, I finished 13 of the 25 projects listed and I made good progress on three other projects on the list. I hope to be able to keep up the momentum! This year, my plan to put projects on the list that I really will finish in the quarter. Being more realistic as well as keeping the list in front of me may help me to the finish line more often in 2018.

#1-#3 Name badge holders
I need to make a name badge holder. I've needed this since August; but, hey who cares. . .I'm planning to make three extra because they would make good gifts too. Surely, now that I've located a pattern, I will be able to finish three by the end of the quarter!

#4 Hexagon quilt. . .closing in on the finish

#4 Finish the hexagon quilt.
I made great progress last quarter and although I was well into the quilting phase by the end of the quarter, I wasn't able to get to the finish line.

#5-#6 Embroider and embellish these aprons

#5 and #6 Finish these aprons. Last quarter, I had a couple ideas for the embroidery and embellishments.

#7 Quilt this truck

#7 Add borders, layer and quilt the truck that I painted.

#8 and #9 Stitch these stuffies that Santa brought

#8-#9 Stitch these "stuffies"
that Santa brought the grands.
The grands are going to be part
of the process. They can't wait
to have a stitch date.  I haven't
worked with a panel in a long time.

#10 Stitch this embroidery into a bag.

#10. Stitch this daffodil embroidery into a bag.

#11. Stitch some of these selvages into a bag.

#11 Stitch these selvages into a bag

#12 Alter this dress

#12 Alter this little dress for the youngest grand. It needs to be longer. I have some lace and some ribbon that I think will work for just this purpose. 


Lisa J. said...

That's quite the list. I'm in love with the car you painted. You are very talented. said...

Thanks for stopping by Lisa! I'll share about the old vehicle process when I start the quilting.

Nancy said...

These should be enough to keep you busy and out of trouble! I love the truck! said...

Nancy, tee hee. . .busy yes! Out of trouble??? hmmmm maybe not! Thanks for stopping in for a visit!

Anonymous said...

Great way to start the new year, Terry. You are getting me inspired. ~Gail G said...

I hope, Gail, to keep the finishes coming. Plus, I want to start new projects and not feel bad about what is still waiting! :)

Janice Smith said...

I, too, make lists, sometimes even lists of lists, but I lack follow through :-)
I am far too easily tempted by new projects. This year I’m going to try to finish some projects that have been in time-out! said...

Janice, I hope that we both make progress on our lists and reduce the number of projects that have been hanging about!

Wendy said...

Impressive Terry, keep it up. Trucks great

JoJo said...

Nice! In the midst of my yucky cold, I started a list of every project that I either have started or have fabric for it. Oh my! It is quite the surprise of how many jewels I have. In fact as of today, I, JoJo, have committed to not starting anything new in 2018 that I don't already have the fabric for. I did sneak in an online purchase at the beginning of 2018, but nothing newly purchased will come into my stash for the remainder of 2018. I simply must get some of it done so I feel free and lighter. :)

Let's see if I can stay committed! said...

Thank you, Wendy. . .the impressive part will be to keep it up!!! I look forward to working on the truck and posting about it! said...

JoJo, feeling free and lighter will be a good feeling! You can do it!! I've yet to put all my started projects in one place and documented them. . .for now, I'm just going to try to finish what I list!

Lynette said...

Those aprons are super cute. And that truck! I'm so impressed that you painted it, plus it gives me really good memories of my Grandpa. said...

Thank you, Lynette. I will post about the truck and how I did it--maybe next month! I love your green checkerboards! I look forward to reading more about that project.