Sunday, June 11, 2017

Organizing. . . .a Beginning and an Olive Memory

One binder a day!
Two years ago, a group of six of us, met and worked through the lessons in "The Artist's Way." It was an eye opening experience into how I could develop my creativity. I have continued to write a bit every day as journaling was a part of the process. I'm still working through my plans that I developed through that process. Yes, I've refined some plans, eliminated some plans and changed priorities; but, the initial plans are still in place!

One of my goals was to really organize my studio. At the beginning of the year, I blogged that my word for the year was organize. I've thought about it. I've looked at my ever increasing piles; but, I haven't done a thing. This week I started.

Mind you, I didn't start with a big task. Rather, I began with a small task. I started with the magazines that I've collected over the years. These are in binders, in magazine holders or stacked in piles. I think you get the picture without one!

Miss K's sporting a "thumb" olive
The reason that I had collected so many magazines was that I used them for inspiration. Also, it was so more economical for me to have the pattern or the technique in a magazine than it was to buy the book!

My goal is to sort through one binder or stack each day. I leafed through the magazines one more time to see if there was an article or pattern that particularly spoke to me. Most of the time there wasn't. I might finish this part of the process by the end of the month as I have saved many magazines over the years. In fact, I had been storing those magazines since 2003. I hadn't cracked the cover on them in . . . .well, I don't know! I am enjoying seeing tiny bits of open space!

My quilting journey has evolved. Now my inspiration comes from seeing a view in nature, reading a passage in a book, listening to laughter, feeling the wind against my skin, enjoying a meal with family or smelling the scent of the earth after a spring rain.

Miss J's olived index finger
On another note, the grands and I haven't done any sewing or stitching in months. Their interest has been in other activities. While it brings joy to my heart when they are creating in the studio, I realize they must participate in activities that bring them joy too. I know from experience how difficult life can be when there isn't some joy in every day.

To that end, we've cooked or baked every day that they are here. We learned how to spit cherry pits. (One of the grands had taken to spitting in not so appropriate situations.) Seeing the look on their faces while I spit a few seeds with all the joy I had when I was a kid. . .well, first it was shock which quickly transferred to wonderment which then morphed to show me how! The fun this week was olives.

As a kid, I'd decorate each finger with an olive and then with dramatic flair munch each one off my fingers! Consequently, my brothers and I would go through quite a few olives in a short time.

Miss J trying the technique
My mom had a can or two of olives in the cupboard; but, because we went through a can in such a short time, we only had olives at Thanksgiving, Christmas and maybe Easter.

I even remember her telling us that we could decorate our fingers once this way and if we were caught doing it twice punishment would be involved!

I don't remember how or why we learned to eat olives that way. Quite possibly, an aunt shared that technique with us. I hadn't seen the grands do it. So what is a grandmother to do? Share the olive finger process!

What a hoot and what joy they bring to my day. I hope they leave each day with joy in their hearts from playing with their papa and their gran.

Last, I'm sharing a patient update. He continues to heal and the hip replacement recovery process is going well. The other morning at breakfast, Miss K reminded him of the "rules." She took great care before his surgery to line her papa out on what kind of behavior she expected from him! We took a moment to write each one so we can "remember." As we were writing, the girls wanted to see his wound, so he obliged. They were surprised at how big it was. Miss J was surprised at hard it was. Miss K quickly responded, "Yes, it's metal!" Clearly, she thinks the hardness is a metal plate under the skin. Ahh, the thought process of a child is truly priceless!


Luann Fischer said...

Do you remember Art Linkletter? I think he was the one who would say, Kids say the darndest things. Well, I think this blog post should have a label of 'kids say". Then in the future you can reminisce about all those profound utterances! Best of health to your hubby and take care of his nurse. I must share the olive trick with my grandkids. As always, I enjoy reading about your life and what's going on it. Your East Coast friend, from the Midwest, waiting to get to the West Coast favor a visit, Luann

Anonymous said...

Terry, keep all your blog stories on the grands. Make sure you have backups. You have all the material needed for a wonderful, sweet, warm book about the relationship you, Bob and the grands have. It’s priceless. You have such a gift in your writing and the ideas you present to the girls. You are amazing. ---Gail said...

Yes, Luann, I do remember Art Linkletter! I hope we have opportunities to hear more profound utterances and I hope we remember to record them somehow! We will meet one day of that I have no doubt! Have fun playing with the olives! said...

Gail, you are so kind to comment about my writing. I smiled when I read it! The grands provide so much material and the time precious time we have with them goes by all too fast!

Anonymous said...

"I know from experience how difficult life can be when there isn't some joy in every day" --Theresa said...

Yes, Theresa! We also know how important it is to find some joy too!

JoJo said...

I hope you didn't get into any trouble from their momma about teaching spitting skills. LOL Great blog post. :) said...

JoJo, nope--there was no trouble. Their mama and their daddy are supportive of activities that build relationships with their little ones. . .at least so far! We do share the photos and videos of the activities so they almost get to participate (vicariously) in real time!

Monica said...

How long is it since your husband climbed a tree? :D

It is lovely that they are so concerned for his welfare! I am glad that he is doing well, and that you all are having such happy days. Well worth memorializing! said...

Monica, it has been a while since he climbed a tree. I'll have to post a photo of the last time he climbed a tree in the yard! Every time one of them says, "No, No, Papa! Remember the rules!," he stops the activity immediately and says thank you for the reminder. I think that both of their days are made! :)